Sapa Ban Ho is so beautiful, why can’t tourists love it!

Sapa Ban Ho is a beautiful and gentle village with the poetic Muong Hoa stream, the magnificent Hoang Lien Son mountain range, and the typical indigenous culture of the people here. 

It turns out that Sapa has a beautiful lake like this!

Ban Ho Sapa is a very beautiful commune located in the Sapa district, about 30 km from the center of Sapa town. Visitors who want to come here just need to go to the southwest, and follow the trails nestled under the Hoang Lien Son mountain range to arrive. Although quite far from the town center, the journey back to Ban Ho will bring you many wonderful experiences. 

Where is Sapa Lake?Ban Ho commune is located about 30 km from the center of Sapa town. Photo: @seetheworl_withme

The road to Ban Ho commune is winding, winding with some dangerous sections to “increase the difficulty of the game”. Those are the few moments that visitors feel heart-stopping when one side is a steep cliff, the other side is a deep abyss. Also because of the arduous difficulties, this place is beautiful and charming, attracting a large number of tourists to visit. 

Where is Sapa Lake?Beautiful and peaceful scene in Ban Ho commune. Photo: @sasi_zakay

The name of this village may not be as famous as Cat Cat , Ta Van, etc., but certainly not inferior in terms of scenery or experience. During Tet holidays and weekends, Ban Ho is very crowded, many tourists come to visit and there are many vibrant cultural and artistic activities taking place throughout the village.

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Fall in love with the scenery of Sapa Lake 

Compared to Sapa, the temperature in Ban Ho is higher, ranging from 18-25 degrees Celsius, so it is not too cold. The first time you come here, you will love this cool, pleasant weather. And in that wonderful atmosphere, the majestic scenery of the Hoang Lien Son mountain range appears more real, majestic and splendid. 

The beauty of Ban Ho SapaBan Ho Sapa has a cool and pleasant climate. Photo: @tranngocdung.201194

Along the way to Ban Ho Sapa , visitors will pass through deep green forests with diverse vegetation. This place mainly concentrates temperate tree species typical of the northern mountains and forests. If traveling to Sapa in the spring, visitors also have the opportunity to see many flowers blooming, admire the lush trees sprouting buds. 

The beauty of Ban Ho SapaThe road to Ban Ho is beautiful, like the West sky. Photo: @theitembomb

During the journey back to this beautiful village in the Northwest, visitors also pass through the typical traditional stilt houses of the Tay people. This is a model of a house with unique architecture, made of wood to keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The houses nestled in the fields, green terraced fields, create a beautiful picture, true to the Northwest style. 

The beauty of Ban Ho SapaThere are clouds and mountains here, the scenery is romantic and picturesque. Photo: @food_freund

What is the beauty of Sapa village besides mountains and houses? Those are beautiful and wild streams and waterfalls. Coming here, you will see La Ve stream flowing from the mountain to Den village, cool and clear water. In particular, the stream also carries many species of fresh fish that local residents call jumping fish. 

The beauty of Ban Ho SapaBeautiful terraced fields in Ban Ho. Photo: @mai_giangt

Not only the La Ve stream, there is also the Muong Hoa stream in Ban Ho – a beautiful floating stream, running around the traditional villages of the Tay people. Since primitive time, the Muong Hoa stream has been associated with the daily life of the people here. Along with the La Ve stream, Muong Hoa creates an impressive highlight for the landscape of Ban Ho. 

The beauty of Ban Ho SapaIn Ban Ho, there are La Ve streams and Muong Hoa streams. Photo: @ellbird

Especially in Ban Ho commune, there is a beautiful waterfall named Seo Trung Ho. To explore this waterfall, you have to go deep into the Hoang Lien Son mountain range . The waterfall is 100 meters high, pouring down from the mountain with clear foam, the sound of the water is murmuring and the water is clear and cool. 

The beauty of Ban Ho SapaBeautiful scenery in Ban Ho commune, Sapa. Photo: @honghanh_1304

At the foot of the waterfall are large and small undulating rocks and a clear and calm lake, suitable for visitors to cool off and swim on hot summer days. Or you can also come here to enjoy the scenery, chill in the beautiful and cool natural space of the Northwest. 

The beauty of Ban Ho SapaThe fresh waterfall in Ban Ho is also an ideal place for you to bathe. Photo: @duongph217

Coming to Ban Ho commune in Sapa, do not miss the opportunity to walk around the villages and visit the homes of brocade-making households. Indigenous people produce very beautiful towels and clothes that visitors can buy as gifts for relatives and friends. You can ask people in the village to find the big addresses, and buy goods at the most affordable prices.

The beauty of Ban Ho SapaInternational tourists explore Ban Ho commune. Photo: @so_trekking_tour_sapa

If you stop in this village overnight, do not miss the opportunity to gather at the cultural house to participate in singing activities, enjoy dances, and play fun games here. These experiences help visitors understand more about the culture of the Tay, Hmong, etc., broaden their worldview about life in the Northwest highlands.

Experience going to Sapa Lake 

The ideal time to explore this beautiful village in Sapa is April – May and September – October. Summer is the time when Ban Ho enters the pouring water season with fields shining under the sun, photos. People work hard to sow seeds in the fields. In the morning, when the rice fields are ripe and golden, the whole sky is as beautiful as Hoang Su Phi and Mu Cang Chai. 

Experience going to Ban Ho SapaYou can come here in April – May or September – October as you like. Photo: @loreenricard

Besides, when traveling to Ban Ho in autumn, visitors can also enjoy the jubilant festival atmosphere of the people here. Especially, the sound of pounding rice to make nuggets is bustling and jubilant, preparing for the activities of giving thanks and praying to heaven and earth for favorable rain and wind, and peaceful life. 

Experience going to Ban Ho SapaIn Ban Ho commune, there are many homestays for tourists to stay. Photo: @agnelipeik

Today, Ban Ho has strongly developed tourism, with many homestays for guests to stay overnight. Here, you can choose the Ban Den area located in the center of the commune to stay. In addition, homestay H’Mong Mountain Retreat with long-standing stilt house architecture is also a suitable place for you to stop. 

Experience going to Ban Ho SapaThere is no shortage of beautiful homestays for visitors to check in. Photo: @thuy.yuri8595

Traveling to Ban Ho, you don’t have to worry about eating. Local cuisine is very diverse with grilled fish dishes, lam rice, purple sticky rice, grilled chicken, wild boar, etc. When staying at the homestay, guests will be served these delicious dishes. If you know how to drink, you can sip on a cup of fragrant rice wine to feel more fully the taste of mountainous cuisine.

Experience going to Ban Ho SapaComing here, you can eat delicious purple sticky rice and grilled chicken. Photo: @nalyly96

An interesting thing about going to Ban Ho is that visitors can choose from many different means of transport such as motorbikes, motorbike taxis or jeep rentals. If you take a motorbike taxi, the price fluctuates about 200,000 VND / 2 ways, the price of a jeep is from 350,000 to 500,000 VND / way. If you rent a motorbike, the price will be from 100,000 to 150,000 VND/day. Depending on your preferences, you choose the most suitable means to explore this destination in Sapa . 

Experience going to Ban Ho SapaTraveling to Sapa, you should not miss the beautiful Ban Ho. Photo: @lovesurfyoga

Ban Ho Commune Sapa is a beautiful coordinate, poetic but also full of majesty and magnificence. The Northwest imprint is clearly shown through terraced fields, stilt houses, mountains and forests, and especially the traditional cultural habits of the Mong, Tay, Dao… here. So if you have the opportunity to travel to Sapa, you should once explore Ban Ho to accumulate more great travel experiences for yourself.

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