Speak quietly: Dong Van Cao Street is very beautiful, remember to visit once!

Coming to Dong Van Cao Street, visitors have the opportunity to discover the beauty of the walled houses, go to the market and watch the poetic buckwheat flower season. 

Where is Fox Street?

Dong Van Cao Street is a beautiful valley located in Dong Van district, Ha Giang province with wild and peaceful beauty. This is a commune where many ethnic minorities live. The people of Pho Cao are extremely friendly, and always ready to welcome visitors from all over the world to visit and experience. 
 Where is Dong Van Fox Street?Pho Cao is a beautiful valley in the Dong Van district. Photo: @bonjourminhkhong

Pho Cao is located on Highway 4C and less than 20 km from Dong Van rock plateau. Visitors can come here by motorbike to easily move and explore the beautiful scenery in the commune. Depending on your Ha Giang travel schedule, you can stay overnight or choose to go back during the day as you like. 
 Where is Dong Van Fox Street?This land is located along with Highway 4C. Photo: @dreamer.meooo

As a commune of Dong Van district, and also a beautiful valley, Pho Cao contains pristine natural scenery, preserving the cultural features of the Mong, Dao, Han, Pu Peo people, … promises to bring valuable experiences to tourists coming here. 

The beauty of Dong Van Cao Street

Coming to Dong Van Fox Street, visitors will feel more fully the idyllic and rustic beauty of the rocky plateau. In the bustling urban areas, and spacious houses gradually give way to the scenery of the fanciful mountains and forests, the lifestyle imbued with the cultural identity of the ethnic minorities.
 What's so beautiful about Dong Van Cao Cao Street?Cao Cao Dong Van Street is really a peaceful and poetic destination. Photo: @dangthao

In Pho Cao, people mainly live in earthen-walled houses with rectangular structures. The store is in the middle and has no windows, featuring a characteristic yellow color and thatched roof. Some houses also have a very unique archway, creating an architectural impression that lowland people do not have.
 What's so beautiful about Dong Van Cao Cao Street?Pho Cao is home to many ethnic minorities, famous for its stilted houses. Photo: @little_autumnvn

The interesting thing about the wall house probably brings a feeling of warmth in the winter and a cool, pleasant feeling in the summer days. In particular, the house is made of earth, wood, and bamboo without using any adhesive materials at all. But hundreds of years have passed, and the houses are still solid despite the storms of rain and storm.
 What's so beautiful about Dong Van Cao Cao Street?The beautiful scenery of Pho Cao valley when viewed from above. Photo: @tienpv.aof46

Traveling to Ha Giang , visitors are very interested in discovering the houses of the people here. Depending on the household, the house has different large and small areas, roofed with leaves or tile to create a beauty imbued with traditional identity. For Pho Cao people, their home is their pride.
 What's so beautiful about Dong Van Cao Cao Street?Peaceful little corners in Pho Cao. Photo: @giothangtam

Around the house, people often build stone fences to create privacy for each family. In the yard, grow peach trees, plum trees, grow cabbage gardens, or lovely buckwheat flower gardens. Everything is rustic and strangely simple, yet it brings a very peaceful feeling to visitors.
 What's so beautiful about Dong Van Cao Cao Street?Pho Cao children are innocent and pure. Photo: @huongdt86

Visiting Dong Van Fox Street , in addition to experiencing the beautiful houses of the residents here, visitors cannot ignore the Pho Cao market. This is a market that takes place every Saturday morning. Like many other fairs in the mountainous region, the Pho Cao market is very busy and bustling.
 What's so beautiful about Dong Van Cao Cao Street?Coming to Pho Cao, visitors cannot ignore the fair here. Photo: @loc_ptran

Going to the market, visitors should get up early to feel the bustling and jubilant atmosphere of the local people. From early on, residents gathered at the market, bringing a lot of local products to trade and exchange with each other. Going to the market, visitors can not only buy souvenirs but also eat all kinds of dishes such as five-color sticky rice, beefcake, … very attractive.
 What's so beautiful about Dong Van Cao Cao Street?Corn wine is a specialty of Dong Van Cao Cao Street. Photo: @yennth__

Especially at Pho Cao market, there is also corn wine, which is a specialty of Ha Giang people . You can buy it to enjoy or as a gift as you like. In addition, participating in the fair is also an opportunity for visitors to learn about the diverse culture of 17 ethnic groups living in Pho Cao. Each ethnic group, with its own traditional costumes and customs, forms a diverse community typical of the Northern mountainous region.
 What's so beautiful about Dong Van Cao Cao Street?Peaceful spring in Dong Van Cao Cao Street. Photo: @asialinkvietnamholidays

Today, Pho Cao is a destination in Dong Van that is very popular with tourists. Besides learning and experiencing the culture of indigenous people, Pho Cao commune is also a beautiful coordination to watch the buckwheat flower season every winter. Since October, Pho Cao has begun to sink in beautiful and gentle flower fields. Everywhere is the color of white moonflowers, beautiful pink tones.
 What's so beautiful about Dong Van Cao Cao Street?Coming to Dong Van Fox Street in winter, you will admire the beautiful buckwheat flower season. Photo: @leethanhhaf

No need for an exact address, visitors just need to come to Pho Cao and roam around all the way will easily encounter many large flower fields nestled under the high mountains. The beautiful tiny flowers sway in the wind, creating a poetic, lyrical, and indescribable beauty.
 What's so beautiful about Dong Van Cao Cao Street?A dreamy little corner in Pho Cao in the buckwheat flower season. Photo: @mailinh29

In addition to the specialty of buckwheat flowers, Dong Van Cao Cao Street also has fields of brilliant yellow canola flowers in winter. When the rain and clouds cover the way, the weather is colder is also the time when the yellow cabbage begins to bloom, adorning the scenery of this beautiful valley and becoming more poetic than ever.

Experience exploring Dong Van Cao Cao Street

Beautiful scenery, friendly people, jubilant markets are the things tourists remember most about Dong Van Fox Street. If possible, you should come here in October – December every year to see buckwheat flowers and yellow rapeseed flowers. At this time, Ha Giang is more beautiful and romantic than ever.
 Experience exploring Dong Van Cao Cao StreetVisitors can explore Pho Cao by motorbike. Photo: @maximemart1

Like many other destinations on the rocky plateau, Pho Cao is a mountainous area with steep and difficult roads. Therefore, visitors should choose for themselves motorbikes, wear sportswear, and have full protective equipment to ensure the safest trip. Don’t forget to fill up the gas tank and bring spare gasoline when conquering the roads of Ha Giang.

At night, the weather in Pho Cao is quite cold. Therefore, you should prepare yourself with a full set of warm clothes, scarves, gloves, etc. In addition, you can also bring your own thermal paste to prevent cold. 
 Experience exploring Dong Van Cao Cao StreetYou will have a beautiful journey when traveling to Dong Van Street. Photo: @thien_phong28

Cao Dong Van Street is a beautiful and famous tourist coordinate of Ha Giang land, always keeping the idyllic, rustic and imbued beauty. If you have the opportunity to travel to Ha Giang, remember once to visit Pho Cao to have the most memorable travel experience. 

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