Pocketing a series of destinations in Vi Xuyen, although few people know it, it is so beautiful

Try once to explore the destinations in Vi Xuyen Ha Giang to see that the rocky plateau still has many beautiful scenes and many new coordinates. 

Where is Vi Xuyen district in Ha Giang?

Vi Xuyen is a border mountainous district of Ha Giang province, located about 20 km from Ha Giang city center. This county capital, bordering China’s Yunnan province, is a destination with impressive beauty and many interesting and interesting things for visitors. 

Vi Xuyen is a mountainous border district of Ha Giang province. Photo: @casualnyy

Surely many people will ask what Vi Xuyen Ha Giang has to compete with Dong Van, Yen Minh, Quan Ba ​​or Meo Vac? That said, this mountainous district has a picture of unspoiled nature with rolling mountains, low hills, diverse valleys, rivers, streams, ponds and lakes. In particular, in Vi Xuyen, there is Tay Con Linh mountain, 2,419 meters high. 

This is a destination that many international tourists love. Photo: @jessicaritz9

Like many other places in Ha Giang, the weather in Vi Xuyen is quite cool, the temperature ranges from 18-25 degrees Celsius. Therefore, if traveling in spring or summer, visitors will feel the ease of travel. Resistant to weather, easy to explore the destination of the district. 

Beautiful destinations in Vi Xuyen that you should visit 

1. Noong Lake

Ho Nong is one of the most beautiful and famous destinations in Vi Xuyen . This beautiful lake is located in Tay Con Linh mountain range, Phu Linh commune, Vi Xuyen district. This is a natural lake stretching from 2 villages Noong 1 to Noong 2. This lake is special in that its area changes with the seasons, in the rainy season it is 80 hectares wide, but in summer, Noong Lake is only 20 hectares.

Noong Lake is located in Noong 1 and Noong 2 villages. Photo: @leethanhhaf

Visiting Noong Lake, visitors will feel the pristine and clear beauty of this place. The four sides of the lake are full of mountains and forests, and the surface of the lake is flat, covered with a very lyrical mist. Rainy day or sunny day, sunrise or sunset, Noong Lake is still very poetic. 

A beautiful and peaceful scene at Noong Lake. Photo: @imlyy_

You know, tourists who have come here compare the beautiful scenery of Noong Lake to a fairyland because of the green color of the forests surrounding the lake, because of the overlapping rocky mountains looming in the distance. Noong lake water is formed from underground water sources, so it is very clean, in the middle of the lake, many trees grow, creating an extremely impressive scene. 

A peaceful little corner by the beautiful Noong Lake. Photo: @lifetimetravelmates

Coming to Noong Lake , in addition to sightseeing or taking photos, visitors can also sit on wooden boats or wooden rafts to float along the water in the middle of the lake, fully enjoying the beauty of Vi Xuyen land. In addition, you can also walk around the villages to learn more about the life of the local residents.

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2. Tay Con Linh mountain 

Tay Con Linh mountain is also a destination in Vi Xuyen that is loved by many tourists. This mountain range is located along with both Hoang Su Phi and Vi Xuyen districts, known as the roof of Ha Giang. Although the terrain is quite rugged and difficult to conquer, this is a favorite destination for many backpackers. 

Tay Con Linh mountain is located in two districts of Vi Xuyen and Hoang Su Phi. Photo: @chuyennguoiluhanh_

This mountain range belongs to Tay Con Linh Nature Reserve, possessing a diverse ecosystem with many beautiful plant species stretching from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain. The climbing journey takes visitors through PO mu forests, peach trees, pear trees that bloom beautifully in spring and even very unique trees. 

Beautiful scenery on the way to conquer Tay Con Linh. Photo: @jadenng0

Tay Con Linh mountain is over 2400 meters high, is an impressive cloud hunting coordinate in the northern mountainous region. After a long journey through the forest, crossing the waterfall, and passing through the strange forests, you will “touch the blue sky” when you set foot on the top of the mountain. The beautiful sea of ​​white clouds and the high and low mountains as far as the eye can see paint a spectacular scene on the top of the mountain. 

3. Phuong Thien Commune 

One of the destinations in Vi Xuyen that tourists should visit is Phuong Thien commune. This is a commune with beautiful natural scenery with winding passes, undulating mountains, green rice fields and a romantic river. If you want to know what is attractive about Vi Xuyen Ha Giang , you must visit Phuong Thien once. 


Beautiful picture in Phuong Thien commune, Vi Xuyen. Photo: @taraandjamieleavethefarm

Like many other mountainous communes, Phuong Thien welcomes visitors with the green color of unspoiled forests, terraced fields hugging the hillside, with peaceful cottages nestled in gardens. In Phuong Thien, nature is so vast, spacious and wild, idyllic. 

Beautiful villages in Phuong Thien, Vi Xuyen. Photo: @nguyenthisquynh

The great thing about visiting this mountainous commune is perhaps discovering the villages in the middle of immense rice fields. Here, the houses of the indigenous people still retain the rustic features with gray thatched roofs, a small garden in the yard, with cattle and poultry raised in the traditional style.

Such a beautiful scene, if you don’t check in, you will be charged. Photo: @maihuycuong88kl

In addition, Phuong Thien commune, Vi Xuyen district also has fields of brilliant buckwheat flowers every winter. In recent years, this mountainous commune has been known by many tourists and come to visit, tourism has gradually developed. Therefore, in the commune, there are also homestays for tourists to stay and stay overnight.

4. Thanh Thuy International Border Gate

Another destination in Vi Xuyen Ha Giang that you cannot ignore is Thanh Thuy international border gate, a trade gateway between Vietnam and China. Here, you can check in border landmarks or enter your country to buy domestic goods. 

About Vi Xuyen, you remember to check in Thanh Thuy border gate. Photo: @vn.cris

Coming to this border gate, you will admire the milestone marking the proud territory of the country, and feel the bustling atmosphere of the trade area between the two countries. You can comfortably check-in at the border gate or landmark location. If you want to buy goods, remember to prepare enough money. 

Vi Xuyen – an interesting land in Ha Giang. Photo: @firefly208

There are many beautiful destinations in Vi Xuyen Ha Giang for tourists to visit and explore. Each place in the district has its own beauty, a different mark from many other places in Ha Giang, promising to bring you memorable experiences. 

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