Quy Nhon’s beautiful tourist destinations enchant people’s hearts

Possessing beautiful sea paradises and famous landmarks for virtual living and relaxation, Quy Nhon is always a top destination for many tourists during Tet. Let’s “pocket” the hottest Quy Nhon Tet tourist destinations below!

Why should you travel to Quy Nhon during Tet?    

Quy Nhon is always a top destination for many tourists during Tet, so do you know why? 

– Firstly : The weather in Quy Nhon on Tet holiday is cool, sunny and less rainy, suitable for sightseeing, swimming, participating in attractive entertainment games.

– Second : Quy Nhon tourism owns many wild beautiful scenes, not commercialized like Da Nang, Phu Quoc, Nha Trang… Therefore, exploring Quy Nhon tourist attractions during Tet is an ideal destination. that you should not miss for your spring trip. 

– Third : Quy Nhon has beautiful sea paradises for you to relax and explore, and in the early spring you will have a cool bath, scuba diving to see coral with many interesting experiences. 

– Fourth : It is the land of “talented human genius”, the birthplace of famous national heroes like Quang Trang. Visiting Quy Nhon, tourists can also admire the Tay Son battle drums as well as learn the quintessence of Binh Dinh’s traditional martial arts.

– Thursday : There are many delicious specialties attractive for tourists to enjoy and especially the restaurant in Quy Nhon says no to “hacking” tourists.

interesting tourist destination Quy Nhon TetQuy Nhon is always the top attractive destination on Tet holiday. Photo: dulichvietnam

The most beautiful tourist destinations in Quy Nhon for Tet 

Here are the most beautiful and interesting Quy Nhon Tet tourist destinations that you should not miss for your spring trip to add more interesting experiences: 

1. Beautiful Quy Nhon city beach      

Of course, traveling to Quy Nhon during Tet holiday can not ignore the beautiful sea paradise, including the beach of Quy Nhon city. This place is famous for its clear blue sea, fine white sand and romantic curved coastline. Coming to Quy Nhon beach, visitors can relax and bathe, admire the beautiful scenery and enjoy virtual life.

Quy Nhon Tet tourist destination - Quy Nhon beachQuy Nhon beach is beautiful and poetic in the early spring. Photo: Quynhontrip

Quy Nhon Tet tourist destination - Quy Nhon beachEnjoy virtual living at Quy Nhon beach. Photo: elitetour

2. Quy Nhon Twin Towers     

The next stop in the journey to discover the beautiful scenery of Nau on Tet holiday is the Twin Towers – a famous virtual living place. Twin Towers is located on Tran Hung Dao Street in the city center, attracting visitors with ancient Cham architecture. Quy Nhon Twin Towers is also a famous virtual living place that many tourists discover when coming to Quy Nhon.

Quy Nhon Tet tourist destination - Twin TowersTwin Towers is an attractive destination for tourists in the early spring. Photo: Quynhontourist

Quy Nhon Tet tourist destination - Twin TowersVirtually live beautiful pictures in early spring. Photo: travelgear

3. Ghenh Rang – Tien Sa tourist area     

The famous beautiful Quy Nhon Tet tourist destination is Ghenh Rang – Tien Sa. Ghenh Rang tourist area is famous for its wide scenery, large rocks with unique shapes. Exploring Ghenh Rang, visitors will be able to visit famous destinations such as: Monument to poet Han Mac Tu, Hoang Hau rock beach… This is the ideal destination to enjoy the fresh atmosphere, check- Print live virtual and relax.

Quy Nhon Tet - Ghenh Rang tourist destinationGhenh Rang tourist area is an attractive destination during Tet. Photo: tourculaoxanh

Quy Nhon Tet - Ghenh Rang tourist destinationAdmire the poetic beauty of Ghenh Rang Tien Sa. Photo: disantrangan

4. Explore Eo Gio      

It would be a big omission if traveling to Quy Nhon during Tet but forgetting to come to Eo Gio – known as the “Jeju island of Vietnam”. It possesses unspoiled beauty, with a complex of caves and majestic mountain peaks. To explore the beautiful scenery of Hon Kho Island, you can go sightseeing, enjoy the fresh air and do not forget to keep beautiful pictures as a souvenir.

Quy Nhon Tet tourist destination - Eo GioLive virtual with friends at the famous Eo Gio. Photo: dulich

Quy Nhon Tet tourist destination - Eo GioCheck-in paradise in Eo Gio. Photo: dulichchat

5. Hon Kho   

Hon Kho isa beautiful Tet tourist destination in Quy Nhonthat attracts tourists with its pristine beach, virtual wooden bridge and especially the road through the sea… Hon Kho beach has large rocks and sea water. very clean, clear and keep the wild beauty, suitable for traveling on Tet holiday. Coming to Hon Kho, visitors will admire the beautiful scenery and enjoy the beautiful shimmering virtual check-in.

Quy Nhon Tet - Hon Kho tourist destinationAdmire the beautiful scenery at Hon Kho Quy Nhon. Photo: nucuoimekong

Quy Nhon Tet - Hon Kho tourist destinationEnjoy a beautiful and sparkling virtual life in Hon Kho Quy Nhon. Photo: Quynhonsea

6. Green Isle    

Cu Lao Xanh is a beautiful tourist destination in Quy Nhon Tet that fascinates visitors. This is a small island like a green pearl located in the middle of the beach with fresh natural space, long beach and green trees. The beach in Cu Lao Xanh has clear water that can be seen from the bottom, visitors can experience extremely interesting scuba diving to see corals.

Quy Nhon Tet - Cu Lao Xanh tourist destinationCu Lao Xanh is an attractive destination for tourists during Tet. Photo: dulichchat

Quy Nhon Tet - Cu Lao Xanh tourist destinationVirtual living super quality in Cu Lao Xanh. Photo: culaoxanhtravel

7. Thien Hung Pagoda     

Traveling to spring at the beginning of the year, it is impossible to ignore the sacred pagodas in Quy Nhon, the most famous being Thien Hung Pagoda, which is known as the “Ancient Phoenix” in the Vietnamese version. Visiting Thien Hung Pagoda, visitors will admire the unique architecture, admire the sacred Ngoc Xa Loi and burn incense to pray for good luck. In the temple premises, there are beautiful virtual living corners for visitors to enjoy taking pictures.

Quy Nhon Tet tourist destination - Thien Hung PagodaScenery of Thien Hung pagoda in early spring. Photo: disantrangan

Quy Nhon Tet tourist destination - Thien Hung PagodaBeautiful check-in at Thien Hung Pagoda. Photo: disantrangan 

Quy Nhon travel experience during Tet 

To have a trip to Quy Nhon Tet with the most interesting and complete experiences, don’t forget to “pocket” the following useful experiences:

– You should plan your trip early and buy air tickets, book a hotel room about 1-3 months in advance to get the best price. 

– The beach in Quy Nhon is usually quite deep and has a steep sandy shore, so you should ask carefully before bathing to ensure safety. 

Quy Nhon possesses many beautiful scenes, but it is located quite far from the city center, so you should arrange the locations so that it is most convenient to travel.

Hopefully, the above suggestions will help you choose a tourist destination in Quy Nhon Tet with the most interesting experiences during your spring trip in the beginning of the year! 

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