Rice soup cake for more than 20 years is always crowded


DA NANG – CO Cuc’s cake soup shop has been busy with customers for many years, and the price is affordable.

Co Cuc rice cake soup is one of the oldest and most famous cake soup shops in Da Nang. The shop has been serving for nearly 20 years and is visited by many people from far and near. The shop is located on Bui Duong Lich, Son Tra, near the foot of the Thuan Phuoc bridge. The special thing is that despite existing for decades, Banh Canh still maintains an affordable price. Currently, each bowl is 13,000 VND.($1=24,000 VND)

According to the shop owner, in the past, cake Canh shops in Da Nang were often located near the fields. People call it rice soup cake for easy remembering and identification. Since then, the name “rice soup” has become popular. These restaurants have modest seating. Guests have to wait a long time, so it is also called waiting cake.

After Ms. Cuc moved the shop from near the foot of Thuan Phuoc bridge to a spacious establishment on Bui Duong Lich Street, customers can sit both indoors or outdoors.

The restaurant is open from 14:00 to 23:30 daily. Many guests said that because they have eaten here for a long time, they often time to come early to avoid waiting. Every day, the shop sells hundreds of bowls. The service staff did not stop working.

The broth of Banh Canh is taken from the broth of tuna, has a sweet taste. When eating, the shop puts the cake flour in a bowl, fills the broth and adds onions and cilantro.

In the past, Miss Cuc’s house made banh chung from rice flour. Later, when there was a great demand, the shop bought ready-made flour.

Side dishes include fried fish (pictured), fish cakes, fried onions and other spices. Cuc’s house has two main types: fried fish cake and egg cake soup. In order to serve diners in the early afternoon, the preparations start from the morning. The operation of cooking cakes, boiling and frying fish, cooking broth is done carefully so that the ingredients are not crushed or broken.

Quynh, who has lived and worked in Da Nang for 7 years, has been eating cake soup from Ms. Cuc since the shop was in its old location. After many years, Quynh said: “The taste has not changed much, especially the cheap price, so I still come here often”. Friends come to Da Nang, Quynh often leads to referrals.