Sung Hung Co Tu – the most ancient temple on the pearl island attracts tourists for sightseeing

Not only famous for its beautiful sea paradise “forgetting the way back”, but Phu Quoc pearl island also attracts tourists near and far with famous spiritual places such as Sung Hung Co Tu Pagoda. This is the oldest ancient temple in Phu Quoc impressive with unique architecture and has become a top sightseeing spot today that you should not miss.

Where is Sung Hung Co Tu address?

Sung Hung Co Tu , also known as Sung Hung Pagoda, is located at 7, Tran Hung Dao Street, Duong Dong town, Phu Quoc. Sung Hung Pagoda is located close to the beautiful beach and very close to Dinh Cau, so you can conveniently explore these two places together. Sung Hung Pagoda has undergone two major restorations and has the present appearance. This temple is impressive with its unique architecture and majestic beauty. This is the oldest temple on pearl island and is becoming a tourist attraction with a sacredness that you should not miss.
 Sung Hung Ancient Temple - where?Sung Hung Pagoda is a famous spiritual place in Phu Quoc

Learn the history of Sung Hung Co Tu pagoda

According to the people here, Sung Hung Co Tu Pagoda was built as a place of worship and intercession for the souls buried here. Initially, Sung Hung Pagoda was a deserted land merged from Hung Nhan Tu and Sung Nghia pagoda. The specific time of the establishment of Sung Hung Pagoda has not been determined yet, and it only dates from the 19th century. The 5th and 6th abbots of Sung Hung Pagoda are Venerable Thich Minh Khiem and Thich Dat Vinh of the Lam Te Zen line. life 38. 

In 1924, Sung Hung Pagoda was repaired for the first time and used the main materials of solid brick and tile roofs. In 1960, the pagoda was further restored and roofed with yin and yang tiles, extremely solid brick walls. Since then, Sung Hung Pagoda has not undergone any renovation and has the same appearance as it is now.
 Sung Hung Ancient Temple - historySung Hung Pagoda has undergone two renovations

How to get to Sung Hung Pagoda? 

Experience going to Sung Hung Co Tu , to get to this temple, you first need to go to Phu Quoc. There are many different means to go to Phu Quoc that you can choose from such as: plane, speedboat. Sung Hung Pagoda is located on a small hill, near Tran Hung Dao street and Vo Thi Sau junction. From Duong Dong town center to Sung Hung Pagoda, you can go in the direction of Nguyen Trung Truc street about 4km. 

Sung Hung Pagoda is about 500m from Dinh Cau and about 240m from Dinh Cau night market. Therefore, if you combine these attractions together, it is best to rent a motorbike for convenient transportation. In general, the routes to Sung Hung Pagoda are very convenient to travel. If you don’t know the way, you can look it up on google maps very easily.
 Sung Hung Ancient Temple - travelHow to get to Sung Hung Pagoda? 

Admire the architecture and sightsee Sung Hung Co Tu Pagoda

What does Sung Hung Co Tu Pagoda have? Overall, Sung Hung Pagoda has harmonious and outstanding architecture with ancient beauty. To explore the beauty of Sung Hung Pagoda to the fullest, you can divide it into the following areas:

Tam Quan Gate : It is roofed with wavy tiles and decorated with artistic reliefs. The name of Sung Hung Pagoda is written in Quoc Ngu and Han characters. The four pillars at the temple’s three-way gate are written in Chinese couplets to attract visitors and the first impression when visiting the temple.
 Sung Hung Co Tu - Tam Quan gateThe three-way gate of Sung Hung Pagoda

In the middle of the yard : Through the three gates, when moving into the middle of the temple yard, you will admire the statue of Bodhisattva Quan Am placed on the water extremely majestic. Near the statue of Quan Am is a flagpole with a parallel sentence in Chinese characters. Sung Hung Co Tu Pagoda also worships Nguyen Trung Truc Temple and Lady Chua Xu Nuong Nuong Temple.
 Sung Hung Ancient Temple - in the middle of the yardThe area in the middle of the yard of Sung Hung Pagoda has a statue of Quan Am

Main hall : The main hall of the temple is decorated very dignified. Here are placed large statues of plaster, bronze and precious wood. The highlight of these statues is the extremely meticulous and sophisticated lines to every detail. The main hall is decorated hierarchically according to left and right. The central shrine is arranged in three levels and the upper floor is dedicated to Tam The Buddha. In the middle of the shrine is the statue of Amitabha and on the left is the statue of Quan The Am, on the right is the statue of Dai The Tri.
 Sung Hung Ancient Temple - visitBuddha statue is located inside Sung Hung Pagoda campusSung Hung Ancient Temple - temple sceneAdmire the architecture of Sung Hung Pagoda in Phu QuocSung Hung Ancient Temple - SightseeingTake a walk around the beautiful scenery of the templeSung Hung Ancient Temple - SightseeingWorshiping area inside Sung Hung Pagoda campus

Notes to visit Sung Hung Co Tu Pagoda

Visiting Sung Hung Co Tu Pagoda, you should also understand the extremely useful notes below:

This is a sacred ancient temple, so when visiting, you should pay attention to choosing appropriate clothes and showing respect. Avoid offensive clothing.

When visiting Sung Hung Pagoda, you can take pictures as a souvenir, but avoid dignified actions and laughter. 

You are not allowed to climb or break tree branches on the temple grounds.

You can combine visiting famous tourist attractions near Sung Hung Pagoda such as Dinh Cau , Dinh Ba Thuy Long Thanh Mau… 

Above is the entire experience of going to Sung Hung Co Tu Pagoda in detail , hoping to help you have a complete tour when you have the opportunity to visit pearl island. Besides, you can also “pocket” very useful Phu Quoc tourism information.

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