Return to Can Tho to enjoy the heirloom ‘hammock cake’

On the 2-9 ceremony, if you want to enjoy the green garden atmosphere, experience how to make cakes, and enjoy Southern country food, come to Can Tho to enjoy the “hammock cake”.

Bridge asks the hammock” is an heirloom dish made by artisan Chau Kim Thuan (Phong Dien district, Can Tho city).

During the holidays from 2-9, when returning to the West, remember to visit Cai Rang floating market, visit specialty fruit gardens in the Phong Dien district and experience baking, enjoy the unique hammock cake of Can Tho. .

Visitors can go to Út Dzach tourist garden, located 15km from the city center, via the Vam Xang ferry (Phong Dien district) to Nhon Binh hamlet, Nhon Ai commune (Phong Dien district).

Here, the tourist garden has tours for visitors to visit the garden landscape by bicycle, for guests to experience how to make delicious hammock cakes and enjoy on the spot.

Returning to Can Tho to enjoy the traditional hammock cake - Photo 2.

The cakes are grid-shaped like a hammock – Photo: T. LY

To make a batch of cakes, the hammock face is quite elaborate. Cakes are made from rice flour, rice flour must be delicious, then the cake will be fragrant. The dough has been prepared and it is time to press the cake. This is an important step because it requires the skillful hands of the craftsman. The cake press consists of a large wooden bar, the bottom has a support like a lever.

One person uses pressure to slowly drop the dough ball, the other end skillfully puts a piece of banana leaf in a zigzag pattern, to produce a piece of cake like the mesh of a hammock. The cake is steamed for 5-7 minutes, when removing the cake, the dough is tough and clear.

Returning to Can Tho to enjoy the traditional hammock cake - Photo 3.

Tools for pressing and making hammock cakes – Photo: T. LY

Banh asked to eat with the natural saltiness, sweetness, and chewiness of rice flour, dumpling or rolled on a plate; Above are pieces of grilled meat, fragrant grilled spring rolls.

Returning to Can Tho to enjoy the traditional hammock cake - Photo 4.

The hammock-faced cake is eaten with fragrant grilled meat – Photo: T. LŨY

Sprinkle more peanuts, and onion fat on top. Cakes are served with all kinds of raw vegetables, some people add rice paper rolls. The dipping sauce is fish sauce mixed with garlic and chili, so simple that diners can enjoy it.

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