Planting a familiar plant that only sells seeds, 9X Lam Dong has a day to collect 30 million dong

With his agricultural model, 9X Lam Dong has helped himself to have a stable and quite high income. In addition, he also deducts a part to raise funds for charity, helping children in need.

As an enthusiast of chili varieties, Mr. Le Tien Dung (Da Teh, Lam Dong) always learns and imports strange chili peppers in the world for planting and breeding. In 2018, he started importing Aji Charapita peppers to grow to spice up each family meal and give to friends and acquaintances.

When he posted it online, he received a lot of questions and asked to buy this fruit. From buying fruit, many people want to buy seeds to grow at home for convenience.

When selling online and on e-commerce platforms, he realized the great potential of chili peppers. From being passionate, collecting and eating spicy, many people want to grow but the common concern is that they cannot find the standard chili variety. Because when he first entered the profession, he was also deceived a lot, bought hundreds of chili varieties, but when he returned, he only produced bell peppers and chili peppers.

Planting a familiar plant that only sells seeds, 9X Lam Dong has a day to collect 30 million VND - 1

Anh Dung started his career with the model of growing strange and poisonous chili peppers.

Currently, in his garden, there are nearly 100 varieties of chili peppers of all kinds and the number of over 1000 plants.

“Unusual and poisonous chili varieties, I often collect and then propagate and resell to customers nationwide and abroad. I mainly sell seeds and a few chillies harvested in the garden or associated gardens. Customers must order a month in advance to have it delivered. In addition to seeds and seedlings, he also provides adult plants, chili sauce, and satay he makes himself,” he said.

In which, some strange chili varieties he grows such as: Candelight Var, Candelight Mutant, White BBG, Jes Morangum Orange, Naga colt Twister Black…. And the most fragrant and spicy lines in the world like. Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, 7 Pot Caramel, Adrenaline…..

Planting a familiar plant that only sells seeds, 9X Lam Dong has a day to collect 30 million VND - 2

His chili garden currently has nearly 100 different types of chili.

Planting familiar plants that only sell seeds, 9X Lam Dong has a day to collect 30 million VND - 3

Unique and strange chili varieties are always popular with customers.

He said these chili varieties are easy to care for and easy to grow. Depending on the type, they will produce fruit at different times. “Chili plants in general are very easy to care for, I grow any kind and live well. The most important thing when taking care of plants is to take the initiative in water. The garden must be drained easily, if it is not raining for a few days in a row, they are susceptible to disease and death.

Next is plant nutrition. The soil must be mixed with organic fertilizers, porous media and composted before planting. Most people skip this step and buy ready-made soil in the granary, the flowers are not nutritious enough for the plants to grow,” he said.

Therefore, he often buys new varieties and takes care of them for 6 months to adapt to the environment and climate in our country. He propagates new successful plant varieties to sell to customers.

Planting a familiar plant that only sells seeds, 9X Lam Dong has a day to collect 30 million VND - 4

He sends seedlings to customers in the southern region mainly.

Each chili seedling will cost from 50,000 to 100,000 VND / plant, the tree is about 2-2.5 months old. This sale price will depend on the quantity of the customer’s purchase.($1=25,000 VND)

Currently, he has 2 gardens, the main garden of 500m2 for seed production and a garden of 130m2 for fruit collection. A part of the orchard will be used to raise money for charity for disadvantaged children around the area.

His source of income is mainly in the chili garden selling seeds. Some days, he said he sold hundreds of orders with an income of up to 20-30 million dong. Divided on average, he earns no less than 40 million VND per month.

Planting a familiar plant that only sells seeds, 9X Lam Dong has a day to collect 30 million VND - 5

Currently, he has an income of not less than 40 million VND/month.

“Because the area where I work is not convenient, there is little traffic, so I mainly sell to the South, and customers from outside the North want to buy it, I can’t send it. Not to mention, seedlings have never been enough to sell to customers, so next year I will expand and link more gardens to be able to partially meet the needs of customers,” he said.

To get the results like today, Mr. Dung said he had to try a lot. Because he did it alone, it was very hard, he had to work day and night. According to him, all the work from nursery, customer consulting, packaging… he does it all by himself, so he doesn’t have much time to rest.

“Moreover, growing and fertilizing chili peppers requires daily, so he constantly has to mix animal manure. This job will not be for the lazy and afraid to get dirty. Not to mention, customers who buy a lot, when they don’t understand the chili variety, will ask me for advice from day to day, sometimes for a whole year,” he shared.

In addition, he believes that there are many difficulties and challenges that people like him always have to be patient and meticulous about each step. So he is always busy from morning till late at night.

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