Suggestions for beautiful cafes in Bac Lieu for the year-end festive season

Beautiful cafes in Bac Lieu such as Leo Coffee House, Kitty, Coffee Rainbow, Chia, and The Nine,… are all ideal choices when tourists want to find a place to rest, chill and explore the land of Bac Lieu. in a more youthful and new aspect, next to other tourist attractions.

Traveling to Bac Lieu, visitors from far away can not only check in to many famous landscapes, perennial fruit gardens or large nature reserves. The land is known as the hometown of musician Cao Van Lau, where there is a thousand-year-old Vinh Hung ancient tower , a romantic wind power field, and also attracts many tourists to visit because of its cafes with delicious coffee and delicious coffee. Many attractive drinks. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to visit this land, please refer to the list of shops with beautiful designs, delicious drinks, good prices and find yourself a place to chat with friends and relatives.

Suggestions for beautiful cafes in Bac Lieu - many beautiful cafesBac Lieu has many beautiful cafes. Kinhnghiemdulich photo

Check out the beautiful cafes in Bac Lieu that attract the most customers

1. Leo Coffee House

Address: Ninh Binh Street, Ward 2, Bac Lieu City, Bac Lieu Province

Opening hours: 06:00 – 22:00

Price: 19,000 VND – 45,000 VND

Leo Coffee House participates in the most famous cafes in the country of Bac Lieu. Possessing spacious space, youthful but unique and eye-catching decoration, suitable for many tourists. Currently, the restaurant has two service areas: outdoor and indoor. The outside area is decorated with a lot of green trees, creating a cool and comfortable space for those who like to breathe fresh air and admire the cool green of the trees. The indoor area is quite diverse in decoration, so it is a familiar destination for young people who like to take virtual photos.

Suggestions for beautiful cafes in Bac Lieu - Leo Coffee HouseLeo Coffee House – the most beautiful cafe in Bac Lieu. Photo: diadiemvietnam

Many tourists who have visited Bac Lieu have commented that the restaurant has a beautiful and beautiful space. Especially if you love quiet, this is the right choice. This location is also suitable for studying, working, confiding, and dating. In addition, the menu also has a variety of drinks, especially delicious bear cake, just right to taste, not too sweet or too fatty. The most popular dish here is the rather strange 2-compartment milk tea. The staff at the restaurant are extremely cute and friendly, so they are highly appreciated by customers.

Suggestions for beautiful cafes in Bac Lieu - Enjoy virtual lifeEnjoy virtual life at Leo Coffee House. Photo: Leo Coffee House Fanpage

2. The Nine Coffee

Address: Cau Sap Roundabout, Bac Lieu City, Bac Lieu Province

Phone: 0918 947 007


Opening hours: 07:30 – 20:30

The Nine Coffee makes a strong impression on first-time visitors to the shop because of the many small virtual living corners located everywhere, creating a special chill space. No matter how you pose, you can quickly take quality photos at one of these beautiful cafes in Bac Lieu. The shop has both an upstairs seating area with cool open space and a downstairs area with sparkling lights at night, making for super pretty pictures.

Suggestions for beautiful cafes in Bac Lieu - The Nine CoffeeThe Nine Coffee. Photo: toplist

If you visit delicious restaurants in Bac Lieu, you can freely enjoy local specialties with attractive flavors, then check in at a cafe called The Nine Coffee, you can also freely choose your favorite drink. The restaurant’s menu is also a plus point because there are many types of coffee, milk tea, black tea, fruit tea, soda… and all dishes are reasonably priced and affordable for tourists.

After hours of work, study or after a visit to Bac Lieu landscapes, you should stop by the shop and enjoy glasses of water that are not only professionally prepared but also eye-catchingly decorated with gentle sounds, sometimes accompanied by music. Duong is very soothing to the ears. The restaurant’s staff are all dynamic young people so they are also very friendly. They are ready to support customers in the most enthusiastic and thoughtful way.

3. Kitty Cafe

Shop address: 164 Ba Trieu – Ward 3, Bac Lieu City, Bac Lieu province

Price range: 15,000 VND – 33,000 VND

Opening hours: 7:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m

Beautiful view and delicious water are two strong points of Kitty Cafe – an impressive place in the list of beautiful cafes in Bac Lieu . Located on the 2nd floor of a large street corner right in the center of Bac Lieu, Kitty restaurant is designed with eye-catching contrasting white and black colors, thus enhancing its elegance. If you choose to sit inside the restaurant, you will be able to freely watch the Western city bustling with people passing by. The shop also has quite a few beautiful check-in corners, especially the very cool rooftop area.

Suggestions for beautiful cafes in Bac Lieu - SuggestionsSuggestions for beautiful cafes in Bac Lieu

Recently, Kitty Cafe is especially loved by young people because of its Western-style decoration that exudes modernity and luxury. The drinks here are also very diverse in a beautiful space, so they are very popular with tourists, promising to be an unforgettable date spot for couples, groups of young people or families.

4. Coffee Rainbow

Address: National Highway 1A, Hamlet 2, Ho Phong Ward, Gia Rai Town, Bac Lieu Province

Price range: 25,000 VND – 55,000 VND

If you are still diligently looking for a destination to relax in the famous Bac Lieu tourist destinations with beautiful views and delicious water, Coffee Rainbow is the ideal choice for you.

Suggestions for beautiful cafes in Bac Lieu - Coffee RainbowCoffee Rainbow. Photo: vntrip

Even more impressive is that located right in the middle of the romantic campus and attracting all eyes is the very large Koi fish pond. If you enter the shop early in the morning, quickly choose a spot for yourself in the shop’s sitting area, order a cup of rich coffee and leisurely enjoy the delicious taste of the drink while watching the fish. Koi swim freely in the water. That must be an unforgettable moment of peace during your trip to the West .

In addition to delicious roasted coffee, Coffee Rainbow’s menu is also very diverse and attractive with other drinks such as coffee, smoothies, milk tea, etc. The professional service style of the staff is also one of the best. Factors that help Coffee Rainbow attract customers.

5. Chia Coffee

Address: MG02-08 Vincom Shophouse, Tran Huynh, Ward 7, Bac Lieu City, Bac Lieu Province


Opening hours: 06:00 – 22:00

Chia Coffee is a great suggestion if visitors are wondering which shop to choose from the list of beautiful cafes in Bac Lieu . After visiting the ancient prince’s house in Bac Lieu, checking in to the wind power field, and trying the local specialties “fish in the river on the banks of Chaozhou”, you will want to find a comfortable, cool cafe to rest. and chat with your companion. Chia Coffee is located in the Vincom area and is quite easy to find. It has a spacious and safe parking lot and a spacious campus with two options: indoor cold room and outdoor space. This is a more reasonable destination. . In particular, the shop also has a music program in the evening specifically for souls who love art and sing.

Suggestions for beautiful cafes in Bac Lieu - Chia CoffeeChia Coffee. Photo: diadiemvietnam

Besides, the “genuine” background from inside and out also helps you easily take beautiful photos with many different poses, freely living virtual lives. In addition, enthusiastic, agile and friendly staff are also plus points that help Chia Coffee shop conquer customers in Bac Lieu.

Suggestions for beautiful cafes in Bac Lieu - many delicious drinksChia Coffee has many delicious drinks. Photo: dulichmientay

6. Cafe KOI Villa

Address: 55 Ba Trieu, Ward 3, Bac Lieu City, Bac Lieu Province

Opening hours: 06:00 – 22:00

Reference price: 20,000 VND – 45,000 VND

Right from the name, Cafe KOI Villa impresses with its strengths. That is a unique Koi fish pond located right in the central area, helping you sip your favorite drink while freely watching the fish swimming freely below. Especially when sitting at low tables, visitors can feed the fish directly. This will bring a very interesting experience for you in the once remote Southwest land.

Suggestions for beautiful cafes in Bac Lieu - Cafe KOI VillaCafe KOI Villa. Photo: toplist

Located right in the center of Bac Lieu’s hometown, occupying a prime location, the restaurant is quite easy to find. In terms of space and decoration, Koi Villa is designed with many different areas including outdoors, an indoor area with air conditioning and a semi-open, semi-closed balcony, making anyone sitting here feel comfortable because they don’t have to worry. Stifling but also discreet enough for work appointments or dates with your lover. In particular, Cafe KOI villa has a Koi fish pond, so you can enjoy drinks while watching fish. The design of the shop is also considered novel with a mobile dome creating an extremely unique open space.

Like the beautiful cafes in Bac Lieu on the list, Cafe KOI Villa’s drink menu is diverse and affordable. You can freely enjoy delicious drinks through the dedicated and attentive service of the restaurant’s staff. Please visit and experience it.

7. Cafe Windows

Shop address: Tran Huynh Street, Ward 7, Bac Lieu City, Bac Lieu Province

Price range: 20,000 VND – 55,000 VND

Opening hours: 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m

If you have spent the day checking in the architectural complex of Western Bac Lieu houses , wind power fields, Cao Van Lau theater, etc. then at night, take a walk to see this urban street of the Southwest and choose Stop at a romantic cafe like Cafe Windows. With a spacious, airy garden space and a rich menu with delicious drinks through the enthusiastic service of the staff, you will surely be satisfied and want to return to the restaurant a few more times.

Suggested beautiful cafes in Bac Lieu - Not to be missedCafe Window cannot be missed. Photo: medulich

Another advantage of Cafe Windows is that it is equipped with an Access Point Wifi system using fiber optic cable, so it will help visitors connect to the internet at extremely fast and stable speeds. So if you need a place to work or study, this is also a suitable choice.

Besides, the standard sound system with melodious love songs, gentle music, moderate volume creates a relaxing feeling for visitors, making this place worthy of being chosen as a place to relax. Family gatherings, meetings with friends, group meetings or meetings with customers, partners,… are all suitable.

8. ViVa Coffee

Shop address: 67 Vo Thi Sau, Ward 8, Bac Lieu City, Bac Lieu Province

Price range: 20,000 VND – 55,000 VND

Opening hours: 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m

ViVa Coffee located on Vo Thi Sau street is always on the list of cafes in Bac Lieu that are loved by tourists. Setting foot in this famous tourist attraction in Bac Lieu, you will immediately “fall in love” with the restaurant’s extremely delicate and airy architecture. Even though the space is small, the shop does not feel cramped because it is decorated with many trees, creating an impressive overall picture that is extremely friendly and close to nature. Small potted plants, art paintings, and warm yellow lights are hung on the wall and arranged harmoniously and meticulously to create a cozy space, extremely suitable for conversations with close friends. It’s especially ideal if it’s an intimate Acoustic date, singing together gentle, profound songs.

Suggestions for beautiful cafes in Bac Lieu - ViVa CoffeeViVa Coffee. Photo: vntrip

The diverse drink menu, and many constantly updated foods with prices that are also very affordable, also make many young people love this cafe. With all the above advantages, ViVa Coffee is an ideal weekend dating spot for many different purposes of tourists and local people.

Suggestions for beautiful cafes in Bac Lieu - Coffee VILLACoffee VILLA 42 welcomes Christmas. Photo: metrip

9. Café Rita

Shop address: Tran Huynh- Ward 7- Bac Lieu City

Price range: 15,000 VND – 35,000 VND

Opening hours: 7:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m

Located right opposite Tran Huynh park in the center of Bac Lieu city, Rita cafe is both easy to find and convenient for getting to the shop. From the moment you step into one of these beautiful cafes in Bac Lieu, you will feel the cool air from the mist spray system located at the gate. The restaurant has 3 separate spaces to serve the different needs of customers. Inside are cold rooms with two zones: simple design space; The cave area is very unique and strange with elaborate decorations such as fake cliffs, water streams, gardens,… creating a feeling of closeness to nature, the outside area with a mist spray system is neatly arranged. , sophisticated but cool and comfortable enough.

Suggestions for beautiful cafes in Bac Lieu - Café RitaCafé Rita. Photo: medulich

In particular, Rita is also equipped with a system of 4 Wifi Routers to help keep the internet connection fast and stable to satisfy any demanding traveler. The sound system is also a plus point of the shop because it meets the standards of the most gentle and melodious music. What are you waiting for? Quickly check in to the restaurant and choose a delicious drink to sip while confiding in, chatting with friends and enjoying the joys of life to the fullest, right?

Suggested beautiful cafes in Bac Lieu - Famous early morning comboFamous early morning combo in Western cafes. Photo: dulichmientay

Above is a list of beautiful cafes in Bac Lieu with beautiful design, delicious drinks at reasonable prices, and enthusiastic service. Each cafe with each interesting experience, unique space and menu with different strengths will contribute to creating an interesting and impressive Bac Lieu travel experience for you to have the most complete trip. Please take the time to check in to your favorite cafe and share with Vinlove.

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