Rain on Hoi An Street

QUANG NAM – Hoi An rainy day, with sad scenery but still has traditional and romantic beauty.

If Hoi An on a sunny day is bright yellow walls, layered brown roof tiles and countless tourists wandering the streets, Hoi An’s rainy day will bring a different beauty.

The streets of Hoi An on a deserted rainy day are a new source of inspiration for creative photography lovers and have romantic and poetic angles as well as a sunny day.

These days, Hoi An enters the beginning of summer but still mixes with cold rain. Summer is also the season of bougainvillea, worm flowers blooming on the trellis in front of houses and shops here.

The simple colors of cyclos, houses, flower beds… but still create a brilliant picture on a rainy day in Hoi An.

Walking to the market on a rainy day in Hoi An is also an interesting experience. You still see local people wearing rain, displaying goods, and buying and selling right on the sidewalk.

A “framed” view of both the action of the cyclo rider in the rain and the image of the quiet Hoai River.

The small street corner is still dotted with cyclos looking through the door frame of an ancient building in Hoi An that looks like a slow-motion movie scene.

Visitors who do not mind the rain still pose for souvenir photos in front of the Cau Pagoda .

Sitting at a cafe , sipping hot drinks and listening to melodious tunes from light music, watching the rain cover the old town will definitely be a strange experience for those who come to Hoi An for the first time.

Walking around the city at night, you will find Hoi An indispensable with rows of shimmering lanterns with a traditional beauty that few places have.

Photo: Vu Minh Quan