National treasure more than 300 years old still active in Hai Duong

The wooden tower of Nine Products Lien Hoa is a Buddhist architectural work only found in Vietnam, visitors can rotate to pray for happiness.

Cuu Pham Lien Hoa is located in the national historical site of Giam pagoda, in Cam Son commune, Cam Giang district, Hai Duong. According to a representative of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Hai Duong province, the temple was built in 1336, worshiping the great physician Tue Tinh.

The hexagonal prismatic tower is the most prominent work of the Giam pagoda, made from ironwood, about 8 m high, weighing 4 tons with many intricate carvings. In the middle of the tower is a rotating shaft that helps the whole building to rotate with the push of one person.

Each floor of the tower has 18 statues. There are 3 statues on each side, including a Buddha image in the middle and a Bodhisattva statue on either side. Between the floors, there are support columns carved to simulate the trunk of a bamboo tree.

The name of the tower of Nine Products Lien Hoa means 9 layers of lotus flowers, symbolizing the 9 levels of Buddhist practice and fruition. In Buddhism, the lotus is a symbol of wisdom. Author Trang Thanh Hien, a researcher on the Nine Products of Lien Hoa, said: “Rotating the tower is a form of both praying and rotating an object such as a pendulum, bell, tower, etc., to make the sutras play out. dispersed into heaven and earth, in which the main meaning is praying for world peace and people’s happiness.

On each floor, there are 5 layers of lotus petals carved, and painted in light pink color, the distance between the floors is equal. If you stand looking at the tower from below while filming, you will feel like layers of lotus flowers blooming above.

The tower was recognized as a national treasure in 2015. Currently, there are only three Cuu Pham Lien Hoa buildings remaining in the country, including one in Bac Ninh and two in Hai Duong

In the first 6 months of 2018, Hai Duong province welcomed 2 million tourists, revenue reached about 900 billion VND. Here there are many famous destinations such as Con Son, Kiep Bac, Mao Dien Temple of Literature, Dong Giao wood carving village, Bia temple, Co Chi Lang island…

In two days, November 28-29, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Hai Duong province coordinated with the People’s Committees of Cam Giang and Thanh Mien districts to organize a survey program, a seminar on tourism development, and a search for ways to collect revenue. attract tourists to the locality.

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