Strangely, rice with butter is “addictive” in the red land of Bazan

White rice with butter and fish sauce is probably a strange dish for many people. However, for the people of Dak Lak, it is a “memorable” dish in the avocado season in the Basalt red land.

Avocado is a specialty fruit of the sunny and windy land of the Central Highlands in general and Dak Lak province in particular. It is easy to choose quality, delicious, and greasy waxed avocados in this Basalt land.

Dak Lak Butter is a well-known brand.

Many familiar nutritious dishes are made from avocados such as smoothies, avocado ice cream, avocado salad, toasted avocado bread… In which, avocado mixed with fish sauce served with white rice is considered a unique dish of the people here.

Soft, greasy wax butter is processed into many delicious dishes.

Making this dish is very easy, just choose ripe waxed avocado, peel it, cut it into bite-sized pieces. Then, make a cup of fish sauce with chopped chili, pour over the cut butter.

The last step is to get a bowl of hot, white rice served with butter. The fatty taste of butter blends with the salty and spicy taste of fish sauce to create an unforgettable taste.

The avocados are ripe, golden, and delicious.

Many people who go to the fields sometimes just need to bring rice balls with a jar of fish sauce, pick avocados available in the field, so they have a delicious meal right away.

Butter rice with fish sauce is a familiar dish in Dak Lak.

For many Dak Lak people working away from home, avocado rice is a beautiful part of their childhood memories. As for tourists, when traveling to Dak Lak, locals will be treated to many delicious dishes from avocado, including the indispensable dish of butter rice with fish sauce.

At first, many people were afraid of the strange food, but once they got used to it, it was easy to “addictive”.