Suoi Thau steppe ‘3 parts wild, 7 parts poetic’ is the most beautiful in Ha Giang

Suoi Thau steppe owns a picture that is both poetic and majestic, known as the most beautiful steppe in Ha Giang. These are the coordinates that you must once set foot.

Return to Ha Giang to visit Suoi Thau steppe

Suoi Thau steppe is one of the recent emerging tourist attractions of Ha Giang province. This is a land located in Nan Ma commune, the gateway connecting Xin Man district, Ha Giang and Bac Ha district, Lao Cai province. From the center of Xin Man district, visitors need to travel 6 km to reach this picturesque steppe. 

Where is Suoi Thau steppe?Suoi Thau steppe belongs to Xin Man district, Ha Giang province. Photo: @trip.oba

Starting from Coc Pai town, visitors cross the winding roads to reach Suoi Thau village and see a beautiful steppe-like Europe appearing before their eyes. Thanks to the beautiful scenery, both majestic and unspoiled, this place has been visited by more and more tourists in recent years. 

Where is Suoi Thau steppe?From Coc Pai town, visitors go about 6 km to this steppe. Photo: @duyen.myan

Although compared to many other districts of Ha Giang province, Xin Man is still quite new. However, this place possesses a beautiful picture no less than any other place. Therefore, in the future, Suoi Thau will be planned to become a beautiful destination, serving the needs of domestic and foreign tourists when traveling to Ha Giang .

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Suoi Thau – the most beautiful steppe in Ha Giang

Suoi Thau steppe has an area of ​​more than 90 hectares, located at an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level, fresh air, cool all year round. This place is endowed by nature with wild, wonderful and fresh beauty like a small corner of Europe. Therefore, this steppe is considered the most beautiful steppe in Ha Giang. 

What's so beautiful about Suoi Thau grassland?Suoi Thau steppe is located at an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level. Photo: @quang_quick

After moving from Xin Man center to here, you will enter a beautiful world of high and low hills, endless green grasslands and trails running around the steppe. Dotted in the middle of that picture are pine trees shaped like pine trees, making the scene more poetic. 

What's so beautiful about Suoi Thau grassland?The steppe is up to 90 hectares wide, extremely romantic space. Photo: @htha219_

As a beautiful savannah in Ha Giang , few people know about it, so Suoi Thau still keeps the original and purest things intact. Outside the steppe are rice fields, green corn fields, rustic houses of the Mong people, and vast fields of buckwheat flowers. 

What's so beautiful about Suoi Thau grassland?Sunrise is full of dreams in Suoi Thau. Photo: @bichhoai99

Coming to Suoi Thau, visitors can stand at a high position to see the beautiful Coc Pai town, Chi Ca commune, and Pa Vai Su commune. The nature here is like an “opium” that makes anyone who comes here must be addicted. There is no need for fun activities that are too exciting, sometimes just watching the scenery, hunting clouds or watching the sunset, but it is extremely poetic. 

What's so beautiful about Suoi Thau grassland?The rows of green cypress trees in Suoi Thau. Photo: @trip.oba

If you’ve ever admired the beautiful picture of the steppes in Europe, now, right in the west of Ha Giang province, there is an equally beautiful Suoi Thau. The painting of this place not only bears the typical imprint of the Northwest with mountains, terraces or shifting fields, but is also a little poetic like Da Lat , like the European sky that makes people fall in love.

What's so beautiful about Suoi Thau grassland?The scenery is as beautiful as the European sky in Suoi Thau. Photo: @quang_quick

Visitors who have traveled to Xin Man Ha Giang share that each season in Suoi Thau has a different beauty. In spring, the scenery here is filled with green colors of corn fields and rice fields. When autumn comes, the fields are ripe and golden, and when winter comes, it is also the time when the fields of buckwheat flowers bloom.

What's so beautiful about Suoi Thau grassland?There are also beautiful buckwheat flower fields here. Photo: @hanhyoga

The beauty of the Suoi Thau steppe also comes from the green patches of tall, low, undulating grasslands running for a long time. Interspersed between those lush grasslands are rows of sapodilla trees reaching out between heaven and earth. That picture is so beautiful that just standing in it, you have a really good stock of photos to take home. 

What's so beautiful about Suoi Thau grassland?The buckwheat flower color is fresh and sweet. Photo: @ngkimngan__

Coming to Suoi Thau, visitors are also welcomed by the sincerity and friendliness of the Mong people here. To serve tourists to travel and experience, the people here also plant more buckwheat flowers, adorning the scenery more romantic every winter. 

What's so beautiful about Suoi Thau grassland?The beautiful villages are located between the terraced fields of Suoi Thau. Photo: @trip.oba

In the future, this land will be planned for tourism development, serving the needs of visiting, relaxing and experiencing life with indigenous people. Because, this land fully converges the conditions of landscape and people, just waiting for suitable investment facilities to make a breakthrough.

Experience exploring Suoi Thau steppe

Suoi Thau is located close to Bac Ha district, Lao Cai province. Therefore, visitors can combine traveling to Bac Ha and stop by here to discover at the same time the beauty of the two most beautiful lands in the Northern mountainous region. 

Notes when exploring the Suoi Thau steppeSuoi Thau steppe is beautiful 4 seasons of the year. Photo: @duyen.myan

About Xin Man district, in addition to discovering this beautiful steppe, you can also visit the ancient rock field of Nam Dan, Thac Tien tourist area – Wind pass, Fairy cave in Na Ma, … to feel more fully the scene. the beauty of the western district of Ha Giang. 

Notes when exploring the Suoi Thau steppeSuoi Thau in particular and Xin Man in general are also beautiful places to hunt clouds. Photo: @tuyen.coi153

If you want to stay in Xin Man longer to have more fun, there are 31 accommodation establishments in the district for tourists to choose from. Although it is not a high-class hotel or resort, it is enough to meet the basic needs of visitors when coming here to travel and experience. 

Notes when exploring the Suoi Thau steppeAbout Suoi Thau Ha Giang, it is not difficult for visitors to take beautiful photos. Photo: @maialy

Suoi Thau steppe is a beautiful, majestic, pristine and fresh destination of Xin Man district, worthy of the name of the most beautiful steppe in Ha Giang. Try once to come here to explore, you will find that you don’t have to go to the West to still admire the ecstatic beauty right in Vietnam.

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