Photo hunting ‘weed season’ on Hai Giang peninsula

Not only has beautiful scenery, but Quy Nhon has also recently brought visitors new experiences.

Photo of the coastal city of Quy Nhon seen from above. Urban appearance with transportation infrastructure including air – water – land quickly completed is contributing a great driving force in economic development, especially in the potential tourism field.

Besides familiar landmarks such as Eo Gio, Ky Co … many new landmarks of Quy Nhon are also attractive to tourists. The photo was taken in the waters of Nhon Hai – Hai Giang peninsula. According to local people, Quy Nhon beach is on its most beautiful days with “specialty” seaweed. From mid-April to the end of May (lunar calendar), seaweed mainly in this sea puts on new clothes for the familiar blue color of the sea. If “hunting photos” in the seaweed season, the color of the photos also changes from brown to red, orange, or yellow depending on the time of the shooting.

This is also a suitable time to participate in attractive marine activities such as: swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, night squid fishing… The waves are calm, the sea is gentle, and the clear water can see the bottom of the coral reefs. colorful chants.

In addition to watching the sea “change new clothes”, visitors can also immerse themselves in the peaceful life of the fishing area. Fishermen rowing a basket boat to catch fish on the waters of Nhon Hai, below is a forest of seaweed floating on the surface of the water, swinging with the current.

On a dry day, visitors can catch the moment when the ancient city wall appears and disappears on the surface of the Nhon Hai sea, located adjacent to the Hai Giang peninsula. According to experts, this ancient wall is a military wall, or a trace of an ancient port – a stopover of the “silk road” on the sea once.

Not only has the sea in the most attractive season of the year, but Quy Nhon also has towering fan columns and ancient Cham towers that stand tall over time. Which, Banh It tower in the Tuy Phuoc district was included in the list of “1,001 architectural works that must come in life” by a group of British authors in the world.

In May, visitors to Nhon Hai beach will experience many activities such as swimming, kayaking… Determined to become a key economic sector with the goal of Quy Nhon being a new destination in Asia by 2030. , the tourism picture of the coastal city is enriched with new and diverse experiences. Unusual experiences resonate with beautiful nature, creating new vitality and charm for Quy Nhon tourism.

Along with the beautiful scenery, Quy Nhon tourism is undergoing a transformation when there are large projects, facilities and experiences that delight visitors. The latest mark, which is considered an expensive start for high-class tourism in the coastal city, is the water-light music party that first appeared at the MerryLand Quy Nhon project on the Hai Giang peninsula.

Applying Hologram technology, and 3D Mapping, the eye-catching performances at MerryLand Quy Nhon are reminiscent of world-famous shows such as A Symphony of Lights in Hong Kong, Imagine in Dubai or Wonder Full in Singapore… All done Presented by Laservision (Australia) – a global name with 30 years of experience in designing – operating record water music works and successfully creating many of the world’s leading nightlife spots.

In addition to the water-light show, this place also has wonders such as the O-bridge with a heart-shaped center that sparkles in the night, and the colorful water music path spreading across the large square. , lighting systems are arranged everywhere, entertainment events light up the whole peninsula…

The investor also intends to develop this place into a new center of regional and international cultural and entertainment events. At MerryLand Quy Nhon, there will be colorful performances, from modern to indigenous imprints to create attraction for visitors.

Panoramic photo of Hai Giang peninsula from above. Hai Giang also shows a part of the picture of the coastal city of Quy Nhon transforming…

Photo: Nguyen Dung, Cong Tam

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