Sisters invited each other to show off the vase of wild sunflowers, simple but strangely beautiful

Wild sunflower season bloomed again, many women took advantage of arranging a lovely flower vase to brighten up the house.

By appointment again, wild sunflowers are back in season, all over the streets in Ba Vi or Da Lat wearing a yellow shirts. Many people have taken advantage of visiting the blooming flower streets and taking pictures of check-in with flowers.

Loving the beauty of this flower, many women choose to arrange a vase of wild sunflowers. A lovely vase of wild sunflowers with radiant yellow tones will make your home space become much more lively.

Vases of wild sunflowers with vibrant yellow bring life to the room.Photo: Thao Pham.

For wild sunflowers, a simple but beautiful arrangement is the arrangement of vases. However, those who like variations, can take advantage of the curved branches to shape the vase of wild sunflowers.

Because of their rustic beauty, wild sunflowers will be suitable for ceramic and porcelain vases. Depending on the length of the flower spike, you can choose a tall or low vase. When arranging flowers, remember to prune and remove excess leaves at the stem. When cutting the root, you should cut 45 degrees diagonally to help the flower absorb water better.

Let’s look at the vases of wild sunflowers that are skillfully placed by the sisters!

Wild sunflowers are bright yellow on an autumn afternoon Photo: Sarah Nguyen

A little variation in the arrangement of wild sunflowers.Photo: Mai Chi

Vases of wild sunflowers after planting on the 2nd day. Photo: Sarah Nguyen

Those who are skillful with their hands can show off their talent by arranging wild sunflowers in a creative style.Photo: Cao Thanh Thuy

You can leave the vase of wild sunflowers in the living room, kitchen.Photo: Le Nga

Not proud but not attractive, but wild sunflowers still have a very unique beauty.Photo: Thao Pham

The wildflowers until the 4th day are still very beautiful.Photo: Dieu Nhan

With a few flowers, you can put them in a small vase like this. Photo: Tran Huyen

The vase of wild sunflowers is beautiful in a rustic way. Photo: Phuong Thao

With a little dexterity, you can plug a vase of “turmeric” wild sunflowers like this. Photo: Nguyen Oanh

Wild sunflowers bloom in the sun. Photo: Thao Pham

A bit of a combination, wild sunflower and marguerite. Photo: Chi Phamle

Photo: Hong Huong Mai

The sisters unleashed their creativity with vases of wild sunflowers. Photo: Pham Quynh Anh

Wild sunflowers combined with other flowers are also very suitable.Le Thu Hien

What are you waiting for if you haven’t planted a vase of wild sunflowers?Photo: Huong Nguyen

Wish you all a beautiful vase of wild sunflowers!

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