Nha Trang anchovy sticky rice – a rustic dish that makes many people “crave”

It is rumored that if you travel to Nha Trang and enjoy delicious dishes such as Banh Xeo, Banh Canh, Banh Can, grilled spring rolls,… but still haven’t eaten the simple Nha Trang anchovy sticky rice, that trip will be. still not complete. 

About Nha Trang anchovy sticky rice dish 

Nha Trang anchovy sticky rice is a dish that has existed for a long time. Previously, it was an extremely familiar and popular breakfast dish for Nha Trang people. However, due to the development of society, there are now few shops selling this simple dish. About Nha Trang anchovy sticky rice dish Nha Trang anchovy sticky rice 

Anchovies are available in almost any coastal area, but for those with a gourmet taste, anchovies in Nha Trang have rated the best quality. Here, anchovies are available all year round with many types such as: hunting anchovies, mouth anchovies, striped rice, white rice, … but Nha Trang people most often eat mouth-watering anchovies, braised anchovies. with sticky rice. 

Nha Trang anchovy sticky rice is quite simple, idyllic, only sticky rice, anchovies, quail eggs, add a little fried onion. There are two types of sticky rice, one that is cooked without sticky rice, and another that is mixed with green beans. About Nha Trang anchovy sticky rice dish I’m hungry just looking at it

The special thing is that this dish is hardly seasoned with spices, but only salted and then steamed with pandan leaves to increase the rich and fragrant taste of sticky rice. The hot pot of Nha Trang anchovy sticky rice is smoky, the aroma of sticky rice and beans spreads, making you want to eat it just by smelling it. About Nha Trang anchovy sticky rice dish Anchovy sticky rice when cooking does not give too much seasoning

The main highlight of this dish is the anchovy portion. A type of ingredient with very specific features in the culinary culture of Nha Trang people. Anchovies will usually be selected from the freshest fish, brought home, washed, trimmed, seasoned with spices to blend and the fish meat is soft. About Nha Trang anchovy sticky rice dish Anchovies are the soul of the dish 

When a customer comes to buy, the owner will scoop sticky rice into the box, add a layer of rimmed anchovies, quail eggs and some hot fried onions. In addition, it is indispensable that the fish rim water is irrigated at the end. This dish has all 3 flavors, spicy, salty, and sweet. About Nha Trang anchovy sticky rice dish It is indispensable to enjoy onion fat when enjoying sticky rice with anchovies

The flavor of Nha Trang anchovy sticky rice mainly comes from anchovies. The sweetness of sticky rice combined with the rich taste of sauce and fish, adding a little fat of onion fat,… As long as you eat one piece, you will want to continue eating, not feeling bored at all.About Nha Trang anchovy sticky rice dish (Photo: Grab)

Nha Trang anchovy sticky rice is popular in part because of its unique taste. Not greasy like mixed sticky rice, dry like sticky rice with sausages, cotton balls, … but it’s just eaten, when enjoying, it feels like cooking this breakfast for yourself. About Nha Trang anchovy sticky rice dish (Photo: chanlovefoods)

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Where to eat Nha Trang anchovy sticky rice?

Being so popular, but for some reason, this dish is sold less and less and almost only in Nha Trang can you find this sticky rice dish. If you want to enjoy anchovy sticky rice in Nha Trang, you can visit Ms. Loan’s anchovy sticky rice shop located on Huynh Thuc Khang street. Her sticky rice is very delicious and most people in Nha Trang know it. 

In addition to Ms. Loan’s shop, you should visit some other addresses such as: student sticky rice in Nguyen Dinh Chieu, popular sticky rice with Ca and sesame in alley 131, D. 2/4 also sells anchovy sticky rice with rich, attractive flavor. About Nha Trang anchovy sticky rice dish (Photo: Grab)

Delicious sticky rice restaurants in Nha Trang that you can’t miss 

1. Hoang Van Thu Saigon Chicken Sticky Rice 

Address: Hoang Van Thu, City. Nha Trang

Opening hours: 15:00 – 23:30

Reference price: 5k – 20k 

If you are a “crazy fan” of chicken sticky rice, then in Nha Trang, Hoang Van Thu chicken sticky rice restaurant is an address that you should not miss. This is a sidewalk restaurant but always crowded with customers, especially in the evening. You will enjoy the round, flexible, fragrant sticky rice seeds, which is only great. This sticky rice restaurant serves a diverse menu from chicken sticky rice, gac sticky rice, fish sticky rice to mixed sticky rice,… In which, sticky rice with chicken and sticky rice with fish are rated the best. In particular, the owner is extremely enthusiastic, so he is loved by many customers. About Nha Trang anchovy sticky rice dish Hoang Van Thu chicken sticky rice

2. Sticky sticky rice with duck 141 – Delicious sticky rice restaurant in Nha Trang

Address: 24 Tran Binh Trong, Phuoc Tien, City. Nha Trang

Opening hours: 15:30 – 22:00

Reference price: 7k – 150k 

Sticky rice with duck 141 located at 24 Tran Binh Trong, Nha Trang City is a familiar restaurant of gourmets. Coming here, you will enjoy fried sticky rice with grilled duck. The restaurant’s sticky rice is cooked very flexibly and served with tender golden roasted duck mixed with super-spicy ginger fish sauce. Not only the quality of the food is good, but the space of the restaurant is also very airy and clean. About Nha Trang anchovy sticky rice dish Sticky rice with duck 141 

3. Sticky Rice 

Address: 10 To Hien Thanh, Tan Lap, City. Nha Trang

Opening hours: 06:00 – 10:00

Reference price: 10k – 20k VND 

Xoi Hien is one of the delicious, cheap sticky rice restaurants in Nha Trang that is well-reviewed by many people. The restaurant has quite a rich menu of dishes with mixed sticky rice, sesame sticky rice, … fragrant. A serving of sticky rice here costs only 15k but has enough topping of coconut and ham. The space in this place is clean, the owner is very friendly with customers. 
 About Nha Trang anchovy sticky rice dish Xoi Hien

4. Bui Thi Xuan Sticky Rice 

Address: Corner of Bui Thi Xuan Street, Le Quy Don, Nha Trang City

Opening hours: 06:00 – 10:00

Reference price: 10k – 20k 

If you are looking for a delicious sticky rice restaurant in Nha Trang, Bui Thi Xuan sticky rice is the ideal choice. The shop mainly sells in the morning, so it’s sold out quickly and is very crowded. The menu here has delicious sticky rice, soup, bread,… All of which are rated very well. About Nha Trang anchovy sticky rice dish Bui Thi Xuan (Photo: nowsaigon)

Although today, many delicious dishes are born, for those who are children of the coastal city, Nha Trang anchovy sticky rice is always an unforgettable specialty. 

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