People across the country celebrate the victory of U23 Vietnam

People across the country poured into the streets to celebrate after the 1-0 victory of U23 Vietnam over Thailand U23, successfully defending the championship, on the evening of May 22. 


  • 23h45Various types of celebration of the people of Da NangDN1-5100-1653238741.jpg
  • A high-rise building along the Han River runs the effect with the words “Vietnam is invincible”. Along with the light effects that have been prepared in advance, the image of a red flag with a yellow star or coach Park Hang Seo and striker Tien Linh are shown, making many people excited.DN2-2752-1653238741.jpgFans waved the Korean flag to thank the coach and coach Park Hang-seo.DN4-3481-1653238865.jpgAt the foot of the Dragon Bridge, a foreign female tourist holding a flag joined the crowd cheering for the victory of the Vietnamese team.DN5-9717-1653238930.jpgA resident wearing the national flag rode his bicycle across the Han River bridge to celebrate the victory. Photo: Nguyen Dong
  • 23h30 Hanoi Opera House Square is crowded with people fans holding flags, standing, dancing, and singing filled the steps, below the road, cars could not move because people stayed and cheered.HN9-5254-1653237407.jpgOpera House Square at 23:30 on May 22. Photo: Gia ChinhDancing at the Hanoi Opera House  Fans lit flares, waved flags, and cheered for the Vietnamese team to defend the championship in front of the Opera House square. Video: Gia Chinh
  • 23h10 Hanoi youth dance and sing on the street On Hang Bai Street, Hoan Kiem District, with the music playing at full capacity, thousands of young people playing with their shoulders and necks sang from “Connecting big arms” to “The sound of pestle on Bom Bo squirrel”.Video of Hanoians dancing and singing on the street to celebrate U23's victory  Video: Gia Chinh
  • 23h05 Handshakes to celebrate victory on the road were late at night, but the atmosphere in the central area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City was still very lively. After the cheers and shouts to celebrate the victory of U23 Vietnam, many drivers ran around the roads to share the joy. though not familiar.z3434616138886-afc00f21cf8d7f9-4849-4495A long line of people stood in the middle of the street shaking hands to celebrate together on Ton Duc Thang Street, District 1. Photo: Quynh Tranz3434616184786-5d814d280b3471d-4671-5311“It’s been a long time since I’ve been back in the storm like this. Tomorrow I’ll probably be late for work, and I’ll sympathize,” said Thanh An, who lives in District 7. Photo: Quynh Tran
  • 22h50 The streets of Hue city center are full of people. The flow of people continued to pour into the intersection area and the central streets of Hue city such as Hung Vuong, Dong Da, Le Quy Don, and Hanoi. Police stand in a line to direct traffic.Hue6-6020-1653234970.jpgHue7-7077-1653234993.jpgHue8-8663-1653235113.jpgThe police line up to separate the traffic flow. Photo: Vo Thanh
  • 22h35 People in Thanh Hoa set off fireworks to celebrate in the rain, Thanh Hoa is pouring rain all day today. However, many young people in the city still rained down on the street to light fireworks and celebrate the victory of U23 Vietnam.Thanh Hoa people set off fireworks to celebrate U23's victory  Video: Le Hoang
  • 22h20A two-way street becomes a one-way street22h, The flow of people continued to pour into the downtown area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City. Tens of thousands of people gathered on the streets of Le Lai, Nguyen Thai Hoc, Nguyen Thi Nghia, Ly Tu Trong, and Nam Ky Khoi Nghia chanting “Vietnam is victorious”, “Vietnam is invincible”. The cheers mixed with the sound of car horns, the sound of pots and pans getting louder.z3434467808627-c56609ec2903d6e-1504-6156z3434468735402-333231b7672eda9-4934-1124Hands waved on the street to share the joy of victory despite not knowing each other. Photo: Thanh Nguyenz3434467796663-a4cc46a9e7ef949-7253-6493The downtown area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City is crowded with people. Photo: Thanh Nguyenz3434482461057-17730b64932289b-8858-6404z3434468479279-e3567bf391984e6-3579-4049The two-way Le Lai street became a one-way street because too many people flocked to celebrate the victory of U23 Vietnam. Photo: Thanh Nguyen
  • 22h20 The center of the capital is congested, mothers and grandmothers go to the streets to cheer Under the influence of the low pressure trough, Hanoi as well as the northern provinces rained throughout the day. Tonight, while other districts are raining, the central area of ​​the capital is dry.The more late at night, the more fans flocked to the central streets cheering for the victory, causing some streets like Hai Ba Trung and Hue to be congested for a long time. People can only move very slowly, walking while observing the funny celebration of the mothers and grandmothers.HN6-2363-1653234478.jpgOn Hue street, two women stood on the car waving flags, waving pans to celebrate.HN7-2364-1653234478.jpgMs. Tran Thi Lan, 99 years old, in Tran Quoc Toan Street, sat in a wheelchair to the street to celebrate. Her family said that every time the Vietnamese team won, she went to the street.HN5-7502-1653233415.jpgWearing a funny shirt, this fan cheered until he lost his voice. Photo: Gia Chinh
  • 22h15 Nghe An people cheered for victoryNghe An people celebrate  People of Vinh City poured into the roundabout of the provincial post office to celebrate the victory. Video: Nguyen Hai Vinh city (Nghe An) it did not rain. About 20 minutes after the match ended, thousands of people riding motorbikes, cars carrying flags and vuvuzela trumpets poured into the roundabout of the provincial post office, cheering and chanting “Vietnam victory”. The flow of people is getting more and more crowded, the traffic police must remind people to pay attention when driving, to avoid collisions.
  • 22h10 Vung Tau people flock to the beach to celebrate Crowds of people flocked to the streets running along Bai Truoc beach to celebrate. Carrying flags and trumpets, Mr. Do Manh Cuong stood on the edge of the road blowing, occasionally touching to say goodbye to motorcyclists.Vungtau-1-1653233162-3717-1653233237.jpgPeople gather to celebrate on Quang Trung Street, Vung Tau City. Photo: Dang Khoa“This moment is so great! We overcame our Thai opponent convincingly to continue to maintain our position as champions”, said Mr. Cuong and said, very surprised at the scene where everyone poured out. The street was as crowded as people wore uniforms to celebrate the victory of the Vietnamese team. Photo: Dang Khoa
  • Not far away, a group of workers sat on the back of a truck, carrying pots, pans, and frying pans. “The contractor borrowed a car to drive us here. People at the construction site don’t have money to buy flags and trumpets, so they have nothing to use to have fun with everyone,” said Le Hoa, one of the group.Vungtau-3-8385-1653233384.jpgMs. Truong Thi An, from Vung Tau City, brought a cup made from previous years, painted a clown face with a group of friends to celebrate on Quang Trung Street. Photo: Dang Khoa
  • 22h05Many roads in Bien Hoa are congested After the victory of U23 Vietnam over U23 Thailand, the stream of people constantly poured into the streets to celebrate on the roads in Bien Hoa City (Dong Nai), causing the roads in the center to be jammed.dongnai-1-1653232658-2194-1653232805.jpgPeople in Bien Hoa poured into the street. Photo: Phuoc Tuan. Thousands of people from everywhere carrying flags, drums, gongs… flocked to Nguyen Ai Quoc, Pham Van Thuan, Nguyen Ai Quoc, Vo Thi Sau, Dong Khoi, Phan Trung…. As of late, the number of people increased. The more crowded the traffic police force has to be on duty and regulate.There were many people marching with iron trays, stirring pots… along with the line of people standing on the side of the road. Some people even sat on the hoods of cars to wave flags, dance, and sing on pickup trucks chanting Vietnam’s victory.dongnai-2-1653232715-4779-1653232805.jpgChildren also joined the celebration. Photo: Phuoc Tuan. Mr. Tran Van Hung just held a flag and stood on the side of the road shouting, “It’s been a long time since I saw Dong Nai people on the street so crowded after 2 years of Covid-19. Everyone is happy because we have defeated the Thai people”, Mr. Hung. speak.People across the country celebrate the victory of U23 Vietnam  The line of people taking to the streets to celebrate the day was crowded. Video: Phuoc Tuan
  • 22h00 Sea of ​​people celebrating in Long An Despite the rain, thousands of people still took to the streets to celebrate the victory. Fans carry the winning Vietnam Gold Cup with a photo of the Vietnam coach. Traffic and mobile police were stationed at main roads such as Hung Vuong, Hung Vuong extension (Tan An city) to ensure security and order.longan-1-1653231832-9126-1653231847.jpgPeople make championship cups to celebrate the victory. Photo: Hoang NamThousands of people in Tan An City took to the streets to celebrate.  Photo: Hoang NamThousands of people in Tan An City took to the streets to celebrate. Photo: Hoang Nam
  • 21:50 Dong Thap people celebrate the victory. Thousands of people in Cao Lanh city, Dong Thap province took to the streets to celebrate the victory. Mr. Nguyen Pham Thai, a lottery ticket seller in Cao Lanh city decided to stop selling to go storm even though there were more than 100 tickets left. With a bicycle, an additional flag and a “Vietnam Victory” headband, he said: “It’s so much fun now, tomorrow’s business will be counted.”Dong Thap  Dong Thap people took to the streets to celebrate. Video: Ngoc Tai280529417-672190133850872-8868-9912-4208People use pot lids as tools to celebrate victory. Photo: Ngoc Tai
  • 21h45 Bring the box speaker ‘to the storm’On Nguyen Trai and Tran Hung Dao streets (districts 1 and 5), the sea of ​​people poured out into the street with red flags and yellow stars. People on both sides of the street carrying pots and pans stood in front of their houses knocking continuously to respond.”Seeing that the team was not appreciated at the beginning of the tournament. It was so fun to win today, there was nothing in my house that made a loud noise, I brought it out and knocked with everyone,” said Mr. Hoa, a resident of Nguyen Trai Street.A young man carrying a large capacity box speaker played exciting music while the crowd continuously chanted “Vietnam is invincible” creating a very noisy atmosphere.z3434471977784-fd44f492d5795d8-7646-4669A young man carries a large-capacity box speaker to “storm” on Nguyen Trai Street. Photo: Dinh Van
  • 21h45 The center of Ho Chi Minh City is congested On the streets of Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Le Duan, Hai Ba Trung… the line of cars followed each other. Many people carry flags, wear banners, blow trumpets or use pot lids, and plastic buckets… to celebrate. Le Duan Street near Notre Dame Cathedral, the flow of cars entangled the road surface causing serious traffic jams. Groups of people were driving while raising the national flag, blowing trumpets, chanting “Vietnam victory”. Traffic police divided into several groups at intersections to separate lanes to ensure roads in the center of Ho Chi Minh City are congested because cars are too crowded. Photo: Quynh Tran. Roads such as Hoang Sa and Truong Sa along Nhieu Loc – Thi Nghe canal, Ham Nghi, Tran Hung Dao… are also noisy with the sound of cheers and celebration. In front of many restaurants, customers and staff cheered in the same atmosphere. Many families bring small children, wear ribbons, stick a golden star on their cheeks… excitedly circling the streets of the city center to celebrate the victory of the Vietnamese team.” During the match, I was very nervous, especially in the last minutes. The Vietnamese players gave a great match and finally won,” said Mr. Nguyen Van Dung, district 12
  • 21h35 Various types of celebration of the people of the ancient capital of HueHue3-2920-1653230476.jpgHue5-2824-1653230476.jpgHue4-8128-1653230476.jpgPhoto: Vo Thanh
  • 21h30 Gia Lai people celebrate Under the cold weather, thousands of fans poured into Nguyen Tat Thanh Street, Pleiku City, to celebrate the victory of the Vietnamese team. Many people blew trumpets and held flags to shout Vietnam’s championship. Ms. Le Thi Tam, 25 years old, standing on the side of the road shouting, Vietnam won. The mountain town girl said that this was the first time with a group of friends going out to the street to celebrate the victory, and was very satisfied with the results of the Vietnamese team.gialai-9438-1653233869.jpgThe people of the mountain town of Pleiku celebrate the victory of the Vietnamese team. Photo: Tran Hoa
  • 21h30 Nha Trang fans light flares to celebrate the flow of people in front of Tran Phu street, near April 2 square, which is getting more and more crowded. People lit fireworks to celebrate.floats  Flares were lit to celebrate the victory of U23 Vietnam. Photo: Bui Toan
  • 21h30 Thousands of people gathered on Dong Khoi Street, District 1 cheeringduong-dong-khoi-1653230359-2507-16532303On Dong Khoi Street, thousands of people flock here to gather at the theater area, cheering, blowing trumpets, waving red flags on a street corner. Photo: Quynh Tran
  • 21h30 Can Tho fans celebrate in the rain immediately after the match, although it was raining heavily, many fans poured into Hoa Binh Boulevard in the central district of Ninh Kieu, cheering, cheering and celebrating the victory of the Vietnamese team.People from all over the world celebrate the victory of U23 Vietnam  
  • 21h25Ho Chi Minh City fans flock to Ben Thanh marketben-thanh-1-1653229807-1653229-7368-4667Fans bring home-made trophies to celebrate the victory. Photo: Nguyen Thanhben-thanh-2-1653229935-3571-1653229939.jCrowd of fans practice at Ben Thanh market. Photo: Nguyen Thanh
  • 21h25The streets of Da Nang are animated by the sound of vuvuzela trumpetsDa Nang people take to the streets to cheer football  Da Nang people poured down Bach Dang Street and Han River Bridge to celebrate the victory. Video: Nguyen Dong
  • 21h20 Foreigners take to the streets to celebrate with Vietnamsg8-6603-1653229665.jpgA group of tourists from the Netherlands celebrate with people after the match on Thap Muoi Street, District 6. Photo: Dinh Vansg7-5667-1653229665.jpgPeter, a Dutchman, was surprised by the Vietnamese football fans. “I just came here to travel, the way Vietnamese people enjoy football is amazing,” said Peter. Photo: Dinh Van
  • 21h18 The streets in the center of the capital were filled with cheering peopleHanoians celebrate after the victory of U23  After chanting “Vietnam is invincible” at Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc Square, Hoan Kiem Lake, people flooded the surrounding streets. Video: Gia ChinhHN2-8784-1653232767.jpgSea of ​​people and flags on Hai Ba Trung street, Hoan Kiem district. Photo: Gia ChinhRight after the match between U23 Vietnam and U23 Thailand at My Dinh stadium ended, about 10 km away, on Hang Bai street intersecting with Hai Ba Trung, each convoy carrying a red flag with a yellow star paraded to celebrate. win. In just a few minutes, this intersection was tight. The police erected barriers to separate cars from entering some streets.
  • 9:15 p.m.Sea of ​​people celebrating victory in Linh Dam area, HanoiHoangmai2-8536-1653229355.jpgHoangmai2-5463-1653229561.jpgResidents of HH Linh Dam apartment building are excited after the victory of the Vietnamese team. Photo: Pham ChieuThe whistle to end the match sounded, the whole sea of ​​people in HH Linh Dam area, Hoang Mai district, stood up and cheered, causing an uproar in the whole area. After two years of the Covid-19 pandemic, for the first time thousands of residents, including many children, were able to freely immerse themselves in the exciting atmosphere of football.
  • 21h10sai-gon-1-8104-1653228905.jpgPeople in Ho Chi Minh City carried the national flag to the streets to celebrate the victory of U23. Photo: Dinh Van
  • 21h10 In Ho Chi Minh City .After the end of the match, thousands of people watching football in the Binh Tay market poured out into many streets to celebrate the victory. Many roads began to become congested. People carry trumpets, flags, and many items to make noises, marching on the road to celebrate. Nearly 20 traffic police in Cho Lon, District 6 coordinate traffic flow, ensuring security and order.”We have a plan to organize traffic in case people rush to the streets to celebrate,” said a soldier involved in traffic regulation.People took to the streets to celebrate the victory of U23 Vietnam  People in Binh Tay market (HCMC) cheered when the referee blew the whistle to end the match. Video: Dinh Van
  • 21h03 Thousands of Nha Trang fans join in the victory thousands of people poured into the streets of Tran Phu, Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, … to join the winning atmosphere of the Vietnamese men’s football team. Fans in Nha Trang said that it has been a long time since they felt the “storm” atmosphere after two years of being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.nha-trang-1-7682-1653229291.jpgFans knock on pots to celebrate. Photo: Bui Toannha-trang-2-7126-1653229291.jpgFans march in cars. Photo: Bui ToanWith friends chanting “Vietnam is the champion”, Mr. Minh Chien (24 years old) assessed that both Vietnam and Thailand teams were very equal. “However, Vietnam took advantage of the opportunity better,” he said
  • 21h00 Thousands of Binh Thuan fans poured into the street immediately after the victory of the Vietnamese team, the people of Phan Thiet flooded the streets, carrying flags to the streets to celebrate the victory. The area in front of the roundabout of the victory monument, the number of people gathered to the east.People from all over the world celebrate the victory of U23 Vietnam  Fans of Phan Thiet city celebrate the war. Video: Viet Quoc. People poured into the street to celebrate the victory of Vietnam Tel in the center of Phan Thiet city, Binh Thuan province. The sound of car horns and cheerleaders sounded to create a fun and excited atmosphere in the whole country.
  • 21h00 Hue people take to the streets to cheerHue2-1163-1653228962.jpgHue1-8299-1653228607.jpgYoung people in Hue hold a flag to march on the street. Photo: Vo Thanh. Hundreds of fans in Hue City, Thua Thien Hue, poured into the streets to celebrate. The crossroads of the center of Hue city were filled with people holding flags and cheering with the sound of vuvuzela whistles.
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