“Stunned” with billions of trees on the terrace of Hanoi boys


The garden “in the clouds” of this Hanoi boy sometimes has up to 200 artistic trees, some trees cost up to several hundred million dongs.

About a year ago, Mr. Nguyen Hoang Anh (lane 29 Khuong Ha Street, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi) knew about mini and super mini bonsai trees. He successfully auctioned a mini bonsai pot for 18 million VND.

It’s a pine tree combined with a pot of kukazan. “At that time, I quit my job because of the Covid-19 epidemic, I came to the hobby of bonsai and accidentally saw a charity auction to support people in Ho Chi Minh City during the epidemic season, so I decided to bid with it,” he said. .

When he auctioned, he said he did not know what tree it was, what pot it was and what its value was. But he was determined to win the auction and own this pot.

After this auction, he began to learn and pay special attention to mini and super mini bonsai.

Because according to him, it is a beautiful tree that is very compact, suitable for small spaces such as balconies, small yards, terraces of the city.

Besides, these plants are easy to take care of, can be taken out, have coffee, and interact with people with the same interests.

Its value is not too high like the big trees and cranes, so it is easy for players to approach and many players can play.

Besides, the bonsai tree is small in size but has “martial arts”, because it has all the artistic elements of bonsai. This is also the trend of playing bonsai in the world.

According to him, if just looking for and owning a tree to be called a bonsai is not difficult, can easily be bought at gardens and bonsai associations, but to own a beautiful and classy mini bonsai tree, you need to search. , patience and sometimes it takes enough grace to own it.

“A beautiful and classy mini bonsai tree needs to meet all three factors: antique, period, and beauty. Neck: is the age of the tree, the period is the feat of creating and elaborately the tree, and the beauty is the sum of the tree’s beauty, “he shared.

He is more inclined to the southern line of mini bonsai trees, such as: fir, firs, mountain firs, laurel, apricot projection, mandarin oranges, hai Chau…

According to him, small bonsai trees are easy to care for, just like normal trees will be “first in the sun, second in water, three parts, four varieties”. That is, sun and water are the two most important factors for plants, and the soil will need to be loose, occasionally fertilizing to ensure nutrients …

Up to now, his garden has more than 100 pots of bonsai trees, sometimes up to 200 pots.

In particular, the most valuable pot he ever owned cost up to several hundred million dong.

“After playing for a while, I realized that owning a beautiful mini bonsai tree is not only satisfying my passion but also a progressive asset over time,” he said.

While satisfying his passion, he brought the tree to exchange with people with similar interests, not only in the country but also abroad.

In addition, every month, he still holds an auction of his potted plants, using that money for charity.

Photo: Internet (vinlove.net)