Quang Ngai is peaceful from the perspective of a photographer far away from his hometown


When he had the opportunity to return to his hometown earlier this year, Nguyen Ngoc Ga took advantage of the time to capture the peaceful beauty of Quang Ngai.

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Nguyen Ngoc Ga, a photographer living in Da Lat (Lam Dong) often spends once a year to visit his hometown of Quang Ngai. Leaving the busy streets of tourists in Da Lat, he felt a peaceful breath in his days back home.
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“I come from Quang Ngai but only come back once a year so I don’t know the point, I have to look it up online. In the morning, I often go for a walk and record the daily life of the people. Right now, the light is on.” very beautiful, “shared Ngoc Ga. In the photo, a resident is catching mussels in Sa Huynh.
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During this time back to her hometown, Ngoc Ga spent her time traveling to many places such as My A Sea, Sa Huynh Sea, Sa Huynh salt field, Ly Son island, Ba To mountain area … “Quang Ngai is a wild land The weather is harsh, hot and often subject to natural disasters and floods, “he said.
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My A sea mouth (Duc Pho) has a vague color in the moment of harmony between light and darkness. This is not a tourist destination that is often interested by tourists. This place mainly concentrates fishing boats of fishermen.
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Walking around this area you will also find breakwaters covered with green moss.
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People mentioned a lot about the breakwater and moss season in Phu Yen. However, few people know that in Quang Ngai, there are also wave-breakers in such a beautiful picture. “The scenery here is beautiful but the tourism has not made a breakthrough. I think Quang Ngai needs to invest heavily in island tourism, connecting tours, routes, expanding the convenient shuttle system to Ly Son”, he commented.
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During the day wandering at the estuary of My A beach, Ngoc Ga waited until night to record the moment of the galaxy above the shipyard. A place with little light and fresh air like Quang Ngai is a great destination for photographers looking for “milky way” hunting.
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A corner of the starry sky above the waves covered with green moss.
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The gentle and peaceful life of the local people makes Ngoc Ga want to go more and record the moments of everyday life.
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These green fishing nets are indispensable tools for livelihoods for marine fishermen. However, it also often appears in the photos of many photographers. They often refer to these nets as “the ribbon of the sea”.
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“There are lonely trees in my hometown, but no one mentioned them,” said the photographer.
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This photo was taken by Ngoc Ga on Be Island (Ly Son). Compared to many other regions in Quang Ngai, Ly Son is more popular with tourists.
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However, according to Ngoc Ga, Quang Ngai deserves to be known more, instead of just Ly Son as it is now.
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“My hometown has a favorable geographical position such as Da Nang – Quang Ngai expressway, Chu Lai airport, Dung Quat deep seaport. More than 100 km of beautiful coastline with Ly Son, Yen ganh, Sa Huynh. .. Quang Ngai’s topography is also diverse and many relics, cultural and historical sites “, Ngoc Ga said. Follow zingnews