Phu Quoc welcomes tens of thousands of tourists to participate in the countdown

KIEN GIANG – Countdown night in Hoang Hon town (Phu Quoc) brings together famous stars, investing in stage, lighting and brilliant fireworks displays in the moment of transition.

Countdown 2024 “Vietnam: Radiant Journey” is carried out by VTV with the companionship of Sun Group at two main destinations: Sunset Town (Phu Quoc) and Hanoi.

Among them, Sunset Town welcomes tens of thousands of people thanks to its artistic stage, eye-catching fireworks and a series of entertainment activities throughout the night. From early on, all roads leading to Hoang Sunset town were filled with people coming to watch this event directly.

At Sunshine Square, the event opened with a performance about Vietnam’s journeys performed by a group of famous artists.

Vietnam Idol champion Ha An Huy “burned” the stage with the hit song For You.

Huong Ly shows off her clear voice with a song that combines folk art with contemporary music – The Muse of Hue .

Mlee stands out with her bright red outfit and powerful choreography.

The bright faces of “Beautiful sister riding the wind and breaking the waves 2023” are Mlee, Huong Ly, Luu Huong Giang, Hoang Oanh combined in DTAP’s new composition – Sunny Dawn Place.

“Divo of Vietnamese music” Tung Duong appeared with a powerful voice.

In the moment of transition between 2023 and 2024, tens of thousands of people, tourists and stars admired the fireworks display in the night sky of Hoang Hon town, Phu Quoc.

An estimated 50,000 spectators flocked to Sunset Town to watch Countdown 2024, admire the fireworks and experience the “Vui Phet” night market. The night market is open until 5am, creating a “sleepless” New Year’s Eve in Sunset Town.

The series of New Year’s events also portrays Sunset Town – a new entertainment complex invested by Sun Group with a total value of 4,000 billion VND.

Before the countdown night, since Christmas, tourists have come to Sunset Town to check in with the giant 24 m high pine tree, eat and drink all night at Vui Phet Night Market (VUI-Fest Bazaar), watch the street musical “Loang” show”, visit the Kiss Of The Sea – an architectural masterpiece recently praised by CNN, enjoy the show Kiss Of The Sea…

Photo: Sun Group