Night tourism experiences in Vietnam make visitors fall in love

If you have the opportunity, try all the night travel experiences in Vietnam to see that the S-shaped strip of land is not only beautiful during the day but also very beautiful at night.

Night travel experiences in Vietnam that you should try once 

1. Take a sightseeing cruise 

One of the best nightlife experiences in Vietnam is taking a cruise to see the beautiful scenery. As a country with both extremely beautiful sea and river, experiencing a cruise at night is a very interesting activity that you should try. Seeing the beautiful cities at night will surely leave you with many memorable memories.

Taking a sightseeing cruise is a very attractive night travel experience in VietnamHa Long, Da Nang, Hue, … are places where you can take a cruise to enjoy the night scenery. Photo: @phamquang139

So where to take a cruise at night? You can watch the vast night on Ha Long Bay – one of the 7 wonders of the world located right in Vietnam. When coming to the most beautiful bay on the planet, visitors can stay on luxury yachts day and night, watching the beautiful limestone islands. At night, a quiet night is covered, in the distance are small fishing villages, shimmering light from countless other beautiful yachts.

This is a night tour experience in Vietnam that tourists loveTourists drink wine while watching Ha Long at night. Photo: @tracy_01.02

Besides watching the sea at night, visitors can also choose to take a river cruise in two famous cities of Vietnam, Da Nang and Hue. This is a form of tourism that is loved by many tourists when you see the city light up shimmering and splendid. Also a beautiful city but when night falls, everything becomes much more romantic.

This is a very popular nightlife experience in Vietnam for many yearsIn Da Nang, visitors can take a scenic cruise on both sides of the Han River. Photo: @rv_hanprincress_danang

In Da Nang, you will be taken by boat to take a stroll along the Han River, watching the twinkling colored lights along both sides of the river. In addition, you can also go along famous bridges such as the Han River gong, Dragon bridge, and Tran Thi Ly bridge, … On Saturdays and Sundays every week, from the yacht, visitors can also watch the dragon bridge. spray fire, spray water extremely beautiful. 

This Vietnam night tour experience is also loved in HueTourists take a cruise to admire the beautiful scenery of the Perfume River at night. Photo: @hrscruise

For tourists traveling to Hue , you should experience cruising on the Perfume River to discover the ancient beauty of Hue city at night, and at the same time listen to Hue singing. When buying a yacht ticket, you will be able to go down the Perfume River to see Trang Tien Bridge, and Da Vien Bridge, passing many famous destinations of this romantic city. 

2. See animals at night

One more night travel experience in Vietnam that animal lovers love, is watching night animals in Nam Cat Tien National Park. This is a very interesting activity that you should try if you have the opportunity. The feeling of seeing wild animals eating at night is a wonderful thing that not everyone has the opportunity to experience. 

Seeing animals at night is an interesting night travel experience in VietnamComing to Nam Cat Tien, you can spend time watching nocturnal animals. Photo: Mekong Smile

When coming to Nam Cat Tien and buying tickets to see the animals at night, visitors will be fully prepared to see the animals at night. From 18:30, visitors can sit on the roof and go deep into the large grasslands in the middle of the forest to see deer, rabbits, weasels, porcupines, etc., looking for food in the night. 

This night tour experience in Vietnam gives visitors many interesting emotionsIn the dark night, you will see wild animals eating. Photo: Saco Travel 

To have a memorable experience, visitors must follow the rules such as not shouting or talking loudly when meeting animals, not surprising them. Because when the car approaches the place where there are wild animals, the lights will turn on. For a moment, the bright eyes of the wild animals flashed. Just a moment is enough to remember this wonderful experience forever. 

3. Squid fishing at sea 

If you go on a beach trip and don’t know what to play at night , why not try squid fishing to try your luck? This service is available in most of Vietnam’s seas, providing visitors with a memorable experience. Especially in Phu Quoc, Vung Tau, Phu Yen, Quy Nhon, Co To, Nha Trang, Da Nang,… 

Night squid fishing is a nightlife experience in Vietnam that you should tryTraveling to the sea, you remember to experience night squid fishing. Photo: @vantran7691

This nightlife experience in Vietnam will be more complete when you buy professional squid fishing tours to have fishing rods and bait ready and be guided on how to fish properly, helping you to harvest fresh squid. Depending on the location, the price of squid fishing is from 300,000 to 800,000 VND/person. 

This is the night travel experience in Vietnam that many people loveSquid fishing tours are designed to cater to visitors’ passion for squid fishing. Photo: @phghai

When buying a squid fishing tour at night, you will be taken on a boat to go to a squid fishing position on the sea in the time frame from 17 to 22 hours. This is the easiest time to fish for squid because they are looking for food. When buying a fishing tour, you will be guided by a guide on how to hook the bait, how to drop the bait and “tricks” to easily catch squid.

Visitors are excited to experience this special night tour in VietnamSquid fishing tours start from afternoon until late evening. Photo: @hwieojin_sudgalag

Depending on the sea you visit, choose the right time to fish for squid. However, give priority to days when the waves are calm and the sea is calm because big waves will make it difficult to fish for squid. In particular, if you want to experience this activity, you need to be someone who does not get seasick because the boat will move to the far sea, not the bridge right near the shore.  

4. Overnight camping

Camping is a nighttime travel activity that many young people love because they can be in harmony with nature, sleep in the vast sky and watch the stars. No need to buy a tour if you are a professional tourist. Or you can also experience at camping sites that are fully equipped with camping equipment. 

This is a very popular night travel experience in VietnamYoung people are increasingly passionate about night camping. Photo: @hococcamping

Throughout the tourist map of Vietnam, there are countless beautiful places to camp, from mountains, beaches to plains, countless beautiful coordinates for you to camp overnight, make a campfire and have a real barbecue. attractive. Depending on your travel schedule and preferences, you choose the most ideal place to camp overnight.

This is a very interesting and romantic night travel experience in VietnamCamping in combination with hunting clouds is an activity that young people love very much. Photo: @vietnamcoracle

If you want to go to the forest, you can camp in the green pine hills in Da Lat , Moc Chau, Cao Bang. If you want to go to the grass hill, you can go to Dong Lam, Dong Cao, Nui Mat Than, … green and one color. If you want to go to the sea, you can choose any beautiful beach in Vietnam to set up a tent. In addition, many professional camping sites are ready to serve visitors in need. 

With this night tour experience in Vietnam, you will have many memorable memoriesVisitors will have many unforgettable memories when camping overnight. Photo: @camtraidanang

Overnight camping activities will make you a little inconvenient in sleeping and living, but you will have many valuable experiences when you can sleep well in the vast sky, watching the stars against the night sky. , hear the howling wind outside and welcome the sunrise in the midst of countless beautiful scenes. 

This is a night travel experience in Vietnam that everyone should tryThis spring, you definitely have to camp overnight. Photo: @camtraidanang

It can be said that the night tourism experiences in Vietnam are all interesting travel activities for those who are really passionate about sightseeing, passionate about discovering the beautiful scenery, culture and lifestyle of the Vietnamese people. . So if you have the opportunity, try all these activities to see that Vietnam is really beautiful, beautiful day and night. 

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