Return to Bac Giang to check in at the peaceful and attractive Son Dong tourist attractions

Son Dong tourist attractions are known as one of the top attractions and check-ins worth visiting in Bac Giang. Let’s explore the famous beautiful scenes of this place with unique cultural identity in the article below.

Son Dong – a tourist destination with unique identity

Son Dong district in  Bac Giang has an area of ​​nearly 850 km2. This place is famous for the Yen Tu mountain range, has a strong connection with the Truc Lam Zen sect, creating a favorable basis for the development of all types of tourism. Son Dong district also possesses many notable landscapes such as: Khe Ro, Dong Thong tourist area, Ba Tia waterfall and many notable historical relics such as: Che communal house and pagoda, King Ba communal house, Luc Lieu communal house, …

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Because it is located in a highland area, Son Dong is home to many ethnic minority communities with 13 ethnic groups, each with its own unique and unique cultural identity. These ethnic communities still maintain their languages ​​and many unique traditional customs such as: granting ceremony, forest worshiping ceremony, food praying ceremony, swimming festival, soong hao singing festival of the Nung ethnic group, festival Then singing, Sinh Ca singing of the Cao Lan ethnic group, traditional medicine making, brocade embroidery,…

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Bac Giang travel experience , in addition to attractive landscapes or unique identities of ethnic minorities, Son Dong also stands out with its rich and diverse terrain, with many high mountain ranges and forest systems. The primeval area contains impressive flora and fauna. All of these factors have created great potential for Son Dong to develop many types of tourism.

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Impressive Son Dong Bac Giang tourist attractions

1. Slot

  • Address: An Lac, Son Dong district, Bac Giang.

Khe Ro in An Lac commune has an area of ​​more than 7,000 hectares, of which more than 5,100 hectares is natural forest. Known as one of the typical primeval forests not only of Bac Giang but also typical of the entire Northeast region of our country. Khe Ro Nature Reserve is located in the basin of two streams Khe Ro and Khe Din. 

Son Dong - Khe Ro tourist destinationPhoto: @i_am_tungharry

Khe Ro is a pristine natural primeval forest that few people know about, with dense forest canopy, cool streams interspersed with waterfalls and rocky rapids. The climate here is cool and fresh, creating ideal conditions for visitors to enjoy comfort, relaxation and reduce worries in daily life.

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Tourists are easily attracted by the sounds and natural colors of Khe Ro primeval forest , which is truly an ideal vacation destination. This place has underground water flowing continuously creating clear streams, with a mild climate and beautiful views. When you come here, you can also participate in many activities such as camping, trekking in primeval forests, bathing in streams or organizing group activities .

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2. West Yen Tu

  • Address: Tuan Mau, Son Dong district, Bac Giang.

Tay Yen Tu spiritual – ecological tourism area, also known as Tay Yen Tu, is a complex of buildings including historical relics, scenic spots and culture. Possessing a system of solemn pagodas and towers, many valuable relics, and elaborate architectural works, Tay Yen Tu has created an extremely unique space. 

Son Dong tourist destination - Tay Yen TuPhoto: @honganhshinn

In addition, this Son Dong Bac Giang tourist destination is also surrounded by nature with majestic mountains and forests, creating a breathtaking and impressive beauty. Outstanding attractions at Tay Yen Tu include: Am Vai pagoda, heaven gate at Ha pagoda, cloud hunting spot at Thuong pagoda, Tay Yen Tu scenic cable car and nature reserve .

Son Dong tourist destination - Tay Yen TuPhoto: @trinhstagram.0329

3. Dong Cao Plateau

  • Address: Dong Cao, Son Dong, Bac Giang.

Dong Cao is described as “The mountain model of Bac Giang”, a destination with wonderful natural beauty, very suitable for perfect picnics with family or friends. The landscape in Dong Cao is a vast, green world with cliffs and endless green forests.

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When exploring the Dong Cao plateau , you will not only experience a simple and wild life but also find a place to slow down, immerse yourself in nature, and free your soul from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Standing on the top of Dong Cao, you will admire the valley spreading before your eyes, see the green grass hills and steep rocks, take beautiful photos of nature, all of these experiences will make you happy. Make your journey more profound and memorable.

Son Dong tourist destination - Dong Cao PlateauPhoto: @honganhshinn

4. Khe Chao lake eco-tourism area

  • Address: Tau village, Long Son, Son Dong district, Bac Giang.

Khe Chao Lake or Khe Chao Lake at the foot of Ha My Pass includes small islands emerging in the lake, surrounded by primeval forests of the West Yen Tu mountain range, creating a majestic natural landscape. When you come to Khe Chao Lake, you will witness the wild, majestic and rare natural beauty of this sacred land. 

Son Dong tourist destination - Khe Chao lake eco-tourism areaPhoto: @Traveloka

To explore this famous Son Dong tourist destination, you can use a boat to walk around the lake, visit the islands to observe the habitat of rare birds. In the distance are undulating mountains, the clear blue lake surface reflects the image of the blue sky and white clouds, bringing you the most wonderful moments of relaxation.

Son Dong tourist destination - Khe Chao lake eco-tourism areaPhoto: @Khe Chao Lake Tourism

5. Ba Tia Waterfall

  • Address: Thanh Son, Son Dong district, Bac Giang.

One of the attractive destinations not to be missed when coming to Son Dong district is Ba Tia waterfall, also known by many people as Suoi Vang. With wild and majestic beauty, Ba Tia waterfall attracts tourists by the charming landscape of mountains and forests and the stability of water flow from the source.

Son Dong tourist destination - Ba Tia waterfallPhoto: @nature_camping2023

Water flowing through the bamboo forest carries the yellow color of the bamboo trees, creating a unique and charming scene. What especially makes the experience here memorable is the hospitality and affection that local people have for tourists, creating a deeply meaningful memory. 

Son Dong tourist destination - Ba Tia waterfallPhoto: @nature_camping2023

Above are some unique Son Dong tourist attractions . Luhanhvietnam hopes that on your upcoming trip, you will have wonderful experiences at these tourist destinations with your loved ones.

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