Return to Siu Puong waterfall to immerse yourself in this sacred place in the middle of the Tu Mo Rong forest

Dreamily located in the middle of the Tu Mo Rong mountains and forests of Kon Tum province, Siu Puong waterfall makes people overwhelmed by its majestic, pristine beauty, full of magic like a strip of silver silk amidst the lush green of the vast mountains and forests.

    When mentioning the beautiful waterfalls in Kon Tum, many people will only remember Pa Sy, a tourist destination that is very familiar to tourists, but this plateau still has many beautiful places hidden among the wild mountains and forests. vu and one of them is Siu Puong waterfall . This waterfall with its unique shape and amazing beauty is gradually becoming an attractive destination in the eyes of travelers who love to explore. Not only does it have a stunning beauty that fascinates travelers, Siu Puong waterfall is also a sacred place for the local Xe Dang people, a place for sacred water and preserves the irreplaceable spiritual values ​​of the people here. This.

    Siu Puong waterfallSiu Puong is a beautiful sacred waterfall in Tu Mo Rong district, Kon Tum province. Photo: Nguyen Trung

    Be amazed by the stunning beauty of the highest waterfall in Vietnam 

    Siu Puong Waterfall is located halfway across the north of Van Peo mountain range, in Dak Na commune, Tu Mo Rong district, 89km from the center of Kon Tum city and 7km from the headquarters of Dak Na commune People’s Committee. 

    This is a beautiful waterfall covered with primeval jungle canopy, bringing a pristine and majestic beauty. The waterfall is located at an altitude of 1,524 meters above sea level with 5 main floors, a height of up to 204 meters from the base to the top of the waterfall, this is one of the highest waterfalls in Vietnam today.

    Siu Puong waterfall is the highest in VietnamThe waterfall has a height from top to bottom of 204 meters, the highest in Vietnam currently. Photo: Vu Hoang Nguyen

    Not pouring in one stream from top to bottom like many other waterfalls in the Central Highlands, Siu Puong waterfall flows into many separate tiers with about 7 main tiers and small tiers in a very unique zigzag shape. The highest floor of the waterfall is at the top with a height of 60 meters, the remaining 4 floors are each about 40 meters high and the 2 shorter floors are about 10 meters high. The width of Siu Puong waterfall will change seasonally depending on the amount of water flowing, accordingly in the rainy season, when the amount of water is most abundant, the width of the waterfall can reach 30 meters. From afar, you can see the waterfall with its separate levels spreading out, creating a column of white water that gradually spreads along the width of each floor, extremely impressive.  

    Siu Puong waterfall is the highest in VietnamThe waterfall flows in a very unique zigzag pattern with 7 levels. Photo: Ban Nguyen

    Siu Puong scenery is the highest in VietnamThe pure white water in the middle of the old forest creates a wonderful picture. Photo: letravel

    the beauty of Siu Puong waterfallTourists stopping by will be overwhelmed by the beautiful scenery. Photo: Vu Hoang Nguyen

    Because it originates from deep in the old forest, when the soil layers have stabilized, the water of Siu Puong waterfall is clear and cool in all seasons. Especially with a location up to 1600 meters above sea level and surrounded by old forests, in winter this place will be very cold and in the remaining seasons of the year the weather is cool and pleasant. 

    Siu Puong scenery is the highest in VietnamThe amount of water at the waterfall will change depending on the season. Photo: Vu Hoang Nguyen

    Siu Puong Waterfall is not only an impressive landscape but also a sacred place for the local Xe Dang people. Local people value the water source of this waterfall very much because they consider this to be a sacred water source, they have You can use the water from the waterfall for daily activities, but you absolutely cannot do laundry at the source, menstruating women are not allowed to wade through the water and the deceased are not allowed to carry across the water. Although up to now, the old customs have gradually faded away, deep in the subconscious of the Xe Dang people living in the basin of Siu Puong waterfall, this is always the sacred source in the subconscious. 

    The sacred Siu Puong waterfall of the Xe Dang peopleFor Xe Dang people, Siu Puong waterfall has been a sacred water source for many generations. Photo: Siupuongtrekking.

    Ideal time to check-in Siu Puong waterfall 

    Visitors can check-in to Siu Puong waterfall in Kon Tum at many times of the year. Depending on the time, the scenery of the waterfall will change. The most ideal time to fully admire the perfect beauty of this waterfall is around October, at this time the waterfall is supplemented with abundant water from the upstream, the waterfall surface can expand up to 30m, forming a majestic and enchanting picture. In October, the weather in Kon Tum is very cool, sometimes there is sudden rain but it does not last long, so visitors can freely explore Siu Puong waterfall as well as other attractive tourist destinations.

    Time to reach Siu Puong waterfallThe best time to go to Siu Puong waterfall is around October. Photo: Vu Hoang Nguyen

    Moving instructions 

    Siu Puong Waterfall is located halfway up Van Peo Mountain, so the road is relatively bumpy. From Kon Tum city, tourists follow Highway 14 north about 42km. When arriving in Dak To district, follow provincial road 672 for another 16km to reach Dak Tram market intersection, then turn left onto provincial road 678. Another 30km to reach the center of Dak Na commune. 

    How to get to Siu Puong waterfallThe first part of the road to Siu Puong, visitors can travel by motorbike. Photo: Siupuongtrekking

    From the center of Dak Na, the best way to get to Siu Puong waterfall is by motorbike, which takes about 20 minutes more. The route to Siu Puong waterfall will also bring visitors many special experiences when passing through picturesque terraced fields and poetic winding streams. Once arriving at the parking area, tourists continue to go through winding roads amid vast pine forests, through lush green grass, which is the location of the old village of the Xe Dang people. 

    Passing the lawn, visitors continue to walk through the forest and wade streams for another 15 minutes to reach the waterfall. Between all four sides are majestic mountains and forests, visitors can hear intense rumbling sounds and white steam rising, making anyone sobbing and overwhelmed.

    How to get to Siu Puong waterfallBefore entering January, visitors will need to walk an additional 2km. Photo: Vu Hoang Nguyen

    Fascinating experience when going to Siu Puong waterfall 

    Trekking in the forest 

    This is an experience that anyone who wants to conquer Siu Puong waterfall will go through because the waterfall is located deep in the old forest. In addition to the outer sections that can be moved by motorbike, there will be about 2km of forest road that needs to be walked. trekking. With this experience, visitors will enjoy the extremely attractive feeling of crossing the forest and wading streams. The wild scenery along the way is so captivating that it will make visitors forget all their tiredness. The journey to the waterfall seems far away but come really close.

    Road to Siu Puong waterfallThe scenery on the way to Siu Puong waterfall is very beautiful. Photo: @vanmay225

    From the top of Siu Puong waterfall, going upstream, visitors will encounter a system of beautiful large and small waterfalls flowing between ancient trees. In the fall, some trees turn red and their leaves look like a tree from above. wonderful landscape picture, if you have good health, you can trek to the upstream Siu Ngok La waterfall (Tiger Mountain waterfall) 70m high in the middle of the old forest. 

    trekking Siu Puong waterfallTrekking upstream, visitors will encounter beautiful waterfalls. Photo: Vu Hoang Nguyen

    Waterfall bathing – Camping 

    The cool water of Siu Puong waterfall is an ideal place for tourists to relax after a long journey. Amidst pristine nature, the clear water of the waterfall will help you soothe your soul, let go of all your fatigue to fully enjoy the stunning beauty of nature. On the road to Siu Puong waterfall or the area at the base of the waterfall floors, there is an ideal terrain for camping activities. On flat rocky beaches, visitors can camp, relax and enjoy the wild and pristine nature. The beauty of Tu Mo Rong mountains and forests.

    Bathing in Siu Puong waterfallNot only is there Siu Puong waterfall, but even the road leading to the waterfall also has a clear stream for visitors to immerse themselves in. Photo: Phuong Pham

    virtual life at Siu Puong waterfallIn addition to sightseeing and camping, virtual living in Siu Puong is an indispensable experience. Photo: Anglican Church of Tuan Xop Village

    Enjoy forest specialties 

    This must be the most attractive experience in the eyes of travel enthusiasts. Tourists can go with indigenous people to pick wild vegetables such as coriander, pickled vegetables, radiate to cook with dishes such as stream fish, Stone snail or meat. In addition, people in groups will often bring specialties such as grilled meat, chicken, bamboo tube rice dipped in salt and pepper, grilled bamboo tubes combined with super delicious wild bananas.

    Siu Puong waterfall cuisineEnjoying delicious dishes amidst the mountains and forests is also a wonderful experience. Photo: siupuongtrekking

    Siu Puong waterfall cuisine

    Local dishes always make diners nostalgic. Photo: siupuongtrekking

    Revealing destinations that should be combined when checking-in to Siu Puong waterfall

    Siu Puong Waterfall is located near many attractive tourist attractions of Tu Mo Rong, so visitors can combine sightseeing in their schedule. Near Siu Puong waterfall, there is a population of 20 hectares of schisandra trees growing in beautiful clumps climbing on old tree trunks in the natural forest of sub-zone 204. Dozens of ancient hawthorn trees grow naturally creating a beautiful scenery. So beautiful. 

    8km from Siu Puong waterfall is Le Vang village. Seen from above, this village looks like a vast green oasis with vast fruit trees. The village has 62 households living in the valley behind the Ngoc Linh mountain range, in This place still retains the gong team and very typical customs and traditions such as the new rice eating ceremony, the water trough building ceremony, wickerwork, weaving…

    Le Vang VILLAGE Siu Puong waterfallLe Vang village is only 8km from Siu Puong waterfall. Photo: Minh Duc Photo

    Le Vang VILLAGE near Siu Puong waterfall

    The people here still retain their unique indigenous culture. Photo: Minh Duc Photo

    In addition, Dak Na commune also has Siu Mo Mam waterfall, C2 waterfall, and medicinal gardens, which are all attractive destinations for tourists to explore in their journey to visit the legendary Siu Puong waterfall. 

    Amidst the magical nature of the vast land of Tu Mo Rong, the breathtakingly beautiful Siu Puong waterfall will be a great stop for visitors to immerse themselves in the wild nature and beauty of this highest waterfall in Vietnam . It will surely make visitors ecstatic and fascinated when stopping by. 

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