Phu Cuong Cathedral – a great virtual living paradise in Binh Duong

“The most beautiful church in Binh Duong” or “Little Paris church in the heart of Thu Dau Mot” is what is famously known when referring to Phu Cuong Cathedral. If you have the opportunity to visit Binh Duong , once come to Phu Cuong church to admire the unique architecture and enjoy a virtual life like the West.

Locating the coordinates of Phu Cuong Cathedral

Phu Cuong Cathedral is located at 104 Lac Long Quan Street, Phu Cuong Ward, City. Thu Dau Mot is close to the roundabout 6 Thu Dau Mot. This is one of the churches with the largest area in Binh Duong, impressive with unique Gothic architecture. 

Phu Cuong diocese church was built in 1864 initially as a brick church and remodeled in 2014 with the present appearance. This is a unique architectural work with a combination of classic and modern. It is the typical dome of a mosque, with a pointed roof and vaulted windows. Binh Duong Cathedral has become a famous cultural place and attracts tourists to visit and live virtual today.
 Phu Cuong Cathedral - addressBinh Duong Cathedral is a destination that attracts tourists to visit and live virtual

How to go to Binh Duong Cathedral

The distance from Saigon to Binh Duong Cathedral is about 24km. To visit Phu Cuong Cathedral, from Saigon you can choose the following means of transport:

– Bus: Departing from Saigon, you can take the bus from Ben Thanh – Binh Duong or the bus to Binh Duong from the Eastern or Western bus stations. Bus routes number 7, 616, 618.

– Taxi: For groups of friends with about 5 people or more, you can hire a taxi for convenient transportation. Taxi prices range from 250,000 to 300,000 VND. Although the taxi price is a bit high, in return, the travel time is fast and if traveling in large numbers, it is also relatively cheap. 

– Personal vehicle: To actively travel, you can also travel by motorbike or self-driving car to Phu Cuong church. Travel time is about 40 – 50 minutes. You can refer to the route: Saigon -> QL1A -> turn QL13 -> go straight to Binh Duong Boulevard -> Cho Dinh intersection -> turn left and go straight to Binh Duong Cathedral. 

As for those of you departing from Hanoi and want to go to Binh Duong Cathedral , you can take a plane to Saigon. Then, refer to the way to move above to get to this famous church in Binh Duong.
 Phu Cuong Cathedral - moveHow to go to Binh Duong Cathedral

Unique Gothic architecture of Phu Cuong Cathedral

Prime location, unique architecture and large cathedral are the highlights when visiting Phu Cuong Cathedral in Binh Duong . First of all, the extremely favorable location of Phu Cuong church is located on a mound in the center of Thu Dau Mot city. The church stands out with its unique architecture and large campus with immense green trees. Visiting Binh Duong Cathedral, visitors will feel the peaceful atmosphere and large corridor space.
 Phu Cuong Cathedral - architectureUnique Gothic architecture of Phu Cuong church

Phu Cuong Cathedral stands out with the unique architecture of mosques in the West. The most prominent feature of this church is the space of the cathedral with its 41m-high dome and sparkling stained-glass windows. Visitors will feel the difference of Phu Cuong church compared to other churches.Phu Cuong Cathedral - unique architectureThe striking elegant white gray tone of Phu Cuong church

This is also one of the most beautiful churches in Binh Duong. The most impressive thing about Phu Cuong church is the elegant gray and white tones and the dome of the mosque. In the campus of the church is placed the statue of Our Lady in the center position.
 Phu Cuong Cathedral - Gothic architectureAdmire the meticulous pattern of Phu Cuong church

Continuing to admire the beauty of Binh Duong Cathedral , visitors will step into the cathedral with a large space. The main room of the cathedral can accommodate hundreds of seats. The area around the cathedral is decorated with pictures of Jesus. Above the cathedral are colorful windows. Besides the cathedral, Phu Cuong church also has other sightseeing rooms such as: Rest room, library, community study area, office…
 Phu Cuong Cathedral - cathedralLarge space inside the cathedral

Check-in is as beautiful as the West sky at Phu Cuong Cathedral 

What does Phu Cuong Cathedral have? Not only impressed with the unique architecture, when coming to this famous church, visitors can also freely check-in a beautiful virtual life. Especially, on sunny days, Phu Cuong church becomes more beautiful and sparkling than ever.
 Phu Cuong Cathedral - virtual lifeBeautiful virtual living corners at Phu Cuong church. Photo: asa_za

The most beautiful moment to live virtual at Binh Duong Cathedral is early in the morning at dawn or at sunset. Therefore, you should not ignore these beautiful moments to own beautiful shimmering pictures like being “lost” in the middle of Europe.
 Phu Cuong Cathedral - check-inEnough quality check-in corners at Phu Cuong church. Photo: @lahoa_

In addition, Phu Cuong church is also a destination to attract tourists on big holidays, Christmas. At this time, the whole church has a shimmering beauty and brilliant lights. Along with that, there are cultural activities organized to celebrate the birth of Christ. Phu Cuong Cathedral - take a photoBeautiful virtual living paradise at the church. Photo: @quynhnhu118

Mass at Phu Cuong Cathedral

If you want to attend Mass at Phu Cuong Cathedral , you can refer to the information below:

– A weekday includes 2 ceremonies: morning at 5 am and afternoon at 17:30.

– Sunday: There are 6 holidays in all.

– Daily Eucharistic Adoration: Held after afternoon Mass.

– Now the children are taking catechism classes: Sunday.

– Time to study catechetical classes, catechesis on marriage: All days of the year.

– Societies: Legion, Carmelite Third Order, Mother’s Association, Father’s Association, Follow the Lord, Catholic Red Cross, Franciscan Third Order are organized throughout the year.
 Phu Cuong Cathedral - nice photoBeautiful virtual living corner like the land of the West at Phu Cuong Cathedral. Photo: @ariesnguyen94

Notes when visiting Phu Cuong Cathedral

Here are some notes you should refer to when visiting the cathedral in Binh Duong :

– Because the church is a place of religious and sacred activities, so when visiting you should dress politely and neatly.

– Restrict access to private and sacred areas in the church. Do not move to an area with a forbidden sign.

– During the ceremony, do not talk loudly, causing disorder.

– Do not take pictures in flash mode, it will affect others.

– No smoking in the church area.

– If you have time, you can combine visiting famous tourist sites in Binh Duong near Phu Cuong church such as: Ba Thien Hau Pagoda, Hoi Khanh pagoda, Thoi Noi pagoda, Tibetan pagoda… 

So you have fully explored the cathedral of Phu Cuong Binh Duong already. With unique architecture, beautiful natural scenery and excellent virtual living corners, Phu Cuong Church promises to be a memorable stop that you should not miss in Binh Duong. See more: Binh Duong travel experience

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