Relieve stress with the peaceful scenery of the “sleeping princess in the forest” in Kon Tum

Dak Ke Lake, locally known as Toong Ro Pong lake, belongs to the Mang Den eco-tourism area.

Those who have been to the land of Kon Tum must have heard the legend of the famous 7 lakes and 3 waterfalls in the Mang Den eco-tourism area. 7 natural lakes are likened to sleeping princesses in the forest, and Dak Ke is one of those princesses.

Dak Ke Lake, also known as Toong Ro Pong Lake, owns a total area of ​​​​about 3 hectares (the largest of 7 lakes), in the Kon Plong district, Kon Tum province. If Mang Den brings absolute relaxation and peace, then Dak Ke Lake is the perfect place to experience that peace.

Dak Ke Lake is about 50km from the city center. (Photo: meotran215)

The lyrical and fresh scenery is the first impression that every visitor when first arriving here agrees, and is also the attraction of more and more people to Dak Ke Lake. The lake is blue and clear at times of calm, just like a giant mirror reflecting the clouds in the sky, sometimes gently and gently ripples along with each breeze, making the picture more vivid.
Surrounded by the clear blue lake are vast forests with thousands of verdant trees, surrounding them as if they want to embrace the lake and protect the inherent poetry of this place.
Amidst the scenery with bold colors of the mountains and forests are the traditional stilt houses, the unique communal house of the people here. All are built from wood and leaves, both sturdy enough and depicting a romantic and lyrical picture of the Central Highlands mountains.
Walking along the winding roads around the lake, one side is the cool blue water surface, the other side is the wild flower bushes mixed in the green grass and trees, all the troubles in the city is like being relaxed. The scenery here is dispelled.
In particular, if on the right occasion, visitors can also be immersed in the cherry blossoms blooming in a corner of the lake, the ideal frame to take very good check-in photos.

Like Da Lat, coming to Dak Ke and Mang Den lakes, visitors can enjoy a cool and fresh climate all year round. On a day suddenly want to change the wind and escape the city for a couple of days, think of Dak Ke – a place that always welcomes every soul who simply wants to enjoy the breath of the mountains, the sound of birds singing behind the trees and picturesque scenery.