Raspberry Hill is ‘irresistibly beautiful’ in Mu Cang Chai, not everyone knows

The image of the small Mam Xoi hill in Mu Cang Chai, yellow and ripe, makes any fastidious tourist must “fall in love”.

“Besides the big Mam Xoi hill, there is still a small Mam Xoi hill in Mu Cang Chai, very beautiful and majestic but not everyone knows it” – Mr. Photo: BUI NGOC Cong opened his experience about the second time in the year returning. back to Mu Cang Chai ( Yen Bai province ).

According to Mr. Cong, now the rice has turned yellow and it is expected that the golden season will last until early October. This is the most beautiful time in Mu Cang Chai. Little Raspberry Hill is not known to many tourists. You can ask the motorbike taxi drivers here to be taken to the right address. On the way to the small Mam Xoi hill, the baby will pass through the large Mam Xoi hill, so it is possible to combine visiting both spots.

The viewing point at the small Mam Xoi hill also covers the entire scenery of the terraced fields of Mu Cang Chai, not inferior to the big Mam Xoi hill – a famous destination here.
The scene of terraced fields, unique and artistic, is typical of the Northwest region .Photo: BUI NGOC
Shiny golden ripe glutinous rice stretches all over the hillsidesBUI NGOC
Like the fingerprints of heaven, Mu Cang Chai terraced fields are an architectural work of art filled with creativity from the skillful hands of the Mong people living on this land.
Every year around the end of September, or early October, tourists from all over the country flock to Mu Cang Chai to admire the wonderful scenery of this highland land. Photo: BUI NGOC
Mam Xoi Hill is the most favorite destination of tourists when coming to Mu Cang Chai
The fields stretch like bows, musical notes, knitting all over the mountainside
According to the poll of Insider – a famous American travel online newspaper , Mu Cang Chai of Vietnam is in the top of the most beautiful mountains in the world , comparable to many famous names such as Rainbow Mountain in Peru, Andes in Bolivia or Japan’s Mount Fuji… Photo: BUI NGOC
With many picturesque scenes, Mu Cang Chai is increasingly attractive to photographers and tourists both at home and abroad.
Even when the rice is not yet ripe, this place is really a beautiful picture
Mu Cang Chai symbolizes the majestic and peaceful natural scenery of the Northwest, along with the characteristics of the simple and genuine highland culture.

According to experience, the road to the Raspberry is quite steep, it is very slippery in the rain, those who have a “hard” steering wheel can drive straight up the hill if not, you can rent a motorbike taxi.

In addition to the two Mam Xoi hills mentioned above, visitors to Mu Cang Chai can visit many other attractive destinations such as Bamboo Forest, La Pan Tan, Lao Chai… or experience paragliding at Khau Pha Pass.

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