Red vermicelli in Dak Lak – Surprisingly delicious, you have to eat it “watch the hour”!

Red vermicelli is a popular specialty of Dak Lak people, likened to the color of basalt soil, named after the color of the noodles and the eye-catching broth.

Buon Ma Thuot has not only premium coffee with a delicious taste, but also many famous specialties from near and far such as drunken wine, elaborately marinated grilled chicken, and fragrant rice tubes. delicious, especially the attractive red vermicelli dish that can not be compared anywhere else.

Red vermicelli is a popular specialty of Dak Lak people (Photo: mia)

Red vermicelli is a popular specialty of Dak Lak people, likened to the color of the basalt land, the name of the dish is based on the color of vermicelli fibers with an eye-catching red-orange highlighting broth.

Although there are some similarities with the noodle soup of the Southern people, the famous red vermicelli in the “coffee capital” has a large, firm vermicelli, similar to Banh Canh or Hue beef noodle soup, but slightly better, about the size of a chopstick. chewy and crunchy.

Different from sophisticated dishes such as Hanoi noodle soup, Quy Nhon fish noodle soup, Hue beef vermicelli or Can Tho vermicelli, Ban Me red vermicelli is extremely rustic, strange, and especially delicious. At first glance, red vermicelli is quite similar to crab vermicelli but crab bricks are made from pure crab meat, pork and minced fat, adding vegetables (or celery), bean sprouts, and of course indispensable. boiled quail eggs.

Ban Me red vermicelli is rustic, strange and especially delicious (Photo: mia)

The special thing that makes the brand for red vermicelli in Buon Ma Thuot is the broth. The broth of Ban Me red vermicelli is simmered from crab meat and pork and beef bones, bringing a sweet taste that is easy to eat. The cook also cleverly added a little bit of crushed crab, shrimp and bacon, mixed with pepper, chopped onions and then molded into round balls to drop in to make the broth rich, delicious flavor. It cannot be confused with any other noodle dish.

Ban Me red vermicelli is selected extremely carefully, it is not possible to arbitrarily “choose in a hurry, any kind is fine”. The vermicelli used to cook must be big, chewy and fragrant.

Red vermicelli noodles are big, firm, about the size of chopsticks, chewy and crunchy (Photo: citastyfood)

Before cooking, the vermicelli is white, but after about 10 minutes of cooking, the noodles will slowly turn red. Due to being soaked with the marinated spices in advance, the broth will be more delicious. According to the sharing of local people, the reason why red vermicelli becomes more eye-catching is because during the processing, the chef skillfully used a certain amount of cashew oil to both create a natural red color and ensure it. health safety.

In order for the vermicelli to be soft and to absorb the spices evenly, the cook must watch the time when the vermicelli is put into the pot, not too early, nor when the broth has boiled for too long. Vermicelli is cooked in a pot of broth for about 10 minutes so that the noodles are slightly expanded.

Red vermicelli eat vegetables with water or broccoli, blanched bean sprouts (Photo: cookandplant4life)

About the way of processing, pieces of crab bricks, minced meat and quail eggs are dropped in the pot. When making vermicelli to eat, then take them out and put them in a bowl and fill with broth. A special feature is that the longer it cooks, the more tender the crab and pork pieces become, the stronger the flavor and the sweeter the broth.

With the skillful hands of the processor, the bowl of red vermicelli becomes attractive with a variety of colors, extremely attractive flavors such as the reddish color of cashews, the bright red color of tomatoes cut in the shape of areca, green. the freshness of vegetables, adding the brown color of fish cakes, crab cakes, the white color of boiled quail eggs… looks both eye-catching and stimulates the taste buds!

The softer the pieces of crab and pork, the sweeter the broth (Photo: mia)

Red vermicelli is not served with common raw vegetables and herbs but must be water celery or kohlrabi, bean sprouts that are lightly blanched with some additives such as minced non-aromatic onions with crispy fried fat, more a little bit of purple shrimp paste, crushed chili and boiled quail eggs. After boiling, the quail eggs are peeled off, put in an attractive brick red floating broth.

Diners can squeeze more lemon, kumquat or vinegar to balance the taste and avoid being fed up because the bowl of noodles has many fillings. Take a sip of the broth, diners will see the sweet taste spreading down to the stomach. Then continue to pick up a piece of vermicelli with a piece of vegetable, add a piece of fried ball, and a greasy quail egg.

When eating red vermicelli, you can squeeze more lemons and kumquats to balance the taste (Photo: alice_heineken)

Many people say that red vermicelli is a variation, a harmonious blend of many familiar specialties such as Banh Chung or vermicelli, but obviously, Buon Me Thuot red vermicelli has its own delicious and rich flavor.

You can enjoy coffee in the Central Highlands at any time of the day, but if you want to eat red vermicelli, you have to know “time”. This is not a popular breakfast food for people, so in the morning, you can look for “red eyes” all over the shops, markets in the city, and you will not find anywhere selling this typical dish.

However, around 3-4 pm until late at night, wherever you go, you will see red vermicelli. From the shops on Le Duan and Nguyen Van Cu streets, to the smaller streets, then the street vendors in the alleys, in the market… There are shops that sell until 1-2 am, serving the food needs of workers. and night shift workers.