No need to go far to find paradise, Vietnam’s sea islands are enough to make you swoon because of their beauty

The islands with unspoiled nature and warm people make tourists from far away visit more and more immediately.

Our country is inherently favored by nature for beautiful nature, in which the sea islands are also extremely beautiful and poetic thanks to the pure white sand, pristine beaches… Nowadays, the islands are Tourism investment is no less than big islands, so it’s not surprising that tourists visit these places more and more often, the beautiful natural scenery in these islands is always stirring.” wandering hearts” of people who love to travel.

Cham Island, Quang Nam

When it comes to the islet, most people think of Cham Island because it is always on the list of the most beautiful sea islands in Vietnam. Only about 15km from Hoi An city, this island is a large island with surrounding small islands forming wild and charming land. Especially when taking a canoe from Cua Dai beach, visitors can see colorful coral reefs and schools of fish swimming around. With the landscape of both blue sea and mountains of Cham island, visitors will experience cycling around winding roads, crossing sand dunes, coastal fishing villages or through forests.

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Green Isle, Binh Dinh

Along with the list of beautiful islands in Vietnam, the name Green isle will be indispensable with its large area and beautiful landscape appearing in the middle of the vast ocean. True to its name, the seawater of Green Isle is crystal clear to the bottom, this place is also loved by many tourists because it still retains the pristine appearance of nature when there are long white sand beaches with water. The sea is calm, suitable for swimming or snorkeling activities. Cu Lao Xanh has many beautiful beaches attracting visitors, from Bai Small, and Bai Dong to Bai Nam to other interesting landscapes such as picnic grounds, wharf, Cu Lao lighthouse, …

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Cau island, Binh Thuan

One of the beautiful islands chosen by many tourists, the Cau isle is indispensable. Located quite far from the center of Phan Thiet city, this island is still wild and peaceful. This place is famous for its clear sea color that can see the bottom, suitable for diving activities to explore the ocean.

Therefore, this is considered a diving paradise when possessing natural, diverse and extremely beautiful vegetation and coral. The beaches on the island are surrounded by special rocks with hundreds of rocks of different colors and shapes, which change unusually depending on the light every day.

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Re islet – Bo Bai islet, Quang Ngai

The name sounds so strange, but Re islet is actually Lon island – a familiar name in Ly Son island district. With its majestic natural terrain, Re Island has all the criteria of a sea paradise such as clear turquoise water or majestic mountains in the middle of the sea. Coming to Re islet, you can’t miss the “specialty” to watch the sunrise and sunset on Thoi Loi peak – the highest of the 5 mountain peaks in Ly Son. The enchanting beauty of Cu Lao Re with vast space of heaven and earth, blue sea with waves and colorful garlic fields with many levels looks like terraced fields.

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In addition to Re islet, also known as Big Island, Ly Son also has Bo Bai islet, which is Be Island. The beauty of Bo Bai isle is not inferior to Re isle with beautiful beaches, clear as jade, illuminated by the sun to the bottom.

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Mai Nha Islet, Phu Yen

This strange-named island belongs to a rapidly developing tourism city, Phu Yen. This place is located quite far from the mainland, so it is still far away from many people. Coming to Cu Lao Mai Nha, visitors will feel like they are lost in a peaceful and poetic world with the sound of waves whispering, coral reefs all over the beach. Mai Nha islet is peaceful and beautiful, so if you are looking for a place to recharge yourself, let the nature here help you.

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