Stir-fried beef stir-fry – a ‘God-given’ specialty in winter

When stir-fried until it’s crispy and sweet, the beef is tender and delicious, eaten with fresh rice in October, then ‘throw pot seven out, pot three throw in’. Anyone who enjoys it once will forever remember Nam Dinh specialties.


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  • 2 bunches (20 bulbs)
  • 200 gr beef
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • 1 handful of green onions
  • Spices: Fish sauce, salt, seasoning powder, pepper
  • Cooking oil


1. Preliminary processing

  • Peel off the brown outer layer of the tuber, take the plump white flesh inside, wash and drain. 
  • Trim the ends of the tubers if they are hard, and slice them into thin slices about 0.2 cm. Young tubers are white and crispy, but any tubers with light black spots are old but can be stir-fried and have a nutty taste. 
  • Peel garlic and chop finely. Wash green onions and cut them into pieces. In some regions, add coriander or dill if you want to enhance the flavor (optional). 
  • Slice beef thinly across the grain, marinate with 1 tablespoon oyster sauce, 1 teaspoon seasoning powder, 1 teaspoon cooking oil, 1/2 teaspoon tapioca starch to make it soft and sweet when stir-fried, and 1/2 amount of minced garlic. for 30 minutes to let the flavors absorb. 

2. Processing

  • Fry the garlic until fragrant, then add the beef when the heat is high. When the beef is about 70-80% done, scoop it out and set aside. 
  • Continue to add the white onion head to the pan and fry until fragrant, then add the onion and stir-fry until cooked. Pour in the stir-fried beef and stir quickly over high heat. Season with fish sauce, salt, and seasoning to taste. Finally add green onions, sprinkle some pepper and chili, turn off the stove, pour onto a plate and enjoy hot. 

3. Finished product requirements

  • Stir-fried chicken until crispy and sweet, mixed with deliciously tender beef. This dish should be eaten hot with new October rice to fully experience the heavenly flavor.


  • It only appears in late October and early November when the weather is cold. This is a famous heaven-sent specialty of the southern city.
  • The way to choose fresh and delicious tubers is to choose tubers that are plump, have smooth sheaths, have slightly greenish-purple skin, and are firm.
  • The roots can be used to prepare many delicious dishes such as stir-fried onions, stir-fried eggs, stir-fried hearts and kidneys…

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