Once you check in the Cau Dat fan field, you will have a whole set of beautiful muse photos

Although the Cau Dat fan field has only appeared recently, it has quickly become a virtual living coordinate that young people cannot ignore when traveling to Da Lat.

Where is Cau Dat fan field?

Cau Dat fan field is a destination in Da Lat that young people love very much. Although this coordinate is new but old, it sounds a bit strange but very familiar. In fact, this is a fan field located on Cau Dat tea hill, in Xuan Truong commune, more than 20 km from Da Lat city center.
 Where is the Cau Dat fan field?Cau Dat fan field is located in Cau Dat tea hill. Photo: @wendi_iis

Cau Dat tea hill is no stranger to young people who love nature and love to take pictures. Previously, this place only had thousands of hills of deep green tea. But from September 2021, the locality has installed 15 more giant fans located right on the campus of the vast green tea hills. 

If you want to take pictures and admire the scenery of Cau Dat fans, from the city center, you can travel by motorbike or car, or by taxi in the direction of National Highway 20 for more than 20 km. This tourist destination is large, completely free, so it is very convenient for you. Going to the tea hill, just being immersed in the spacious nature, also took many satisfactory check-in photos. 
 Where is the Cau Dat fan field?From the city center to here more than 20 km. Photo: @junelinh_

When it first appeared in 2021, the Cau Dat fan field quickly became the inspiration of many tourists and photographers in the city of thousands of flowers. The romantic scenes in the tea hill quickly spread strongly throughout the online community, turning this place into an extremely attractive tourist destination. 

Beautiful scenery in Cau Dat fan field

It is known that the Dalat wind farm is the first wind power project in Lam Dong province. The locality has chosen Cau Dat tea hill to install 15 huge white wind turbines, located on 350 hectares of green and peaceful tea hill.
 Where is the Cau Dat fan field?This place is a beautiful destination not to be missed when traveling to Dalat. Photo: @marinepoyy

For many tourists, this nearly hundred-year-old tea hill is not too new. This place is famous for its green tea beds, vast and stretching. Since the appearance of wind turbines, the tea hill has become more and more poetic and romantic. In the midst of the vast green tea hills, the tall white wind turbines become even more prominent. Currently, this is one of the beautiful fan fields in Vietnam that is beautiful and very popular with young people. 
 Where is the Cau Dat fan field?On Cau Dat tea hill, there are 15 wind turbines installed. Photo: @nhubeeyaa

For a long time, this green tea hill has been loved for its large, spacious and cool space, regardless of the season of the year. On warm sunny days, visitors come here to see the green tea hill. In the early morning, when the sun has not yet appeared, people choose this tea hill as a place to hunt for clouds. 

Now, no matter what time you come to the tea hill, you can check in with the wind turbines rotating evenly and evenly on the hill. Above is a blue sky with white clouds flying, below is a carpet of fresh green tea, in the middle are beautiful white wind blades. This scene just needs to stand in, there are many poetic photos to bring back. 
 Where is the Cau Dat fan field?Giant wind turbine, prominent on green tea hill. Photo: @titanvuu

When exploring the Cau Dat fan field, in addition to the experience of watching giant wind turbines at close range, taking pictures of youth like a muse, muse, etc. enjoy coffee at Cau Dat Tea House and Gio Cau Dat Coffee.
 Where is the Cau Dat fan field?A poetic scene on Cau Dat tea hill. Photo: @mrkai0o

These are two cafes with beautiful views, a direct view of the tea hill, and bring quality drink menus, bringing the typical coffee flavor of the highland. Experiencing the feeling of sipping your favorite drink, breathing in the fresh air, and taking a few check-in photos in the bar is also very interesting.

Experience exploring Cau Dat tea hill

Cau Dat fan field is a favorite destination for young people, suitable for exploring at any time of the year. However, you should come here in the dry season, avoid going in the rainy season because the weather is not good. It’s best to check the weather forecast before you arrive.
 Where is the Cau Dat fan field?This coordinate is best photographed on sunny days. Photo: @minh_nhat_vu

According to the experience of many young people going to Da Lat, the time from 8 am to 9 am is suitable for walking around the tea hills, taking pictures with beer fan blades. If you want to hunt for clouds, come early around 4 am to watch the sea of ​​white clouds floating, then wander around the tea hills. If you want to watch the sunset, the time frame from 16 to 17 hours is the most suitable. 
 Where is the Cau Dat fan field?Just stand in and you will immediately have a standard muse check-in photo. Photo: @marialisa021688

When going to the tea hill by private vehicle, you should pay attention to drive carefully because this is a road with many dangerous bends, sometimes there will be fog. In addition, filling up the tank with gas before moving is also an important note that you need to remember. 
 Experience exploring Cau Dat wind farmYou can check in this tea hill at any time of the day. Photo: @ourlittlefoodjourney

If you are a fan of virtual reality, you will know how to take many good photos when you come to this fan field. Please prioritize choosing a location with good light and take the whole scene of the sky and turbines to produce more beautiful and poetic photos right on Cau Dat tea hill in Dalat . 

Besides, you should also choose the outfit so that it stands out more than the green tea color. It is best to wear white, beige, pink, pastel colors or little bright colors that will make you more photogenic, giving you better photos. Don’t forget to bring accessories such as umbrellas, wide-brimmed hats, cameras, etc. to create a better look.
 Experience exploring Cau Dat wind farmThe scenery of Cau Dat tea hill is always beautiful and lovely. Photo: @lucky.linz

Cau Dat fan field is beautiful and hot photography coordination in Da Lat. This place owns a large space with a spacious natural picture, suitable for visitors to admire the scenery, enjoy the fresh air and bring back beautiful virtual photos.

Photo: Instagram