Saigon youth wear ao dai to have fun at the beginning of the new year

Many young people in Saigon flocked to famous tourist destinations in the central area of ​​District 1 to take photos and have fun in the early morning of the new year 2024.

From early morning, many young people flock to familiar places of Saigon such as Turtle Lake, City Post Office, Notre Dame Cathedral, Sach Street, April 30 Park, Ben Thanh Market to take photos and visit. .

At Turtle Lake, many young people in colorful traditional dresses posed for photos. Phan Trang, holding her phone and taking a selfie with the group members, said that the group rented a set for 250,000 VND, plus props for a total of about 300,000 VND to take beautiful, sparkling photos.

Bright young people pose for photos under the cool Saigon weather on the first day of the year.

About 500 meters from Turtle Lake, Notre Dame Cathedral campus also attracts many young people to take photos to commemorate the first day of the year.

The area in front of the City Post Office is also bustling. This place not only attracts a large number of tourists to learn about Vietnamese culture, but also young Saigon people who come to take photos and enjoy cultural entertainment on holidays or weekends.

Mr. Sy works as an artist, painting portraits for foreign tourists in front of the City Post Office. Mr. Sy said each painting he painted costs 250,000 VND and can be completed in about 10 minutes.

Besides, the area that attracts the most people is the book street, which displays many types of books and offers discounts.

This year, the area in front of Ben Thanh market is fenced, creating a large space for people to have fun. Many people took advantage of taking photos in front of the market on the first day of the year.

Many other young people look for cool spaces to play and relax such as 30/4 park and Zoo and Botanical Garden.

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