Ro Ngao ethnic boy plays “hit” songs on the rock

A Khis is a Kon Tum guy with a passion for music. He is loved by the public for his covers of famous songs on the national rock instrument.

The boy in the Central Highlands is passionate about the rock instrument

A Khis is from the Ro Ngao ethnic group (a branch of the Ba Na ethnic group), and from a farming family in Kon Tum. He is the second child in the family.

Loved music since the age of 17, Khis taught himself to play the guitar without going to any school. After that, he continued to practice other instruments.

Recently, Khis is known to the online community thanks to the cover of the song Waiting for you by singer Mono through the lute made by himself.

Khis and the fiddle he made himself (Photo: NVCC).

Talking about her passion for music, A Khis shared: “I have been passionate about music for a long time and have also studied the lute for 3 years now. Because of my love for music, I want to love music. cover songs in the most special way.

I created the lute myself, that’s why the cover on my own product makes me very excited.”

Although he did not go to any music school, Khis still attracted a lot of fans when he covered famous songs. The most special thing about his covers is that he has introduced to everyone the traditional stone instrument of the Central Highlands people.

Kon Tum boy plays the Waiting for you song on the harp (Video: NVCC)

The seemingly rudimentary stone instrument is also a process that he meticulously selects materials and implements to create an instrument with the most wonderful sounds.

A Khis learned from the artisans in the village and practiced diligently for a long time. Later, he was able to create stone lutes and different ethnic musical instruments by himself such as t’rung, bamboo lute, klong pu…

Sharing about his attachment to the lute, Khis said: “In the past, I have met a few artisans and learned from the lute maker. Making a lute is very difficult and strenuous, especially At the rock surveying stage, because the lute is made of a rare stone, it takes about 3 weeks to complete a stone lute.

Currently, in Vietnam, there are no schools to train in this subject, but with the simplicity of traditional musical instruments with little sound, learning to play is also easy. The main difference is in each player’s playing technique.

For me, converting young music songs to play on the lute is very easy because I’m used to and understand the pros and cons of the fiddle.”

The stone organ created by Khis (Photo: NVCC).

Khis cover songs always give listeners a special feature because of the sound emitted from the stone guitar. Although he is passionate about young music, he does not forget the traditional beauty of his nation. On the contrary, Mr. Khis wanted to create a colorful combination of tradition and modernity.

Didn’t go to school but has a good vibe

According to Khis, music is his passion and also helps him earn extra income from playing music at some small events . Khis’ musical inspiration comes from his idol, singer Son Tung M-TP.

“I really like singer Son Tung M-TP, the way he develops music also helps me get more inspired when working. Even though I fail, I still want to try every day so that I can be better. .

Son Tung also has a saying: “If you want to sit in a position no one can sit, you have to endure feelings that no one can stand” and I also hope that I can withstand the pressures of life to create new things. the best,” Khis said.

Khis always strives to be the best version of herself

Coming from a farming family, Khis did not have good conditions to develop his passion. But not so that this young man faltered.

Sharing and hobby of covering young music songs, Khis said: “I cover a lot of young musicians and post it on social networking platforms, this hobby also only originates from my spontaneous thinking moments, I don’t remember. It’s clear when it started.

Personally, I have a pretty good sense of sound, so just listening to the melody can be played, just need to edit at the points of the song and that is also the difficult technique of this fiddle.”

According to Khis’s share, the videos he posted online were just to satisfy his passion, but he never intended to join showbiz.

“I just upload songs for everyone to enjoy, but I don’t have much intention of joining showbiz. I didn’t learn much, so that’s probably a bit far-fetched for me,” Khis said. speak.

Although he did not go to music school, Khis is still striving every day to satisfy his passion. In particular, he is also inspiring many young people about the attractiveness of ethnic musical instruments.

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