Sun Signature Gallery ‘art museum’ in the heart of Phu Quoc

Bill Bensley’s new masterpiece is a place to recreate and preserve the most unique features of the Mid Century Modern art style of the mid-20th century.

“Art Museum” Sun Signature Gallery, designed by “architectural wizard” Bill Bensley, stands out and blends with the classic space of “Mediterranean town” – the new tourist focus of Phu Quoc pearl island.

Coming to Sun Signature Gallery, visitors will need to explore many times to have very new experiences and feelings about each different art floor.

The land of 12 festive seasons “multi-colors – thousands of experiences – millions of inspirations” is expressed through the art of visual storytelling at the reception lounge on the 1st floor of Sun Singature Gallery.

Through the talented hands of Bill Bensley, the Mid Century Modern art style is clearly depicted through the characteristic shapes, arched door arches, sharp lines and palettes with bright colors with high contrast.

The typical shape of Mid Century Modern art is shown in the arrangement of basic geometric shapes that overlap but carry a certain rule. The creative shapes also show the sophistication and aesthetics of Bill Bensley and investor Sun Group.

Mid Century Modern art at Sun Signature Gallery stands out with the transition from bright, vivid colors to warm, hot and gradually darker colors such as petal pink (pale pink), sunshine yellow (sunshine), mint (light pink). mint), turquoise (turquoise), gold (golden)… The brilliant colors that seem to be “opposite” are harmonious and still retain the elegance, “turning” each corner here into a checkpoint- Impressive print.

Golden color and creative shapes are thoroughly used through the design statues displayed in all corners of Sun Singature Gallery. This is just part of an impressive collection of artworks that visitors will gradually discover when entering each room on the 2nd and 3rd floors.

The 2nd-floor lobby impresses with an upside-down pine tree – a long-standing tradition of many European countries. From here, visitors will begin their journey to explore art exhibitions in private meeting rooms and VIP meeting rooms that simulate the design language of great Mid Century Modern architects such as Vann Molyvann, Le Corbusier , Walter Gropius, Frank Lloyd Wright…

Continuing the journey to explore the 3rd floor, Ballroom with a space height of up to 22m, is sophisticatedly and luxuriously designed like a large cathedral. Colorful mica stones are hand-set on the wall, the dome combines a 500kg chandelier with details made of natural shells and rare crystals, Gothic lighting makes the Ballroom of Sun Signature Gallery mysterious beauty. Ballroom is equipped with a modern sound and light system, using smart controls to help redirect light flexibly 360 degrees. This place meets the standards of organizing professional conferences, art performances and entertainment programs with a capacity of up to 1,000 people.

With a total investment of up to 1,000 billion VND, Sun Signature Gallery is expected to soon become the center of organizing events, conferences and festivals in Phu Quoc.