Revealing all the traits of Tra Vinh tourism experiences for first-time visitors

The following Tra Vinh travel experiences will help you plan your trip to a peaceful land with the most famous temples in the West, with green Ba Om pond and romantic Ba Dong beach.

Tra Vinh is a coastal province in the Mekong Delta region with a natural area of ​​about 2,341 km2. Tra Vinh province has a population of 1.1 million people, including 3 main ethnic groups: Kinh, Khmer and Hoa living together. In which, the Khmer people account for 30% of the population of this place.

As a southwestern province with the advantages of rivers, gardens and also riverside floating dunes and beautiful beaches, Tra Vinh is considered to have many potentials for developing cultural tourism and tourism. history is also water tourism, garden tourism. The more special thing is coming to this peaceful land, visitors can also experience, explore and learn about the cultural identity of the Kinh, Khmer, and Chinese ethnic groups.

Tra Vinh travel experience – reveal ideal time to visit

If you are planning to travel to Tra Vinh but do not know when to visit, here is the right answer for you.All travel experiences Tra Vinh - many famous tourist destinationsTra Vinh has many famous tourist spots. Photo:

First of all, it is necessary to reveal that Tra Vinh is a land with a typical climate of the tropical country so it is convenient to travel all year round. Whatever season you visit this place, visitors will have their own feelings and experiences.

However, if you are a fan of the crowds, you should choose to come here in July or October of the lunar calendar every year. Because this is the time when many major festivals take place during the year. Another option is to visit Tra Vinh tourist sites in the summer to be spoiled for enjoying delicious and juicy fruits right at the garden.

Directions and travel means of Tra Vinh

How to move to Tra Vinh

Tra Vinh Center 130 km from Ho Chi Minh City (takes about 3 hours by car) and 100 km from Can Tho city (it takes about 2 hours by car). Here is a guide to Tra Vinh from Saigon. There are two ways to choose from, either by taking a bus or by driving yourself.

Option 1: Travel Tra Vinh by booking a passenger car. Departing from Ho Chi Minh City by bus, you will have many options as follows:

– Kim Hoang bus: depart from Western bus station, ticket price is 100k / time, phone: 0839 242 424

– Tra Vinh Transportation: depart from the Western bus station, ticket price is 120k / time, phone: 0918 842 642

– Tan Thanh Thuy bus: depart from the Western bus station, ticket price is 100k / time, phone: 0839 242 526

Most trips will take around 4-5 hours to arrive. As soon as you arrive in Tra Vinh, after checking in, check in and rest, you can rent a motorbike at the guesthouse or hotel and start your trip to explore Tra Vinh!All travel experiences Tra Vinh - Tra Vinh is 130 km from Ho Chi Minh CityTra Vinh is 130 km from Ho Chi Minh City. Photo:

Option 2: Travel Tra Vinh from Saigon by motorbike or car (you can rent a car or drive by yourself):

The biggest advantage when you choose to drive by yourself or rent a car to Tra Vinh is that you will be able to control your journey and especially admire the fascinating beauty of a western river region. The road from Ho Chi Minh City to Tra Vinh, you will in turn pass the provinces of Long An, Tien Giang, Ben Tre and cross the three most beautiful and longest bridges of the Mekong Delta, the Rach Mieu Bridge. Ham Luong bridge and Co Chien bridge. The romantic and peaceful scenery on both sides of the river promises to captivate many visitors from far away.

According to the travel experience of many people, the trip will be even more wonderful when you come to these bridges at dawn or dusk. This will be an irresistible beautiful moment. If you are lucky enough to see this beautiful scenery, you should stop by the parking stops at the bridge to take some commemorative photos of the trip.All travel experiences Tra Vinh - there are many beautiful templesTra Vinh has many beautiful temples. Photo: vntrip

The specific itinerary from Saigon to Tra Vinh is as follows. First, you go in the direction of National Highway 1A and continue to move to Trung Luong intersection, then turn to Highway 60. Then go across Tien River and then to Rach Mieu Bridge and through Ben Tre city. Here, visitors continue to follow National Highway 60, then cross Co Chien Bridge to come to Tra Vinh.

Transportation in Tra Vinh

Currently in Tra Vinh, there are only long-distance buses going from the city center to the towns and districts, not around the city. Therefore, you can only travel by motorbike or taxi within the city. Besides, the most convenient way to travel to most of the famous Tra Vinh tourist spots is also to rent a car, book a taxi or ride a motorbike, so note this in your Tra Vinh travel experience .All travel experiences Tra Vinh - Land of ancient architecture templesThe land of the temples has unique ancient architecture, mainly demonstrating the characteristics of the Khmer people. Photo:

If you choose to rent a motorbike, the rental price ranges from 150-200k / day. For more information, you can also meet the hotel reception at your hotel for further instructions. In addition, motorbike taxi services in Tra Vinh are also quite popular and easy to find, but before going, remember to negotiate the price in advance.

Where to travel to Tra Vinh?

Here are a few motels and hotels in Tra Vinh you can refer to and choose for your discovery in this peaceful land:

– Cuu Long Hotel is located at 999 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Ward 7, Tra Vinh City.

– Hoa Anh Dao Hotel is located at cluster 4 Pham Ngu Lao, ward 1, Tra Vinh city.

– Duy Phuong Hotel: Group 5, Ward 8, Tra Vinh City.

– Duy Tung Hotel at 6 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 2, Tra Vinh City.

Hoan My Hotel: No. 105A Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Ward 7, Tra Vinh City.

– Hoang Ngoc Hotel: address at 5 Le Thanh Ton, Ward 2, Tra Vinh City.

– Gia Hoa 1 Hotel at 75 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Ward 7, Tra Vinh City.All travel experiences in Tra Vinh - immerse yourself in nature in famous ecological zonesVisitors are also immersed in nature at famous ecological zones. Photo

Famous tourist attractions in Tra Vinh

The temples in Tra Vinh

Tra Vinh is known as the land of many ancient and famous temples throughout the West. When you come here, you will be surprised to see many temples and pagodas with different styles and styles along the way. In this beautiful western land adjacent to the sea, there are more than 150 temples belonging to the Khmer, Kinh and Chinese peoples.

Each temple has its own unique architecture featuring its own beauty and attraction. So, do not miss the religious works that are also a special tourist destination in Tra Vinh. Here are some typical temples that you should visit at least once: An Pagoda, Hang Pagoda, Ong Mother Pagoda, Nôdol Pagoda, Bao Mon Pagoda, Ap Soc Pagoda, …

An Temple

Located deep inside a historical site, towards the left of Square Ao, is the temple with the most unique architecture – the pride of the Khmer people: An pagoda.All travel experiences Tra Vinh - An Temple is known as the oldest templeAn pagoda is known as the oldest temple in the Khmer temple system in Tra Vinh. Photo: vntrip.

An temple also has the full name of the temple Angkorajaborey. This work is known as the temple with the oldest history in the Khmer temple system in Tra Vinh dating back more than 10 centuries. The temple has ancient architecture, the interior is depicted and adorned with many typical Khmer artworks such as statues of gods, fairies, statues of spirits, goddesses or sculpture of Buddha. Thich Ca. There are also lines and decorative patterns bearing bold spiritual and religious cultural identity of the Khmer Southern people.

This is also the place where major festivals take place during the year of the Cham people such as Chol Chnam Thmay (New Year’s celebration), Dolta (ancestor’s ceremony) or Ok Om Bok (moon worshiping ceremony) is also a popular place to visit. to worship, pray for peace and prosperity for yourself and your family.

Cave temple

Along with Hang Chau Doc Pagoda, Hang Tra Vinh Pagoda is also known by many tourists. The pagoda belongs to cluster 3, located in Chau Thanh town, Chau Thanh district. Called Hang Pagoda because this place has the architecture of the entrance to the pagoda very similar to a cave in nature. Hang Pagoda also has a fairly large campus with half the area of ​​natural forest.All travel experiences Tra Vinh - Gate of the cave temple of the Hang PagodaThe entrance to the cave gate – one of the symbols of the Hang Pagoda. Photo: viettravelo.

There are also many old trees here and also home to many other animals, most of which are birds. When traveling to Tra Vinh and visiting Hang Pagoda, visitors are also amazed at the talents of the monks with skillful sculpting skills, transforming the big tree roots into impressive and beautiful shapes. .

Nôdol temple

This is a famous old pagoda in Tra Vinh with an ancient and quiet space and is a great place for those who love purity.

Nôdol pagoda is located in Giong Lon, Dai An hamlet, Tra Cu district, 40km south of Ta Vinh town.

Ba Dong Sea

This is a famous beautiful beach and still retains a wild feature in Tra Vinh with a long, flat coastline. Coming here to visit, visitors will enjoy fun and play in the water as well as swimming. Then, enjoy the fresh and cheap seafood dishes at the seafood restaurants in Ba Dong beach resort.All travel experiences Tra Vinh - Ba Dong BeachBa Dong Beach – the most beautiful beach in Tra Vinh. Photo:

Ba Om Pond

Ao Ba Om is a must-see in your upcoming Tra Vinh tourism experience . The pond is not very large, but it is enough for you and your family and friends to spend half a day exploring the beauty as well as learning about the thrilling stories surrounding this place.

Around Ms. Om pond, there are many trees planted around hundreds of years old. Therefore, many stumps have created an extremely unique and attractive unique shape. This place is also very suitable for a short picnic, so remember to bring your food for lunch or afternoon, with your friends sitting under the shade trees to enjoy delicious food and admire the clear blue pond. .All travel experiences of Tra Vinh - Ba Om pondThe hottest tourist destination in Tra Vinh – Ba Om pond. Photo: gody.

Tan Qui Islet

Located in An Phu commune – Cau Ke and just over 45km from the center of Tra Vinh city to the northwest, Tan Qui isle is a tourist destination Tra Vinh is very popular with tourists. This place possesses the green beauty with many delicious fruits typical of this region. In addition, you can also participate in daily activities of local people such as hunting Bong Lau fish, picking fruit and enjoying the famous Tra Vinh specialties.All travel experiences Tra Vinh - Stop in the country characterized by riversStop in the watery countryside. Photo: dulichvietnam.

Mangrove eco-tourism area

With the age of more than 20 years, the mangrove ecotourism located in Long Khanh commune, Duyen Hai district, Tra Vinh province is a favorite tourist destination for tourists who love to explore nature. This is not only a simple ecotourism area but also home to many rare species of animals and aquatic products. Visiting this western tourist destination , you can also admire the wild beauty created by immense mangroves and take part in the experience down the canoes along the canals and canals in the forest.All experiences travel Tra Vinh - Mangrove eco-tourism areaTra Vinh mangrove eco-tourism area. Photo: dulichvietnam.

Tra Vinh Big Market

If Can Tho has the most ancient market of the same name in the West, Chau Doc An Giang market is the paradise of fish sauce and river specialties, Tra Vinh people also have a famous market of their own, named after Tra Vinh Big Market. This is the largest market, located in the heart of the city. Here you can buy anything from food and drinks, vermicelli dishes, noodles, porridge to sticky rice and tea. This is also a place that specializes in wholesale clothing, shoes, very suitable for shopping lovers.All experiences traveling Tra Vinh - Cho Lon Tra Vinh busyTra Vinh Cholon is bustling and bustling. Photo: viettravelo

Khmer Ethnic Museum

Currently, there are only two Khmer cultural museums in the country, one located in Soc Trang and the other in Tra Vinh. Khmer Culture Museum in Tra Vinh city was inaugurated in 1995 and located in cluster 4, ward 8, Tra Vinh city. This is the place to store and display many rich artifacts about the spiritual and material life of the Khmer people in the Mekong Delta region.All travel experience Tra Vinh - Khmer Ethnic MuseumKhmer Ethnic Museum – a place to keep the history of formation and development of an entire nation.

Tra Vinh tourism experience: Famous and unique festivals

– Festival Okombok, also known as moon worship festival very similar to the full moon in August (Mid Autumn Festival) from Beijing and is held on an annual Lunar 15/10.

– Khmer New Year is also known as New Year’s Mass in Khmer and is held in mid-April lunar calendar every year.

– Festival Vu lan in Co Tong Mieu: held on 18 to 19 July lunar calendar.

– Festival of the sea My Long (The festival) has TUO life over a hundred years and takes place from 11 to 13 May lunar calendar every year in the town of My Long, of Cau Ngang district, Tra Vinh province to bridge fishermen, pray for seasons and be peaceful for the people.All travel experiences in Tra Vinh - Cho Ro Chnam ThmayThe Chöl Chnam Thmay ceremony is also known as the age or Tet festival. Photo: viettravelo.All travel experiences Tra Vinh - Ok Om Bok or Moon CeremonyOk Om Bok or Moon Ceremony is one of the traditional folk festivals of the Khmer people. Photo: viettravelo

Specialties and delicious and delicious food and drink addresses in Tra Vinh

After you have answered the questions about the way, how to move, what to go out, where to go to Tra Vinh, surely the remaining Tra Vinh travel experience that many of you will care about is what to eat. here for the right tune. There is a long list of dishes known as Tra Vinh specialties waiting for you to discover. They are vermicelli, noodle soup, Ben Co soup, fish and potato porridge, lemongrass and chili porridge processed from Ba Dong seaweed, Da Loc pancake, Tra Cu dried shrimp, …All travel experiences Tra Vinh - Specialties of Tra Vinh are extremely attractiveTra Vinh’s specialty is extremely attractive with all kinds of strange dishes. Photo:

Here are some delicious restaurants in Tra Vinh

– Ben Co Banh canh : Located right at Ben Co bridge, outside Tra Vinh city.

– Dong Khoi soup noodle soup on Dong Khoi Street, (opposite Huong Luc restaurant). Shop from 14h – 17h.

– Chau Thanh grilled spring rolls, just a sidewalk restaurant, but with excellent spring rolls, the shop is located near Chau Thanh garment factory and only sells at night.

Ja curry rice is located on Dien Bien Phu street, near the intersection with Tran Phu street.

– Hu Tieu Xí Quach A Linh : address at 260 Le Loi, ward 2. The shop sells from 15am – 23pm.

– Bun Suong Tra Vinh : The shop sells on the sidewalk of Dien Bien Phu street, opposite the Marina cafe.

What do Tra Vinh tourism buy as gifts?

In the Tra Vinh tourism experience set , there are also suggestions about items to buy as gifts for relatives and friends after visiting this western land adjacent to the sea. It is fish sauce and dried shrimp, fruits, seafood such as squid or squid, especially coconut and coconut products such as: coconut wax, coconut candy, coconut oil or guava.All travel experiences Tra Vinh - Visiting orchardsVisiting the orchard, enjoying the sweet fruits and buying them as gifts. Photo: vntrip.

Notes when traveling to Tra Vinh

When traveling to Tra Vinh in particular and the western provinces in general, remember to prepare comfortable and cool clothes because these places have hot – humid weather, and strong sun in the summer. Tidy outfits also make it easy to move and move.

In addition, you can also bring swimwear if you want to swim in Ba Dong beach. If you want to camp or picnic, bring a jacket, a tent and some snacks and water. Prepare to add mosquito repellent, insect repellent, wind oil, cold medicine, … to prevent common diseases such as flu, stomachache.

Another note is that if you plan to visit the pagoda in Tra Vinh, you should dress politely and discreetly.