Procession of unicorns, giving lanterns to Korean tourists

DA NANG – Korean tourists, and children in difficult circumstances, can see the lion dance, and receive Mid-Autumn gifts are Hoi An lanterns.

The sound of gongs, drums and the appearance of lions on the evening of September 8 (on the 13th day of the 8th lunar month), at Da Nang International Passenger Terminal attracted tourists preparing to leave Da Nang to fly to Korea.

Many children ran to see the lion dance. There are two more days until the Mid-Autumn Festival, but the atmosphere at the station is already bustling. This is the first time Da Nang International Airport organizes the Mid-Autumn Festival lion dance at the departure terminal, the international passenger terminal.

At exactly 21:20, Ms. Yeom Ji Yeon, Consul General of the Korean Consulate General in Da Nang, beat the drum to open the Mid-Autumn Festival, followed by the gongs and drums of the unicorn teams.

The program was organized by the Department of Tourism in collaboration with the Korean Consulate in Da Nang and Da Nang International Terminal Investment and Operation Joint Stock Company (AHT), on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Vietnam. – Korea.

Korean tourists, who traveled on flights to Korea for tourism, received gifts on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Male tourist Park Min (31 years old) shared that he had just finished a three-day tour in Da Nang. Last time, Park Min came to Vietnam to travel to Nha Trang. “I am very happy to have had a pleasant experience in Da Nang. The gift is very beautiful,” he said.

South Korea is one of the key markets of Danang tourism and is showing the most positive signs of recovery and growth, with the number of flights about 80 flights per week.

Many Vietnamese guests are also happy to receive gifts and special care when preparing to leave Da Nang to travel to Korea.

The Mid-Autumn Festival gift for each visitor is a typical lantern battle of Hoi An ancient town (Quang Nam), and a letter congratulating the Mid-Autumn Festival written in three languages ​​Vietnamese – English – Korean.

Mid-Autumn Festival (Chuseok New Year) for Koreans is considered the biggest traditional New Year and official holiday of the year in the country of kimchi. Stemming from this meaning, the operator of Da Nang International Terminal has organized a lion dance and given gifts to tourists in the hope that Koreans who come to Da Nang to travel will have a memorable memory.

Surprised to receive Mid-Autumn gifts on this occasion, many tourists were shackled to take souvenir photos at the departure terminal of the International Passenger Terminal. At 22:30, the gift-giving program ended, in which many Korean guests arriving in Da Nang also received the same gift.

Tourist Lee Hye Ra (26 years old, second from left), said she was very surprised when she received gifts on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival. She is very fond of Hoi An lanterns. The gift is compact, easy to carry on the flight back to the homeland. “I will tell my friends about Da Nang city, with its beautiful beaches, attractive tourist attractions and friendly people,” she said.

Many Korean tourists also enjoy recording the procession of lions passing through the check-in area. This is the first time to organize a lion procession at Da Nang International Airport during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Da Nang is focusing on restoring key tourism markets that have open-door policies such as Korea and Japan. The city is also promoting the tourism market of India and ASEAN countries to expect to soon increase revenue from tourism.

Many unicorn teams came close to the delegations waiting to board the plane to perform in the bustling gongs and drums, making many children excited.

Mr. Tan Van Vuong, Deputy Director of Danang Department of Tourism, said that the organization of this program is an effort of the locality as well as businesses in the effort to restore the local economy in the past time, especially with the market. Korean guests.

Within the framework of the event, the Korean Consulate and leaders of the Danang Department of Tourism also gave gifts to disadvantaged children from the Danang Street Child Protection Center. The children were dressed in traditional Vietnamese ao dai and Korean traditional Handbook. The children also held traditional Vietnamese star lanterns and Korean traditional lanterns to follow the lion dance troupes.