Peaceful Du Gia on the rocky plateau

HA GIANG – Du Gia appears like a picture with four mountains, stretching corn fields, and winding streams.

Du Gia is a highland commune in Yen Minh district, about 70 km from Ha Giang city. On the tourist map of Ha Giang, Du Gia appears with a wild picture, not yet known by many Vietnamese tourists. Most of the visitors to Du Gia are backpackers who love to conquer adventurous passes… On the way to Du Gia, visitors will pass through hills to admire the valley in Lung Ho commune, Yen Minh district.

The roadside scene appears like a film projected through a window, sometimes a small village in a valley surrounded by rice, corn, or high mountains towering in the clouds.

The road from Meo Vac district to Du Gia is about 80 km long with winding and winding roads. In which, 26 km of Meo Vac – Sung Left section is quite arduous. On a drizzly day, the road ahead is sometimes white, the car must run very slowly to stay safe.

After a long journey, visitors can stay at a homestay in Coc Pang village, Du Gia. The homestay is quite comfortable with dormitory, double room, bungalow….

In the afternoon is gentle trekking around the village, to Tham Luong waterfall, about 3 km from the homestay. On the way, corn fields stretch to the top of high mountains and lush vegetation after the first rains of the season.

The trekking path leads through wooden-walled houses, with thatched roofs, the sidewalks are filled with dry firewood piled up in large bundles and surrounded by stone walls. In front of the house, the children in the village gather in groups to play. Whenever they see tourists, they wave hello, and smile brightly, some even say “Hello”.

After wading streams, crossing flax gardens, corn fields, and slippery dirt roads…, the sound of the stream gets closer to the ear. On the side of the road, a white stream crept creating a picturesque landscape.

Tham Luong waterfall with white foam is a stop that everyone who comes to Du Gia should experience.

The waterfall has calm water, the flow is not too fast. Many families often bring young children here to cool off and play in the water.

After a good night’s sleep, visitors can wake up early to walk around Coc Pang village before saying goodbye to Du Gia. The scene is reminiscent of the lines in the poem “House of the Father” by Nguyen Thai Van: “The mountain stays with the clouds / The sun follows the city / The sound of streams fades behind the trees…”.

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