Nha Trang tourism in July ‘burns out in the summer seaside 


Nha Trang in July attracts visitors through the beautiful scenery of attractive landscapes, a series of delicious dishes and especially the dreamlike weather to freely “dance” to fully explore the land of the sea. dream. 

As the most beautiful bay in the world and always making many hearts move with enthusiasm, Nha Trang has never ceased to be attractive in the eyes of sea lovers. Each time of the year this sea will have its own charm and travel to Nha Trang in July is a fascinating experience to admire the “land of sea nests” in one of the most beautiful seasons of the year with beaches. Green garden, white sand carpet beside the beautiful city, or attractive cultural and culinary features. 

Is July tourism the most beautiful season in Nha Trang? 

Nha Trang in any season of the year possesses a beauty that moves people. The climate in this coastal country has two distinct seasons, the dry season and the rainy season with an average temperature of 26 degrees. The dry season in Nha Trang will last from January to August and the rainy season is from September to December. It is said that July is one of the most ideal times of the year to travel to Nha Trang because this is the period. Near the end of the dry season, the weather is not too hot with little rain. Traveling to Nha Trang in July, visitors can enjoy the pleasant weather with clear blue sky, gentle sunshine and gentle waves lulling the white sand.

Traveling to Nha Trang in JulyNha Trang in July is one of the most beautiful times of the year. Photo: FB/ VinWonders_Nha_Trang

Nha Trang tourist attractions in July are super beautiful to forget the way back 

1. Nha Trang sea and island 

Nha Trang is a famous coastal country known as the Pearl of the East Sea, so when traveling here, visitors will certainly find it difficult to ignore the beaches and islands in the beautiful bay here. 

Nha Trang beach

Located right on Tran Phu street near 2/4 square, Nha Trang beach makes visitors fascinated by its beautiful poetic beauty. The beach runs along the city, the beach here is very clean, the sea water is clear, the sand is fine, so the check-in is very crowded. Visitors here can swim, participate in games and beach sports such as volleyball, football, kite flying or canoeing, surfing.

Nha Trang travel in July check-in beachNha Trang beach is located right in the center, so it is very convenient for visitors to check-in. Photo:@jesuishn9997

Mieu Island 

This is one of the attractive destinations when traveling to Nha Trang in July . Here, there is a beautiful 500m-long beach of Tranh, clear blue sea, gentle slopes, so it is suitable for swimming, attractive games such as jet skis, parachute, banana floats, flyboards…at Bai Tranh are also very interesting. attract guests. Visitors to Hon Mieu can visit Tri Nguyen Aquarium to explore the miniature ocean with countless interesting stops. 

Hon Tam

This is one of the famous tourist islands of Nha Trang, 7km from the center. Hon Tam has a green forest carpet, beautiful long sandy beach, smooth waves, suitable for sightseeing and relaxation activities.

Nha Trang travel in July check-in beachBeautiful clear blue sea, golden sunshine create a heavenly scene. Photo: @kiendichvubaomat99191

Hon Chong

This place is only 3km from the center of Nha Trang, is a complex of large rock formations with all shapes then runs down to the sea with a beautiful view, check-in here visitors can see the whole city scene. . 

Yen Island – Hon Noi

This place is very suitable for visitors to enjoy the wild and peaceful beauty of the sea. Prominent here is a foul beach with two sides of clear blue sea water, in the middle is very beautiful fine sand. If you check-in Ha Du peak, you can see the whole sea view.

Nha Trang travel in July to visit Yen islandYen Island is famous for its double beaches. Photo: @trangtorres.

Monkey Island – Hon Lao

Visiting Nha Trang tourist destination this July, visitors will be surprised with thousands of monkeys living in the forest. Monkeys here are very brave, visitors can have fun or watch attractive monkey circus performances. 

Hon Mun

Visiting Hon Mun, visitors will be overwhelmed by the heavenly scenery and especially the colorful ocean world. Hon Mun is an ideal scuba diving paradise because it is the intersection of hot ocean currents, so there are up to 2,000 species of corals and countless marine life, visitors diving to see the coral here can touch and have fun. with sea fish or admire the beautiful coral.

Nha Trang travel in July to visit Yen islandNha Trang beach in July is as beautiful as a dream, enchanting travelers. Photo: @duongkemhop

In addition to the above places, when traveling to Nha Trang in July , visitors can also visit many other famous names such as Hon Mot, Binh Ba Island, Diep Son, Ninh Van Bay, Van Phong Bay…

2. Nha Trang inner city tourist spot 

The inner city of Nha Trang also has many attractive tourist spots for visitors to stop by, including many places with beautiful architecture or scenery for visitors to enjoy virtual living. Highlights such as the Oceanographic Museum at 1 Cau Da, where visitors can admire more than 20,000 specimens of marine species, 18m whale skeleton, Dugong sea cow specimen… Especially the space of the museum Super shimmering museum for visitors to enjoy virtual life and bring back pictures with the beautiful ocean.

Nha Trang travel in July to visit Oceanography MuseumOceanographic Museum with beautiful ocean world. Photo: @apricob28bls.j

Ponagar Tower located in Vinh Phuoc ward is also an attractive destination, this is a beautiful Cham Pa cultural heritage, visitors can make pilgrimages, take photos with the ancient towers or zoom in on the bustling boats on the river. river. The mountain church located on the top of Bong mountain with unique architecture typical of Western Catholic churches is also an attractive destination in the inner city of Nha Trang.

Nha Trang travel in July to visit the Mountain Church

Nha Trang Mountain Church with unique Western architecture. Photo: @2hehe__

Another place tourists should visit is Long Son Pagoda, built in 1886 at the foot of Trai Thuy hill, where it has a very beautiful scenery, a view of the whole city and especially the statue of Kim Than Buddha. sitting up to 24m high to preach. 

3. VinWonders Nha Trang

Referring to the tourist attractions in Nha Trang in July  , surely VinWonders Nha Trang is a name not to be missed. This is a large-scale amusement, entertainment and resort area located on Hon Tre island with a total area of ​​200,000 square meters. It has many different areas from indoor and outdoor play areas to water parks, aquariums, castles, food courts and performing arts areas.

Nha Trang travel in July to visit VinWonders Nha TrangVinWonders Nha Trang is a super attractive destination with countless interesting experiences. Photo: FB/ VinWonders Nha Trang

Nha Trang travel in July to visit VinWonders Nha TrangThere are many beautiful virtual living places in VinWonders Nha Trang. Photo:FB/VinWonders Nha Trang

Coming to VinWonders Nha Trang, visitors can enjoy experiencing thrilling games such as ferris wheel, roller coaster, free fall tower, check-in movie castle, candy castle, experience 120m rotation, Enjoy the view from the cable car and especially live the virtual life with countless beautiful check-in corners. 

Nha Trang travel in July to visit VinWonders Nha TrangThe zoo area of ​​VinWonders Nha Trang is very popular. Photo: FB/VinWonders Nha Trang

Delicious restaurants in Nha Trang are super HOT for a trip in July 

Nha Trang cuisine is too famous for many attractive specialties. Visitors can enjoy seafood dishes, can cakes, squid pancakes, fish cakes, wet cakes, grilled spring rolls… Traveling to Nha Trang in July , if you do not have experience in places to eat, you can Check out some prominent names such as fish noodle soup shop at 24 Nguyen Cong Tru street, small pan fried shrimp pancakes at 3 Tran Kim Hung street, fish cake soup/bun cha ca at Dam market, Lac Canh grilled beef in Dam market. 44 Nguyen Binh Khiem.

Di Loan dam cake shop at 16A Hong Linh street, Ninh Hiep grilled spring roll restaurant at 96 Luong Dinh Cua street, Ba Thua cake shop on Yersin street, Co Tam pancake shop on Thap Ba street, Be Tan seafood restaurant in Pham Van Dong street..

Nha Trang travel in July to eat seafoodComing to Nha Trang, seafood cannot be missed. Photo: @cherry

Nha Trang travel in July to eat can cakeCan cake shop at 51 To Hien Thanh Nha Trang is very delicious. Photo: @foodiebyxiu

Nha Trang travel in July to eat grilled spring rollsNinh Hiep grilled spring rolls 96 Luong Dinh Cua street features the special flavor of Nha Trang spring rolls. Photo:@Thuysandra

Nha Trang in July is so beautiful with golden sunshine, blue sea and countless interesting things that invite you to stop and explore. If you have fallen in love with this coastal country, don’t be afraid to pack your backpack and do a trip to Nha Trang in July with lots of experiences. 

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