Quickly save hot places in the enchanting Ta Nung street for instant check-in

Ta Nung Road in Da Lat is one of the very HOT check-in coordinates that many travel enthusiasts love, on this road, there are also many beautiful virtual living spots that you should not miss.

There are many reasons why Da Lat becomes a destination that will never be boring for travel enthusiasts, besides the mild and cool climate all year round, it also has countless beautiful check-in places, the most beautiful places to visit. A road that only needs to be visited once is enough to make people fall in love. Ta Nung is one of the roads that converge many HOT check-in points and is also a familiar place of discovery for travel enthusiasts. The hot places in Ta Nung street are not only beautiful but also have many interesting places for you to visit and explore. 

Hot place in Ta Nung street

Ta Nung Street has many hot-hit check-in points that fascinate travelers. Photo: @v.leee_

Revealing the hot places in the super beautiful Ta Nung street that should not be missed 

1. Thuy Thuan tourist area 

Thuy Thuan tourist area is no stranger to virtual life enthusiasts when coming to Da Lat, this is also one of the most popular hot spots on Ta Nung street .

Hot place in Ta Nung street

Thuy Thuan KDL with beautiful scenery is the dream place of many travelers. Photo: FB of Thuy Thuan Resort

This resort has an area of ​​3.5ha and is planned into many categories, including the largest coffee shop in Southeast Asia, a cafe with a lot of beautiful virtual living spaces, unique architecture, a view overlooking the valley. valley.

Hot place in Ta Nung street

Visitors can live a virtual life when visiting this place. Photo: TUART

Coming to Thuy Thuan tourist area, you will feel the harmony of wonderful nature with large flower gardens, waterfalls, swings towards the valley. The poetic and lyrical here will surely make you attached hard to leave.  

Hot place in Ta Nung street

The poetic space of this place is what attracts visitors. Photo: FB/KDL Thuy Thuan

Address: Group 13, Hamlet 1, Ta Nung Commune, Da Lat City, Lam Dong.

2. Hoa Son Dien Trang

Referring to Hoa Son Dien Trang , traveling followers are no longer strange, this is a very HOT check-in place located on Ta Nung street of Da Lat. This resort is very easy to make you lose your heart by the amazing virtual living corners that are unmatched.

Hot place in Ta Nung street

Hoa Son Dien Trang is the golden name in the virtual village in Ta Nung. Photo: FB/ Hoa Son Dien Trang Dalat

The terrain of lakes, valleys, forests, flower gardens creates a very poetic landscape, you can live virtual with many quality check-in corners such as a heart bridge or a giant Buddha’s hand made from forest ropes. Ancient tree views straight down the valley. 

Hot place in Ta Nung street

Beautiful and dreamy scenery of Da Lat. Photo: FB/Hoa Son Dien Trang Dalat

Hot place in Ta Nung street

A great check-in corner in Hoa Son Dien Trang. Photo: FB/ Hoa Son Dien Trang Dalat

Address: Hoa Son Dien Trang – Sub-zone 159, ward 5, Da Lat city.

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3. Dalaland

If you have fallen in love with Bali but still have not had the opportunity to check-in, then visit Dalaland, a beautiful tourist area on Ta Nung Street. This place is known as Little Bali because of its poetic natural scenery, large space inspired by the beautiful island city of Bali.

Hot place in Ta Nung street

Dalaland is inspired by the Malaysian island city of Bali. Photo: FB/Dalaland

With an area of ​​800m2, this resort is designed into a cafe, homestay and many beautiful virtual check-in corners. The highlight in Dalaland is the swings overlooking the beautiful coffee hills, as well as the virtual living corner with Balinese breath that is loved by many people. In addition, check-in corners such as mesh bed, Buddha’s hand, bird’s nest, flower garden, cafe on the tree are also very beautiful check-in corners in this place. 

Hot places in Ta Nung street

Green and fresh space. Photo: FB/Dalaland

Hot places in Ta Nung street

Visitor’s bowel check-in corner in Dallas. Photo: FB/Dalaland

Address:  Group 20, Hamlet 4, Ta Nung Commune, Da Lat City.

4. Me Linh Coffee

Me Linh Coffee is one of  the hot places on the very popular Ta Nung street, this is a great peaceful place for those who like to chill and enjoy the original coffee flavor. The space here is very large with a fresh tea garden, a brilliant flower garden for you to chill and live virtual.

Hot places in Ta Nung street

Me Linh coffee is a favorite place for many tourists. Photo: @ldo142_

The unique highlight of Me Linh cafe is the maximum open design, creating a spacious atmosphere, the rows of tables overlooking the lake or valley are a great scene for you to chill and enjoy the feeling of peace. . Coming to Me Linh cafe in Ta Nung, you should not miss the very popular weasel coffee with the typical flavor of this country. 

Hot places in Ta Nung street

Inner view of Me Linh cafe. Photo: @thiennhi1309_

Address: Group 20, Hamlet 4, Ta Nung Commune, Da Lat City.

5. Lac Tien Gioi

Although it appeared not long ago, Lac Tien Gioi has become a hot destination on Ta Nung street because of the wonderful scenery, this place is likened to a real wonderland with a scene filled with green colors and lakes. poetic and romantic, colorful hot air balloons and wooden houses nestled under the pine forest. Next to the lake, the Turkish-style cafe is also a very impressive check-in point at this place.

Hot places in Ta Nung street

A poetic lake with colorful hot air balloons in Lac Tien Gioi. Photo: FB/ Lac Tien Gioi.

Hot places in Ta Nung street

The Turkish-inspired cafe area is also very unique. Photo: FB/ Lac Tien Gioi.

Address: 1/3 Lam Sinh Street, Ward 5, Da Lat City (next to Giao Huong Xanh resort, 500m from Camly waterfall).

6. Lake in the Clouds

This cafe is one of the hot places in Ta Nung because the view is very beautiful, the strange check-in angle helps visitors easily collect unique and beautiful check-in photos. Here you will enjoy the feeling of walking on the water or watching the dreamy silhouette in the sky full of art.

Hot places in Ta Nung street

Infinity Lake is the highlight of this place. Photo: @hotrenmay_

In addition to the infinity lake on the mountain as the name suggests, this place also has small roads, flower gardens, wooden houses and many beautiful miniatures for visitors to live virtual. 

Hot places in Ta Nung street

This place also has many HOT virtual living corners. Photo:@hotrenmay_

Address: Hamlet 2, Ta Nung Commune, Da Lat City.

7. Puppy Farm

This is a paradise for real lotuses because Puppy Farm is the hottest dog cafe in the city of fog. This is also one of the hot places on Ta Nung street that is welcomed by many traveling followers. Coming to this place, visitors will be able to enjoy playing with dogs of all types and sizes. Not only are there lovely dogs, but the space here is beautifully designed and airy with large flower gardens, strawberry and tomato gardens for you to enjoy virtual living. 

Hot places in Ta Nung street

This place is the paradise of lotuses. Photo: Puppy_Farm

Hot places in Ta Nung street

The tomato garden is HOT at Puppy Farm. Photo: Puppy Farm

Address: Camly – MangLin Street, Ward 7, Da Lat City.

6. Ta Nung Pass 

Referring to the hot places on Ta Nung road , it is definitely indispensable for Ta Nung Pass, one of the beautiful passes of Da Lat. Located on the LangBiang plateau, this place is always a familiar check-in place for many tourists. The pass is named after the place name of a nearby village and plays the role of connecting Da Lat city with Lam Ha district, this place is even likened to the “silk road” of Da Lat.

Hot places in Ta Nung street

Ta Nung Pass has a spacious beauty. Photo: @tinhvietngaythuhai_

The large and spacious space of Ta Nung Pass will bring you a feeling of freedom but also peace. One side is a valley and the other is a very typical mountain. The best time to enjoy the scenery on the pass is in the morning when the mist hangs indifferently on the top of the mountain or when the sunset falls with the golden afternoon sun. 

Hot places in Ta Nung street

Super deep check-in corner at Ta Nung Pass. Photo:@khanhminh.99

Address: Provincial Road 725, bordering Ward 5 and Ta Nung Commune, Da Lat City.

In addition to the above places, you can also check-in many other hot places on Ta Nung street such as K’Ho ethnic brocade village, Thien An cricket farm, Fresh Garden, wine tunnel. Vinh Tien, Linh An Tu, Van Duc Pagoda,… 

Da Lat has always been one of the chillest places in the country, with countless wonderful things and hot places on Ta Nung street that is an attractive choice, for you to start your journey to discover this wonderful country. 

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