‘Pick off the stamp’ of the 7D Thousand Thong glass bridge in Da Lat – the new virtual coordinates are super cool


Impressing from the design to the modern 7D effect, the Thousand Thong glass bridge located in the romantic Valley of Love is a super HOT check-in point for traveling followers in Da Lat and promises to become a new tourism icon in the land of thousands of flowers. 

    If the reason for you to choose Da Lat as a destination for your trips is the beautiful scenery, the food to the unique atmosphere, now there is one more reason why it is hard for you to resist the attraction of this tourist destination. This land is the appearance of the glass bridge of Ngan Thong . The modern glass bridge with state-of-the-art technologies is becoming an ideal rendezvous for you to admire the unique architecture, sightsee, check-in virtual life as well as challenge your bravery. This is also a destination that people everywhere whisper to each other to check-in when arriving in Da Lat.

    Thousand Pine Glass BridgeThe Thousand Thong Glass Bridge is becoming the check-in coordinates that make the devotees fall in love in Da Lat. Photo: Van Tuyet Vy

    Address of Ngan Thong glass bridge in Da Lat, directions 

    Ngan Thong Glass Bridge is located in the Valley of Love at address 03 – 05 – 07, Mai Anh Dao Street, Ward 8, Da Lat City, where it is only about 5km from the city center to the North, from Da market Lat is about 6.5km, very close to the center, so it is convenient for visitors to check-in. Depending on the starting point, visitors can choose different routes to reach the Ngan Thong glass bridge, if you go from Xuan Huong Lake, you move in the direction of Dinh Tien Hoang Street to the intersection of 5 University, then enter the road. Phu Dong Thien Vuong and then go to Mai Anh Dao Street to enter the Valley of Love tourist area. If you move from the flower garden of the city, move to Nguyen Tu Luc street, then go to Mai Anh Dao street to go to TTC Valley of Love tourist area and check-in Ngan Thong glass bridge.

    The address of the Glass Bridge of Ngan ThongThe Glass Bridge is located about 6km from the city center. Photo: FB/Valley of Love

    About the Ngan Thong glass bridge 

    Ngan Thong Glass Bridge was officially inaugurated on August 19, 2023 after 4 years of construction. This bridge connects the Valley of Love and Reunification Hill, two famous tourist sites with beautiful nature in Da Lat.

    INTRODUCTION The Thousand Thong Glass BridgeThe bridge connects the Valley of Love and Dream Hill. Photo: FB/Valley of Love

    The bridge is designed in the form of a hanging hammock with an overall length of 325m and a width of 3m, the deepest point of the bridge is 90m high above the ground with an impressive scale. A special feature of this bridge is that the surface of the bridge is designed from 5-layer tempered glass with a thickness of up to 4cm and the application of modern 7D Hologram technology to bring extremely unique effects to visitors. visit but still ensure strict standards of load safety, design as well as aesthetic factors.

    Thousand Thong Glass Bridge designDesign of a suspension bridge. Photo: FB/Valley of Love

    Thousand Thong Glass Bridge heightThe altitude at the deepest point is 90 meters. Photo: FB/Valley of Love

    According to the operator of Ngan Thong glass bridge , this bridge has an extremely solid and safe structure, the service capacity can be up to 200 guests at the same time and traveling in one direction from Thong Nhat Hill area to Thung Nang. Valley of Love. 

    After Bach Long glass bridge in Son La, Rong May glass bridge in Lai Chau, Love glass bridge in Son La, Ngan Thong glass bridge is the 4th glass bridge in Vietnam and the first 7D glass bridge in the area. Central and Central Highlands should have great significance for tourism. In particular, according to the bridge operator, very few places in Vietnam have all the necessary conditions for topography and landscape to be able to install a glass bridge like Da Lat, so with the appearance of Thousand Thong Glass Bridge promises to bring here a new breeze as well as turn the Valley of Love into a leading tourist, entertainment and culinary complex in the region.

    The meaning of Thousand Thong Glass BridgeThis is the 4th glass bridge in Vietnam. Photo: FB/ Da Lat

    Ticket prices, opening hours and regulations for visiting the Glass Bridge 

    Although it is a new check-in place, it has quickly become an attractive rendezvous for tourists who love sightseeing as well as experiencing adventure activities. Currently, the ticket price to visit Ngan Thong glass bridge is 400,000 VND / person, in addition to buying a single ticket, visitors can also choose a combo including entrance ticket to visit Love Valley and Glass Bridge KDL is 600,000 VND / person or combo Valley of Love KDL, Glass Bridge and a buffet cost 700,000 VND/person.

    Thousand Thong Glass Bridge ticketTickets to visit Kinh Bridge are 400,000 VND / person in the form of individual tickets. Photo: FB/Amazing Da Lat

    To experience Ngan Thong glass bridge, before going to the bridge, visitors will need to undergo a preliminary health check. Children with a height of less than 1.2m and adults with a history of blood pressure or heart disease are not eligible to visit this bridge. The glass bridge is open to visit from 7am to 5pm every day, the best check-in time frame for visitors is from 7am to 9am or from 3pm to 5pm.

    conditions to experience Thousand Pine Glass Bridge

    Visitors need to comply with some regulations on the conditions of glass bridge experience. Photo: FB/Amazing Da Lat

    Explore Ngan Thong glass bridge with a series of fascinating experiences 

    Challenge yourself with a 7D effect glass bridge experience

    This will surely be a very special experience for those who love adventure and adventure travel experiences. The feeling of walking on a transparent glass bridge can see the scenery below and every step will be a lively sound effect with surprisingly realistic “crack” sounds that will make you feel scared. If you feel that other adventurous experiences are not “enough”, you should boldly experience the feeling of walking on this adventurous 90-meter high glass bridge, feeling the sway of the bridge. in the wind and especially looking down at the deep valley below will create an exciting sense of adventure.

    Experience the Thousand Thong Glass BridgeThe experience of walking on the glass bridge is very exciting and exhilarating. Photo: Van Tuyet Vy

    Experience the Thousand Thong Glass BridgeWith transparent glass, you can see the scenery below from a height of 90m. Photo: Amazing Da Lat

    See the view of Da Lat from above 

    Thousand Thong Glass Bridge is located in one of the most beautiful tourist resorts of Da Lat, so the experience of sightseeing from this bridge must be very attractive. From a height of 90m, you can zoom your eyes to see the full poetic scenery of Da Lat, through the tempered glass the scenery seems to become more shimmering and fanciful, you will enjoy the cool atmosphere. and fresh from above, feel the romantic atmosphere mixed with thrill, excitement or zoom your eyes to see thousands of pine trees, the surface of Da Thien lake with the misty mist or the distant mountain peaks with clouds. glide.

    Virtual life at Thousand Thong Glass BridgeFeel free to check-in and relax on the beautiful bridge. Photo: Van Tuyet Vy

    Virtual life at Thousand Thong Glass BridgeThe scenery from above is breathtaking. Photo: FB Da Lat

    Combine attractive destinations near Ngan Thong glass bridge 

    In addition to the Ngan Thong glass bridge, visitors can combine their schedule to visit and explore a series of attractive destinations nearby to enjoy the trip to the fullest. The first place to explore is definitely the Valley of Love with a romantic and poetic space, explore Vong Canh hill, wax statue area, love labyrinth, models of world wonders, flower garden, Da Thien lake and experience stimulating sports tourism activities such as rope swing, paintball shooting or zipline swing.

    Valley of Love near Thousand Pine Glass Bridge

    Do not forget to explore the Valley of Love with its enchanting scenery. Photo: @ttcworldthunglungtinhyeu

    In addition, you can combine nearby places such as Mong Mo Hill right next to it, Minh Hoa Seminary just 500 meters away, Van Hanh Monastery 3km away or Yersin University Da Lat far from Valley of Love KDL. 2km.

    Minh Hoa Seminary is only 500 meters away near Thousand Thong Kinh BridgeMinh Hoa Seminary is just 500 meters from the Valley of Love. Photo:@litivivu

    If you have been deeply in love with the scenery of the great thousand and like to experience the thrill, the Thousand Thong glass bridge is the destination “thousands of people love” should not miss. In addition to the adventurous glass bridge, there is also a beautiful romantic Da Lat in the Valley of Love waiting for you to discover, so please set up a check-in immediately. 

    ($1=24,000 VND)
    Photo: Internet (Vinlove.net)