‘Suffocating’ before the beauty of Sin Ho plateau – the roof of Lai Chau

Dubbed the roof of Lai Chau, Sin Ho plateau has long become a favorite tourist attraction of many travelers, especially backpackers. Because of the beautiful and romantic natural landscape, and attractive activities, visitors are captivated. And if you are planning to explore this beautiful Northwest land, do not ignore the article below.

About Sin Ho Plateau

Sin Ho Plateau is a highland district of Lai Chau, this place is considered the second Sapa of the Northwest. Because the climate here is cool all year round, the average temperature fluctuates around 18 degrees Celsius. The plateau is located in a quite favorable position, located between the rocky mountains, surrounded by green primeval forests. , in harmony with the sea of ​​clouds floating, creating a scene like a fairyland. Visitors to Sin Ho not only have the opportunity to see the sea of ​​clouds, explore the majestic mountains, or visit the unique terraced fields, but also learn about the customs and culture. Let’s make Lai Chau interesting again. Explore Sin Ho Plateau - Rooftop of Lai ChauThe beauty of Sin Ho plateau

Time to visit Sin Ho Lai Chau

As a famous tourist destination, you can come here anytime. Because each time in  Sin Ho plateau  has its own unique beauty and experiences. If you want to discover the fresh natural beauty, with the forests of peach blossom, plum blossom, … in full bloom, you can visit in the spring. Summer is the ideal time to discover the beauty of the ripe rice season, the terraced fields are like wearing a beautiful yellow shirt. Or autumn is the time when the air is slightly cooler, which is the right time to go conquering the surrounding mountains. Winter is the time for you to have the opportunity to watch the snow fall on the plateau which is also very interesting.When should you travel to Sin Ho plateau?Experience hunting clouds in Sin Ho

Guide to Sin Ho Plateau

Where is Sin Ho Plateau located? It is known that this plateau is one of  the most famous tourist destinations in Lai Chau , located in Sin Ho district, about 60km from the city center and located at an altitude of about 1,500m. Therefore, the way to get here is not easy, especially for those who have not experienced forest and mountain tourism. Instructions on how to go to Sin Ho plateauTraveling to Lai Chau by motorbike

So how to go to Sin Ho plateau? If from Hanoi, first you need to move to Lai Chau by bus or motorbike (if you are a backpacker). By motorbike, you can follow the route: Hanoi -> Lao Cai -> Sapa -> O Quy Ho pass -> Lai Chau.

Or you can also follow the route: Hanoi -> Phu Tho -> Yen Bai -> Mu Cang Trai -> Lai Chau. After reaching the center of Lai Chau city, you can rent a motorbike at hotels, homestays and conquer the plateau by yourself.

Discover the beauty of Sin Ho plateau

Not only known as an attractive natural tourist destination, but  Sin Ho  is also a land that preserves the long-standing historical and cultural values ​​of the Vietnamese people. Upon reaching the plateau in front of you will be the majestic mountains, is surrounded by sea of clouds, the jungle, the mountain pass winding, all created beauty separate plots Laizhou without there are everywhere.Interesting experiences when coming to Sin Ho plateauThe floating sea of ​​clouds of Sin Ho

The nature here, bearing the characteristics of primeval forests and mountains, creates a wild and magnificent beauty. On beautiful days, holidays or weekends, the number of visitors to hunt clouds is very large. A scene of floating clouds, stretching to infinity, in the distance are the rays of the sun shining, glimmering through the trees, making the clouds fade away. All these images paint a romantic, extremely impressive picture of nature.Explore Sin Ho plateau in the ripe rice seasonTraveling to Sin Ho in the season at ripe

Discover the life of local people in Sin Ho Lai Chau

Maybe you don’t know? Sin Ho Plateau is home to many ethnic minorities living and activities, typically: H’Mong, Thai, Dao… After discovering the beauty of the plateau Visitors can go to the villages to immerse themselves in the simple and rustic life here and learn about the unique culture and customs of the Sin Ho people. Along with that, you can also enjoy a lot of delicious food, specialties of Lai Chau , as well as buy ideal souvenirs to give to friends and relatives. Discover Sin Ho market - Experience when traveling to Sin Ho plateauBustling life of markets in Sin Ho

Overnight camping in Sin Ho plateau

This is perhaps the most sought-after experience. There will be nothing more wonderful when you can just admire the scenery, enjoy the fresh and airy space, but also enjoy the quintessential taste of the cuisine here. However, to camp in this plateau, you need to determine that you will have to face cold weather of about 8-10 degrees Celsius and remember to prepare all camping equipment such as tents, firewood, food. , drinking water…. Ending a night with an outdoor party, waking up early the next morning you will be watching the romantic sea of ​​clouds, along with the singing of birds, bringing a very pleasant feeling .Travel to Sin Ho plateau with great experiencesNight camping in Sin Ho is the most favorite experience of tourists

That is all useful information about  Sin Ho plateau in Lai Chau. Hopefully, with the above article, you will somehow understand more about this beautiful plateau, as well as have a more correct and convenient travel experience. Have a nice trip!

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