Remove the dam to catch fish at dawn

QUANG NAM – After the Ba Suoi irrigation dam, Tam Dan commune, Phu Ninh district, was drained at dawn on September 16, many people came to catch fish.

Ba Suoi Dam is nearly 3 hectares wide, located on National Highway 40B, providing water for about 15 hectares of rice in the Tam Dan commune. When the summer-autumn rice is ripe, there is no need for irrigation, at noon on September 15, the commune opens the gate to discharge the dam for people to catch fish.

At more than 1 a.m. on September 16, when the dam ran out of water, Mr. Huynh Ngoc Duy, from Tam Dan commune, carried a flashlight with his head to wade through the mud to catch fish. In the dark night, he walked along the shore with a lotus tree, his gun lying on the puddles looking for fish.

“Besides wild fish, for many years now, after celebrating Tet, each household contributed 10,000-20,000 VND to buy carp, carp, etc. to drop them. Earlier this year, everyone contributed 1.2 million VND to buy 6 kg of stocked fish.” , he said.

Mr. Nguyen Van Bay, Tam Dan commune, caught a catfish weighing more than half a kilogram lying in the dust of the gun. “It’s not morning yet, so there are few people, so it’s easy to catch the fish. The catfish resides in bushes and grass. In the morning, many people come and leave footprints that are difficult to catch,” said Mr. Bay, adding that every year the government dismantles the dam. for people to catch fish.

In the morning, Mr. Huynh Xuan Hao prepared his hooves to pull the fish. Like Mr. Hao, many people carry crosses, nets and nets to the dam.

Under the sun, dozens of people holding bows, following groups of fins to catch fish in the water about 30 cm. Mattress made of bamboo, 50 cm high, buy 150,000-200,000 VND.

A group of people use nets to sweep, stretch over the water and gather in a circle. Then, they used their feet to stomp the bottom of the net into the mud to prevent the fish from escaping.

Two people standing on the shore using their hooves to pull. Dam discharge day is like a festival, whether you catch a lot of fish or a little, the participants laugh and talk happily.

Without a net or a net, a villager uses two bamboo sticks to look like hooves and attaches a net to catch fish. Every time they drop into the water, the fish gets caught in the water and shakes vigorously, they use their hands to catch them.

Two people sat in the mud and caught a big fish in a net. On the shore, dozens of people laughed with delight when they saw people catching big fish, or pulling fish into the net, but lost their hands when they put them in bags.

Mr. Vo Ngoc Trang, Tam Dan commune, waded into the water until his stomach was full and caught two fish caught in the net at once. Afraid that the fish would violently fall into the water, Mr. Trang let one lie in the net, then put it in a bag.

“After catching all the fish, the government closed the dam again, people contributed money to buy fingerlings to drop to catch next year,” Mr. Trang said. The fish in the dam are mainly tea, carp, carp, tilapia…

Many children are also allowed to wade through the mud by their parents and catch small fish and snails.

Mr. Nguyen Van Nga caught a carp weighing more than 3 kg. Not only Mr. Nga, most people who come to catch fish will not sell them but bring them home as food for their families and relatives, and friends. “This is a natural fish, very delicious to eat,” Mr. Nga said.

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