Public toilet cum cafe in Hue

The system of public toilets along the banks of the Perfume River and in the Hue Citadel is being refurbished to serve residents and visitors.

The public toilet of more than 100 m2 in 3/2 park next to Truong Tien bridge is being renovated by Hue Green Park Center. According to the plan, this place, after being remodeled, will become a place to display books and a coffee space to serve residents and visitors. In addition to upgrading old public toilets along the banks of the Perfume River, the Green Park Center is building two wooden toilets at Ong Ich Khiem Street near Quang Duc Gate and Ban Gate.

The public toilet in 3/2 Park is under renovation. Photo: Vo Thanh

Mr. Le Nhu Chinh, Director of Hue Green Park Center, said that the cost of upgrading and repairing toilets is about 3 billion VND.

“In the immediate future, the unit will repair and upgrade the public toilet next to Truong Tien bridge and the toilet in Ben Me area near the door of Do house. For better management, the public toilet will also act as the main toilet. some services such as book display, coffee,” Chinh said, adding that the upgrade of the toilet is to better serve the needs of residents and visitors.

The wooden toilet is being built near the compartment door. Photo: Vo Thanh

Over the years, the system of public toilets along the banks of the Perfume River has deteriorated, becoming an obsession of residents and tourists. Many people have the mentality of not daring to go to the toilet. To serve the needs of people and visitors, Hue city has mobilized hotels and restaurants to hang free toilet signs.