Nghe An fishermen won big with anchovies

The waters of Hoang Mai and Cua Lo towns are in anchovy season, each boat with 10-12 fishermen caught 25-50 tons after more than 4 days at sea, earning 250-500 million VND.

From the 5th day of Tet (February 14) until now, at Quynh Lap fishing port, Hoang Mai town, every day more than 10 fishing boats with a capacity of 600-1,000 CV come to anchor with compartments full of anchovies. Fishermen put fish in plastic trays and put them on a 5-meter-long iron ladder to transport them from the ship to the port.

Mr. Phan Van Tuy, resident of Quynh Lap commune, said the anchovy season starts in mid-February and lasts until May. His boat has a capacity of 800 CV, with 9 workers, often catches white anchovies and silver anchovies in the bay. Northern region, more than 100 nautical miles from shore.

An anchovy fishing boat docked at Quynh Lap fishing port on February 18.  Photo: Hung Le
An anchovy fishing boat docked at Quynh Lap fishing port, Hoang Mai town, February 18. Photo: Hung Le

According to Mr. Tuy, anchovies live at a depth of 60-100 m, often traveling in groups. When they discovered white streaks of light on the water surface, the fishermen immediately turned on their lights and covered the fish channel with nets. On this occasion, each 4-5 day trip to sea, Mr. Tuy’s ship caught nearly 35 tons of anchovies, 3 times more than normal, sold at the port for 13,000 VND/kg.

“After deducting fuel and labor costs, my profit was nearly 300 million VND. Such a departure at the beginning of the year was a big win,” Mr. Tuy said. The average monthly salary of a worker is about 6 million VND. This time, Mr. Tuy gave each person an additional bonus of more than 1 million VND to motivate and bring good luck.

Mr. Tran Dinh Anh, Vice Chairman of Quynh Lap commune, said that after Tet Giap Thin, the weather was favorable, each trip out to sea to catch anchovies, on average, a boat caught 20-35 tons, earning 250-400 million VND. . “A ship with a lot of manpower and a large capacity of over 1,000 CV can profit more than 500 million VND when winning 50-70 tons of anchovies, after deducting all expenses, the profit is more than half,” Mr. Anh said.

The ship with a cabin full of anchovies docked at Nghi Thuy fishing port, Cua Lo town, on February 17.  Photo: Hung Le
The ship with a cabin full of anchovies docked at Nghi Thuy port, Cua Lo town, on February 17. Photo: Hung Le

At Nghi Thuy fishing port, Cua Lo town, since dawn today, hundreds of traders and frozen store owners drove motorbikes and trucks to near the wharf to buy anchovies from fishermen. by small capacity boat under 100 CV, about 20 nautical miles from shore.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Tam, residing in Nghi Xuan district, Ha Tinh province, said anchovies are expensive after Tet, so in recent days she has always mobilized family members to go to the neighboring fishing port to collect imported goods for her partners. “Every morning I buy more than 400 kg, minus the cost of gasoline, a profit of about 4 million VND,” Ms. Tam said.

According to Nghi Thuy ward leaders, the area has nearly 100 boats of all types, mainly fishing near shore, each trip out to sea for 2-3 days. Over the past week, each vehicle caught 5-20 tons of anchovies, a rare amount compared to normal days.

Fishermen gather in groups of 3-5 people to sort anchovies at the port.  Photo: Hung Le
Each group of 3-5 people sorts anchovies at the port. Photo: Hung Le

In addition to importing fish to traders, many fishermen bring fish home to store for food, or drive motorbikes and small trucks to retail at markets, importing fish to frozen store owners at a higher price of 3,000-5,000 VND. /kg compared to selling at the port.

Anchovies belong to the anchovy family, living mainly in salt water, some types are distributed in freshwater and brackish estuaries. Fish are under 15 cm long, swim in schools, eat all kinds of organisms and phytoplankton. This type can be made into fish sauce, dried, and processed into many dishes such as braised, fried, and cooked in soup with pineapple or giang leaves.

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