Street Carnival kicks off the exciting summer in Da Nang

160 professional dancers and a parade of cars bearing models of tourist icons were present at the Sun Fest street carnival on June 25.

Sun Fest Street Carnival turns Da Nang into the focus of this summer tourist season, with a great party of lights, sounds and artistic performances. The parade departed from Tran Thi Ly Bridge to the South Park on the west bank of Dragon Bridge.

Taking place in the time frame from 19:30 to 21:00, this year’s Carnival night has been raised to the next level with spectacular performances and unique art classes. The streets of the city center are stirred by unique parade lights and lively dances. After two years of the epidemic, it has been a long time since the streets of Da Nang have witnessed such a jubilant festival event.

The highlight of the Sun Fest Street Carnival is 10 model parade cars with the perspective of tourism icons of Da Nang and attractive tourist destinations across the country. Leading the way is the model car of the Dragon Bridge – the iconic bridge of Da Nang, followed by familiar tourist icons such as the bronze drum, the ocean world, the Museum of Cham Sculpture, or new tourism products in the city. Ba Na as Sun God Waterfall, Time Gate… Ms. Hoang Dieu Ha, a tourist from Ho Chi Minh City, expressed her amazement when admiring these models: “It feels like I’m traveling all over Vietnam”.

With the theme of Vietnam’s tourism icon, each float is an elaborately designed and decorated work of art, symbolizing the lands that Sun Group sets foot in. A spirit of connection, spreading the image of many regions of Vietnam is conveyed through iconic tourist works such as the Fansipan model car in Sa Pa, the model car of Yoko Onsen Quang Hanh hot spring resort and Quang Ninh’s Koi Bridge, Kissing Bridge and Canh Buom Building are coming soon in Phu Quoc.

Carnival night brought new life to the coastal city by the performance of 160 dancers, including 76 international dancers and artists dancing in colorful costumes. Accompanying each float is a team of professional dancers in costumes and themed dances. In the bustling music, foreign dancers from Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia … “burn up” the street with hot bodies and vibrant dances.

The dancers performed fire dance, malambo drum performance, stilt performance, and roller skating skills that made many visitors admire. The focal point of Sun Fest Street Carnival is Bach Dang Square – the main stage of exciting performances. Here, visitors are like participating in a long trip from Da Nang to the lands, when each parade car stops is a unique themed performance.

“Dance in the clouds” is a specialty of Fansipan tourism, bearing the Northwest culture, recreated by the dancers on the square with shimmering colors next to the Fansipan model car. Also at the square, visitors can immerse themselves in the heroic Lac Hong dances by the Dong Dong model car, the unique Japanese dance by the Yoko Onsen Quang Hanh hot spring model car, or the hot Brazilian dance. of international dancers.

Thousands of visitors have immersed themselves in the vibrant atmosphere of the B’estival International Food and Beer Festival with a model car bearing the symbol of the Golden Bridge of Ba Na country. Spectacular shows that once overwhelmed visitors when coming to Sun World Ba Na Hills such as “Battle in the Moon Kingdom” or “Sunshine Dance” are also artistically modified at the square, bringing Visitors come to the fairy world with many emotions.

The nostalgic Cham dances, the boys beating the malambo drum, the skillful fire dancers, the dancers in costumes recreating the ancient Vietnam of the Hung Kings… creating a visual feast at times majestic, when hot burn.

Thousands of tourists flock here to follow in the footsteps of the parade, excitedly filling the streets. Street audiences constantly cheered, waved, and enthusiastically cheered the artists. Mr. Vu Hoang Trung – from Da Nang, is excited because it has been a long time since he witnessed such a lively street. “I remember this feeling so much when locals and tourists poured into the street for an emotional evening. Da Nang seemed to be revived.”

Sun Fest Street Carnival organized by the Danang Department of Tourism in collaboration with Sun Group is the “opening party” event for the summer with a series of jubilant festivals in Da Nang. Carnival will take place every Friday and Saturday from June 25 to 24/7 (except for the night of July 9 – the night of the Take me to the Sun music festival).

The festival opens for a series of grandiose events taking place in Da Nang throughout the summer such as the “Take me to the Sun” concert on the evening of July 9, the EDM International Electronic Music Festival in the evening. 13/8… These are meaningful spiritual dishes that Sun Group wants to bring to visitors with the city, helping the Han River city continue to affirm its leading position in Vietnam’s tourism industry.

Photo: Sun Group