Planning to have fun in Ho Chi Minh City on the occasion April 30

With a 4-day long holiday, Ho Chi Minh City has no shortage of interesting places for visitors to experience.

According to data on the tourism trend tracking tool Destination Insights, Ho Chi Minh City is the top destination of interest for Vietnamese tourists in the first months of this year.

Ho Chi Minh City is also chosen by many tourists as a destination during the upcoming 4-day vacation. Here are suggestions for places to stay, eat and play in the city for your reference.

Rent resort, apartment

During a 4-day tour in Ho Chi Minh City, visitors have many options for accommodation depending on their needs and financial conditions. You can enjoy a secluded stay at a riverside resort about 13-14 km from the center. Right in the city, there are many comfortable apartments and high-class hotels for visitors to choose from

An Lam Retreats Saigon River

Ho Chi Minh City travel 30/4 brother 3
Photo: Quynh Danh.

This resort location is far from the city center, isolated from the location along the Saigon River. The entire resort is surrounded by lush tropical forests. From the city center, tourists travel 25 minutes by boat on the Saigon River to reach the resort.

In return for the convenience and isolated location, this location is not convenient for moving into the center of Ho Chi Minh City.

The price for each suite and villa here ranges from 4 million VND/night.


This is a serviced apartment located in District 3, right in the center of the city. From here, visitors can walk to famous places such as Independence Palace, Notre Dame Cathedral, Diamond Plaza…

The apartment has a minimalist style, the main wood design, the rooms are arranged with many trees, windows to catch the sun.

The apartment is suitable for travelers who are looking for a comfortable place to stay, average price, and convenient to travel in the center.

The price here ranges from 700,000 VND/night.

Ho Chi Minh City travel 30/4 brother 4Ho Chi Minh City travel 30/4 Mr. 5
Photo: Phuong Linh.

The Reverie Saigon

The hotel is located on the top floors of the Times Square building, offering panoramic views of the city center. The design here is typical of Italy, impressing visitors with its splendor and luxury from the marble tops covering the ceilings, walls and floors to the delicate and sparkling decorations. However, if you love the minimalist style, you may feel overwhelmed and confused.

The 6th floor of the hotel has 2 Jacuzzis and a 25-meter swimming pool with Italian mosaic tiles. The swimming pool has a beautiful view, is not obscured, is a private area for guests to relax.

The hotel is suitable for travelers looking for a high-class stay in the city center

Prices range from 6 million VND/night.

Lots of dining options

Coming to Ho Chi Minh City, visitors will not take much time to choose a place to eat. When you don’t know what to eat because there are too many options, you should classify your needs according to criteria such as style (Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese…), price range… Here are some points. Food and drink you can refer to:

Som Tum Thai

This restaurant specializes in Thai dishes. Location on Le Thanh Ton Street, right in the heart of District 1. The space here is suitable for all guests because the tables are arranged privately. All tables have partitions, ensuring guests traveling with 2 people are not disturbed by large groups.

The menu includes typical Thai dishes. However, each serving here is quite small. The service time is quite long, in return the staff takes care of the guests.

The price ranges from 350,000 VND/person.

Naked Sushi

Ho Chi Minh City travel 30/4 brother 6Ho Chi Minh City tourism April 30, Mr. 7
Photo: nai.nguyenn.

The space of the restaurant is easily impressed by the minimalist but modern design from the outside. Not located on the main road, the shop has a quiet location in an alley on Nam Ky Khoi Nghia street.

The restaurant’s sushi often has a variation in ingredients, combining tropical fruits such as avocado, mango, passion fruit, dragon fruit and even durian.

Prices range from 400,000 VND/person.

Secret Garden

Ho Chi Minh City travel 30/4 brother 8
Photo: Chi Hung.

If you want to find a Vietnamese restaurant, and feel the old architecture in an old French-style apartment building in Ho Chi Minh City, you can go to this restaurant.

The restaurant has a rooftop location, visitors have to take stairs, and the aisle is quite small. The space here has pure Vietnamese rustic features. Vietnamese dishes here are priced somewhat higher than in other traditional restaurants, in return, visitors can experience the beautiful space, and the dishes are decorated and processed sophisticatedly.

Prices range from 300,000 VND/person.

Chill night at the bar

Coming to Ho Chi Minh City, visitors cannot ignore the nightlife experience in the city that never sleeps. After having dinner, you can “chill” gently with your friends at the hidden bars in the center.

Lost – Drink & Chill

Ho Chi Minh City travel 30/4 brother 9
Ảnh: lost.drinkandchill

The small unobtrusive signboard, the brick wall interspersed with warm colors, and the old decor make this bar exude a classic, quiet look.

This shop often plays Vietnamese jazz music, old love songs, sad love songs played in a space full of nostalgia.

Prices range from 300,000 VND/person.

The Rec – Rooftop Bar & Beer

This shop has a cyberpunk style with the main blue and purple fanciful neon lights. This Rec is for travelers who are looking for a modern space with a clear view of the city at night.

If you come here for the first time and don’t know what to order, you can try Blue Moon or Fluffy Comet.

The price ranges from 350,000 VND/person.


This bar is located on the 5th floor of a building located in the center of District 1. It specializes in serving Japanese-style cocktails.

Ryu does not have a drink menu, the bartender will mix alcohol according to the customer’s request. You can try roku gin combined with macha, yuzu, genmaicha – a green tea combined with roasted brown rice and almonds. Cocktail glasses with elegant and vibrant shades.

The price ranges from 350,000 VND/person.

Outdoor fun activities

Ignoring the familiar tourist spots when coming to Ho Chi Minh City, visitors can experience outdoor activities or participate in some workshops, go to entertainment complexes in the center to shop and eat.

Movement games

If you love exercise, you can find places that offer indoor or outdoor games.

Outdoor activities can be mentioned such as SUP rowing, archery, paintball, and baseball.

Indoor activities include archery, shooting, trampoline dancing, bowling

Join the workshop

Ho Chi Minh City travel 30/4 brother 10
Photo: Thao Ly.

During the 4-day holiday, visitors can spend a 2-3 hour session participating in relaxing workshops such as pottery making, mosaic painting, watercolor painting, scented candle making, and cake making.

To participate in these workshops, visitors need to book at least 3-4 days in advance.

The complex of entertainment and shopping

Ho Chi Minh City travel 30/4 brother 11
Photo: ayara_i.

If you are afraid to move a lot, the entertainment combinations will be suitable for you. In the Thao Dien area (Thu Duc City), visitors can easily find shopping and dining complexes. Here, you can find cafes, restaurants, shop for decorations or clothes, participate in activities such as climbing, enjoy outdoor music…

 (According to zingnews)

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