Revealing the beautiful streams in Da Lat that are wild and poetic, not going to chill is a pity

The beautiful streams in Da Lat with painting-like scenery adorn the dreamy, seductive beauty of the foggy land and are also a wonderful gift that Mother Nature has created and given to the beautiful highland land. This is beautiful.

    Da Lat is not only considered a paradise of flowers and grass, but a place where people always want to return when they need to relax and immerse themselves in the pure beauty of nature. Da Lat always welcomes travelers with warm affection and beautiful nature all year round. In that windy plateau, there are not only beautiful flower gardens, majestic waterfalls, and romantic pine forests, but also beautiful streams that are a favorite chill spot for travel enthusiasts. The beautiful streams in Da Lat do not have a majestic, majestic appearance, but are mainly small streams flowing from the upper reaches of the high mountains with dreamy scenery that many tourists come to admire.

    Beautiful streams in Da LatDa Lat has many beautiful streams with poetic scenery. Photo: FB/ Eden Garden

    Revealing the beautiful streams in picturesque Da Lat 

    1. Suoi Mo Da Lat 

    Although located right near Tuyen Lam Lake, one of Da Lat’s attractive tourist destinations, Mo Stream is not known to many people. This is Suoi Mo located in a beautiful primeval forest, so it has a wild scene, surrounded by natural trees filled with poetic beauty and a peaceful, clear space. The long stream has continuous waterfalls flowing through the forest, across large boulders and lovely bridges.

    Beautiful streams in Da Lat, Mo streamSuoi Mo is located in the middle of a beautiful forest right near Tuyen Lam Lake. Photo: FB Eden Garden

    Coming to this beautiful stream in Da Lat, visitors can immerse themselves in the wild, cool nature. Admire the beauty of waterfalls, flower forests and chirping forest birds. Near Mo stream is the Garden of Eden cafe and Tuyen Lam Lake spillway are also very attractive check-in locations for tourists.

    Beautiful streams in Da Lat, Mo streamThe beautiful scenery like a fairy tale makes visitors fascinated. Photo: FB Eden Garden

    2. Purple Stream 

    When talking about beautiful streams in Da Lat, you certainly cannot ignore Tia stream , a place to stop like a magical fairyland. Suoi Tia is located in the Tuyen Lam lake water system, 7km from the city center. This place possesses very poetic scenery with an impressive mangrove ecosystem. This is a rare place in the Central Highlands with this ecosystem.

    Beautiful streams in Da Lat Suoi TiaSuoi Tia is a familiar stop for nature-loving travelers. Photo: @nunteomeomeo

    When talking about Suoi Tia, people often remember the image of deciduous bamboo trees standing alone on the white water surface, hidden in it is the image of a fisherman with a fishing boat and a hazy mist, making the space even more beautiful. With the addition of magical magic, that’s why travelers often give this place special names such as paradise movie studio, paradise or paradise in the middle of the world. Coming to Da Lat’s Tia stream, in addition to sightseeing, visitors can rent a boat for an excursion, row a sub or camp, trek through the pine forest or take enchanting virtual photo shoots amid the breathtaking scenery.

    Beautiful streams in Da Lat purple streamThe magical scene at Suoi Tia is as beautiful as a paradise. Photo:

    3. Hoa Binh Stream 

    This stream is located in D’ran town, 40km from Da Lat city center and still retains its original wild and natural look. Hoa Binh Stream has a very gentle flow, the clear water weaves through the pebbles under the forest canopy, creating a very peaceful space. Around the stream are rose gardens, mixed with pine forests. Not possessing the fierce beauty of many other streams in the Central Highlands, Hoa Binh stream still has its own unique charm with its pristine, gentle appearance. Coming to this beautiful stream in Da Lat, visitors can relax in the fresh space of the mountains and forests, take a cool bath or organize picnics and camping on the banks of the stream.

    Beautiful streams in Da Lat, Mo streamHoa Binh Stream is little known so it still retains its wild character. Photo: Saigon Tiep Thi

    4. Stream in Tinh Mo village 

    The stream in Tinh Mo village is located 15km from the center of Da Lat in Lat commune, Da Nghit and is one of the  famous beautiful streams in Da Lat . Tinh Mo Village is essentially a home resort with a typical Da Lat atmosphere, where visitors can enjoy truly peaceful moments amidst the mountainous nature.

    Beautiful streams in Da Lat Tinh Mo villageThe stream in Tinh Mo Village is very beautiful and poetic. Photo: FB Tinh Mo Village

    In Tinh Mo Village, there is a beautiful, peaceful stream that flows gently and windingly, its banks are gravel beaches, and the lush green forest trees seem to flow down to the water. Especially every early morning, on the stream is a blanket of mist, creating a beautiful, illusory scene like a real paradise in the world. The stream in Tinh Mo village is not only a favorite stop for travel enthusiasts, but many famous stars have also come here to take beautiful photos.

    Beautiful streams in Da Lat Tinh Mo villageThe stream is beautiful and romantic with thin morning mist. Photo: FB Tinh Mo Village

    5. Da Ban Stream

    When mentioning the name Da Ban stream, many people will immediately think of Phu Quoc, but in the Central Highlands there is also a very beautiful Da Ban stream located 110km from the center of Da Lat city. Accordingly, this stream is located in Bao Loc City and is famous for its wild and unique charm that fascinates tourists. This stream is likened to a young girl growing up, full of wildness and mystery.

    Beautiful streams in Da LatThe clear water in Da Ban stream fascinates travelers. Photo: Mia

    True to its name, the stream has many rocks as wide and flat as tables in the white flow. Flowing through large rocks is a clear stream of water, below condensing into a beautiful blue lake. The banks are lined with reeds that cast shadows on the water surface, making the scene even more charming. Coming to Da Ban stream in Da Lat, visitors can enjoy immersing themselves in the cool water, listening to the joyful sound of the stream or having a picnic on the stream bank. 

    6. Stream at the Cafe next to Suoi 

    Referring to the beautiful streams in Da Lat , you certainly will not be able to ignore the poetic stream of the Suoi Next Door Cafe located at 4/18, Truc Lam Yen Tu. The small stream in this cafe is very poetic with clear water, the stream bed has many rough pebbles, the banks are rows of green trees, and the lawn creates a romantic natural picture. In particular, the shop is designed with beautiful chill corners on the banks of streams, which are ideal places for you to relax and capture beautiful moments.

    beautiful streams in Da Lat stream cafe next to the streamThe very chill scene at the stream attracts many tourists. Photo: Nha Beside the Stream Cafe

    beautiful streams in Da Lat stream cafe next to the streamThe experience of enjoying delicious BBQ meals by the stream is always attractive. Photo: Nha Beside the Stream Cafe

    7. Stream at the water mill cafe 

    Da Lat has many cafes built next to romantic streams and become a favorite stop for tourists, and Coi Xay Nuoc Cafe is one of the famous addresses. This shop is located at 4 Truc Lam Yen Tu Street, Da Lat City and is famous for its cafe space combined with beautiful natural scenery next to the gentle stream.

    Beautiful streams in Da Lat Stream at the water mill cafeThe water mill cafe has up to 4 romantic streams. Photo: FB Water Mill – Dalat

    The shop has a campus of up to 4,000 square meters and is a private hydroelectric plant, so inside there are up to 4 streams and natural waterfalls. Surrounded by a fresh space of trees, creating a very dreamy scene. Visitors coming here can enjoy relaxing moments by the stream, enjoy fragrant cups of coffee, listen to birds singing and the sound of a gurgling stream or live virtual lives with unique check-in corners.

    Beautiful streams in Dalat Streams at Water Mill - DalatThere are countless beautiful virtual living corners next to the stream for you to relax. Photo: FB Water Mill – Dalat

    Visit the beautiful streams in Da Lat and admire the natural scenery of green mountains and forests, the peaceful, soft stream weaving through the rocks, you will feel like your soul is “washed” to find peace. and relax. When visiting the highlands, don’t miss the opportunity to admire the wonderful scenery of beautiful streams. 

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