Pink phoenix blooms on the mountain town of Da Lat

IN THE SUMMER OF LAM DONG, the pink phoenix trees bloom, bringing a romantic picture to the city of thousands of flowers.

In May- June, visitors to Da Lat can witness the pink color of the peach blossom trees (belonging to the legume family), adorning the summer beauty of the mountain town. Perhaps the shape of the peach blossom tree resembles the phoenix tree, which blooms again in the summer, so the locals call it by the familiar name of the pink phoenix. In the photo is a pink phoenix tree at a cafe on Nguyen Chi Thanh Street, central Hoa Binh, Da Lat.

The corner of “coffee street” of Da Lat people has its own beauty thanks to the blooming pink phoenix canopy. This shop has two facades, with the main side located on Nguyen Chi Thanh Street, and the side facing the slope of Le Dai Hanh Street (pictured) with a pedestrian walkway for visitors.

The city center is far away, with a prominent post office tower, next to the Chicken Church… Photographer Tran Quang Anh, living and working in Da Lat city, said he is passionate about photographing landscapes and flowers. Seasonal features, such as cherry apricot, ban flower, purple phoenix and now the pink phoenix flower season.

Phuong Hong has a small woody trunk, originating from natural forests in Southeast Asia. In Vietnam, the tree is common in the Central Highlands provinces and some provinces in the Southeast such as Tay Ninh and Dong Nai. In Lam Dong, local people said that it was planted about 15-20 years ago.

This year, the tree is large enough, 10-20 m high, has a wide canopy and blooms evenly, so it attracts attention.

Pink phoenix tree shimmering on a beautiful sunny day. In Lam Dong, the pink phoenix is ​​grown a lot in Bao Loc and Da Lat cities.

Poetic pink phoenix on a street corner. In the inner city of Da Lat , this plant is grown to beautify urban landscapes and residential areas. Some places with a lot of concentration can be mentioned as Hoa Binh area, Van Thanh flower village (ward 5), Nguyen Du park or Tran Thai Tong street (ward 9).

When blooming, the phoenix has large, multi-flowered inflorescences, 15 cm long or more, between the petals there are yellow stamens embracing the flower gourd.

Ms. Truc Cong (from Da Lat) said that although her work was quite busy, she took advantage of checking-in at the weekend and recorded the scene of blooming flowers.

Quang Anh shared that one of the reasons the pink phoenix tree is causing a fever on social networks is that it is located at the end of Tran Thai Tong Street (ward 9), the tree is planted near the fence, with a beautiful scene like in a fairy tale.

The owner said that waking up early in the morning, and watching the flowers bloom in front of the porch brings a very refreshing feeling.

Although the number of Da Lat pink phoenix trees is not much, the beauty of this flower seems to become a special part of the mountain town.

Photo: Tran Quang Anh