Nha Trang is like Napoli in Korean newspapers

Nha Trang is like Naples (Italy) thanks to its year-round warm sunny climate, emerald sea water, and long stretch of fine sand, shared by Asean Express.

About 6 km long coastline, gentle golden sand, rows of sun loungers, shady palm trees and classy amusement park are what writer Park Myung-gi wrote about Nha Trang . He also explains what makes international guests like this coastal city.

Park likens Nha Trang to Naples (Italy), considering it to be one of the world’s top resorts. “Nha Trang has a beach many times longer than our Haeundae,” wrote Park when compared to the beach in Busan, South Korea.

Nha Trang's coastline is praised for its stretch.  Photo: Tran Anh Khoa
Nha Trang’s coastline is praised for its stretch. Photo: Tran Anh Khoa

The planning of Nha Trang is quite reasonable. 4-5 star hotels are located close to the sea, followed by smaller hotels. In addition to the usual bathing, visitors can participate in activities to feel the clear sea water, such as diving, boating, SUP rowing.

Park praised Vinpearl Land on Hon Tre Island, saying that the idea was bold to turn the whole island into a theme park. In addition, he also feels this park is similar to Disneyland and Lotte World. The interesting experience here is going to the top of the hill to enjoy the view, after playing games such as ferris wheel, visiting the zoo and aquarium. From here, visitors can see the blue sea and the city skyline. The scene of a stretch of sand beneath the tall buildings was unusual.

Nha Trang has many experiences at sea to serve tourists.  Photo: Korea Dinh
Nha Trang has many experiences at sea to serve tourists. Photo: Korea Dinh

Park finds it interesting that there are many Russians in Nha Trang, followed by Chinese and Koreans. In particular, this place is most popular with Russian tourists due to the mild weather, suitable for people in cold countries and the hospitality of the locals. Park could easily see Russians on the beach. In addition, there are many Russian restaurants and bars where you can come and watch Russians dance to the music.

In Nha Trang at night, in cafes, wine bars, picnic chairs, and tables close to the beach, Park feels exactly like the atmosphere of Haeundae at night. While sitting with many foreign guests, drinking beer on the sand, he heard a Korean voice. It was a young woman, with her back to the beach and posing for a photo.

“Not as crowded as other famous beaches of Southeast Asia. You can relax in a relatively relaxed atmosphere in Nha Trang”, Park concluded.

 (According to Asean Express )