Recommended destinations that should not be missed when traveling to Tra Vinh (P1)

Tra Vinh is a beautiful western land adjacent to the sea. If you both love the rivers and waters and crave the cool air of the sea, Tra Vinh tourism is a standard choice without any adjustments.

Top 11 destinations of Tra Vinh tourism that should not be missed (P1)

1. Ba Dong Beach

Ba Dong Beach is an ideal destination attracting many domestic and foreign tourists to visit when traveling to Tra Vinh to welcome summer. This famous beach is located in Truong Long Hoa commune, Duyen Hai district, about 55km from Tra Vinh city center.

With long poetic sandy beaches still bold wild nature, fresh climate, Ba Dong beach is considered the most beautiful tourist destination of Tra Vinh province. The name of Ba Dong sea originates from the unique features of the landscape here, when the tide is low, there are three beautiful sand caves (including two small caves and one large cave) on the shore. Coming to Ba Dong beach, in addition to watching undulating sand dunes, long fine white sand, and towering casuarina, you can also freely struggle in the typical seawater of the river area (sea water near the river mouth so it will be opaque, not as clear as the normal sea).


The wild Ba Dong Sea is full of poetics.

Coming to Ba Dong, in addition to watching the sea, dropping your soul into the immense water waves, visitors also enjoy the famous specialties of Tra Vinh tourism land such as Ba Dong watermelon, Nha Mat clam , Con Cu black tiger shrimp, date palm weevil, goby fish … at coastal seafood restaurants.


Ideal destination for travelers to Tra Vinh.

2. Ao Ba Om

Ba Om pond is located in cluster 4, ward 8 of Tra Vinh town (formerly Ta Co hamlet, Nguyet Hoa commune of Chau Thanh district). In addition to Ba Om’s name, the pond is also called Square pond because the pond is square in shape. This is a famous landscape of Tra Vinh in particular and the Mekong River Delta in general.


This place has a charming landscape with ancient trees reflecting on the flat surface of the pond, the roots of the trees are not on the ground but mysteriously emerging.


Coming to Ba Om pond, in addition to sightseeing, you can also “entertain” thrilling and fascinating stories about the pond.


Depending on the season, water flowers such as water lilies and lotus flowers bloom all over the pond.

3. Hang Pagoda

Tra Vinh Hang Pagoda,  also known as Mong Ray (Kamponyixprdle), impresses with the two sides of the main gate are two real life-sized Yak crystal statues, evil eyebrows. Hang Pagoda is splendidly decorated with many patterns and motifs. The hallway around the main hall has rows of columns, at the ends of the columns are a statue of a dancer Ken naarr with her arms extending her roof. The temple gate architecture is very similar to a cave, so people used to call it Hang Pagoda. This is a unique type of temple gate design, perhaps not only in Vietnam but also in Buddhist temples around the world.


Hang Pagoda is a famous tourist attraction of Tra Vinh province because of its unique architecture and high cultural value.


For the Khmer Tra Vinh, Hang Pagoda plays a very important role in the spiritual life.

This is not only a place of worship and prayer, but also a place to preserve cultural traditions and ethical education for everyone. The temple has a fairly large campus with half the area of ​​natural forest. In the forest, there are many old trees and also the habitat of many species of bats, birds, and storks.

4. An Temple

An Temple is one of the temples that visitors should not miss when traveling to Tra Vinh. Because the pagoda is located in harmony with the surrounding natural scenery and has typical architecture for Khmer temples in the province. An temple’s full name is Ag Korajaborey Temple. The statues, murals, and decorative sculptures in the temple are unique architectural, artistic and artistic works with bold cultural and artistic values. The pagoda is also the venue for many festivals of the Khmer people such as Chol Chnam Thmay, Píth-slug Don-ta, Ok Om Bok attracting many tourists from inside and outside the province to worship and visit.


Sophisticated roof architecture of An temple.

5. Stork Temple

Co pagoda is also known as Nodol pagoda located in Giong Lon hamlet, Dai An commune, Tra Cu district. The pagoda also has another name is Giong Lon Pagoda, about 40 km south of Tra Vinh town, about 4km from the center of Tra Cu district. Visitors to the pagoda are very impressed with the sophistication of the patterns and motifs of the project. Especially the splendid main hall. Many pictures, Buddha statues are exquisitely crafted and colorful. The roof is curved in the shape of a dragon’s tail, the sharp peaks are shaped like Mount Xôme and familiar images such as god Riehu (Reahu), four-faced god Mohabrom, bird God Kâyno, Mahaknot …


Co Pagoda is a beautiful, elegant and sophisticated temple.

6. Vam Ray Pagoda

Vam Ray Pagoda is the largest Theravada Buddhist temple in Vietnam and is in the Angkor Khmer style. Vam Ray Pagoda is located in a beautiful location, convenient traffic and has existed for more than 600 years. With the typical Angkor architecture style of Cambodians, Vam Ray pagoda has 4 gates, the main gate faces east as the Khmer pagoda in the south. At the main hall of the pagoda there is a 54m-long statue of Buddha Shakyamuni, set on a pedestal equivalent to a 2-storey house. The temple’s three-door gate is traditionally covered with gold-plated paint. The top of the gate is shaped like sharp towers piled up many floors. Inside the main hall, there is only a large Buddha statue solemnly placed in the highest position. Some small Buddha statues are arranged in lower positions.


The temple has the shape of a golden palace with meticulously carved patterns and motifs.

Above are some tourist destinations of Tra Vinh tourists should not miss. If you still know the other HOT places of this land, please share with luhanhVietNam! 

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