Searching for the top 3 most beautiful scenes praised by foreign tourists in Vietnam

We may be too familiar, but in the eyes of our friends, the world is an unreal beautiful place.

Vietnam is always an ideal destination for international tourists. Not only because of the rich cuisine but also because of the diverse terrain and beautiful nature. That’s why, a foreign tourist recently found a passion for our country when he released a series of clips, synthesizing the most unique footage of Vietnam’s nature. 

In which, that tourist selected 3 places and praised them as the most beautiful places in Vietnam. Worth mentioning, these three names are not strange, even for tourists near and far, they just need to look at it to recognize it.


It is not too difficult to understand when “the number 1 tourist paradise in the Northern mountains” is ranked first in this list. Located at an altitude of 1500m -1600m above sea level, SaPa upland district belongs to Lao Cai province, located between Hoang Lien Son and Con Voi ranges. 

Also because of the topography, the climate here is cool all year round. In spring, Sapa is brilliant with peach and plum forests in bloom. In the summer, the mountains and forests here are covered with a fresh green color of terraced fields. Then comes the season of ripe golden rice in the sky. In the winter, visitors can still come here to enjoy the cold below 0 degrees Celsius and maybe have the opportunity to watch the snow fall on the roof of Indochina. 

Photo: Hanh Hanh, Dam Nhat Minh, Tai Ho.

Tourist services in Sapa are relatively developed, roads and means of transportation are convenient. In addition to the homestay and motel model, there are also resorts and high-class hotels here. It is worth mentioning that tourism is developing, but the ethnic villages here still retain their unique traditional culture. Therefore, whether you want to experience or relax, you can go to Sapa. 

Photo: The Mong Village Resort & Spa, Hoang Minh Thuong.

Ha Giang

Compared to Sapa, the road to Ha Giang is more difficult and dangerous. However, this is the place where the moving souls always aim to conquer. The “specialty” in the top land of the country is the cat ear mountains and steep slopes. But when you have overcome it, opening up before your eyes will be the poetic scenery of plateaus, valleys or cool rivers and streams, making people fall in love. 

Photo: Ngoc Anh

Besides the buckwheat flower season in early spring, for many people, Ha Giang is most beautiful when the rice is ripe. Around September and October every year, the green rice turns color and gradually turns to a shiny golden color. Thousands of terraced fields are neat, successively winding around the back of the hill and mountainside, creating a rustic but romantic beauty. 

One of the most attractive places for tourists in the ripe rice season is the terraced fields in Phung village, Hoang Su Phi. Wishing to eat a bowl of hot noodles and inhale the aroma of rice in the early morning, forget all the troubles, it seems simple but not everyone has the opportunity to enjoy. 

Photo: Nguyen Khanh Hoang Anh, Hoang Minh Thuong.

Phu Quy Island

After 2 places in the mountains, Phu Quy has “caught the eyes” of foreign tourists. The island off the coast of Binh Thuan province has always been the most sought-after destination from the summer of 2022 to the present time. 

The best time to come here is from December of last year to about June of next year, in the season of calm waves, clear blue sky, cool breeze. Each place on the island has its own unique landscape, so usually, to be able to fully explore Phu Quy island district, visitors need to stay at least 4-5 days.

Photo: Thanh Tram.

Some must-visit places are Trieu Duong Bay, Small Beach, Ganh Hang, Phu Quy lighthouse, wind power field, Long Hai fish market. In which, in the two most beautiful and safe places, Hon Den and Hon Tranh, visitors can also experience activities such as fishing, diving to see corals… 

Photo: Thanh Tram, My Duong

In your opinion, are SaPa, Ha Giang and Phu Quy island the 3 most beautiful lands of Vietnam?